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70 yr/old Dallas Pastor Saw This Vision (B)

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Jan 11, 2021

Dear Elijah List,

This amazing (true) story happened several years ago. I love it because it speaks to how, even when we feel totally unqualified to do something God has called us to do - that is God's sweet spot. He doesn't need us to have all the answers, or years of experience, or a PhD... but just a simple willingness to say 'yes'. Alright, here's what happened...

There was a pastor of a small church in Dallas, Texas, who one day had a vision:

This pastor saw himself speaking to a large crowd of elderly and disabled folks. But as the vision unfolded, it became clear he was not preaching from the pulpit of his little church. Instead... he saw himself speaking to an enormous sea of faces. Thousands and thousands of people. And then it became clear that he was reaching these people through the internet.

When the vision ended, the pastor (whose name was "Don") wondered about its meaning: "Am I supposed to build this online ministry? Because I hope God knows I am in my 70's... and that I have trouble even getting my computer to turn on! But if God was able to use stuttering Moses to defy the entire Egyptian empire... he can certainly use me, a 70-year-old pastor, to reach thousands of people online."

He resolved to build what he had seen. And the next day he began telling people from his church that he was starting up a new online ministry. He posted on his Facebook wall. He spread the news in every way he knew how. And a few days later, he went live with his first-ever webcast, where he broadcasted himself and shared a message. However?

Only a few people showed up to watch him. Maybe this was just a test of faith... and so if he kept it up, the webcast would quickly grow? Don tried again the next week. And the next. And did this for several months. But consistently only 10-20 people showed up each week to watch his webcasts. Which was vastly different from the massive audience he had seen in his vision.

But instead of taking the initial "slow start" as an indication that he had misheard God... Don chose to double down and press in deeper.

He reached out to my friend Tamara Lowe (who is an expert in helping Christians reach more people with their messages) and he asked her for help. He told Tamara his situation. His vision. And how God had laid it on his heart to reach the elderly and disabled with a message... and to build a thriving online ministry doing this.

Tamara listened. And after Don had shared everything... she taught him a strategy for (1) clarifying exactly WHO he was trying to reach, (2) figuring out where and HOW to reach these people online, and then (3) actually REACHING them with his message — a strategy which Tamara will unpack in detail at Kingdom Builders Live 2021.

And after Don took her advice and started putting this strategy into practice? What followed was almost unbelievable. Two weeks later, Don's webcasts were reaching 20,000 people each and every week. Which means he had multiplied the reach of his ministry by a thousand times... practically overnight.

And then, a few months after that... over 200,000 people were tuning in to hear Don preach each week. From 20 to 200,000... in a matter of mere months. Which is more people than sit down on a Sunday morning in Joel Osteen's and T.D. Jakes' churches combined. (Just think about that one for a second.)

Moral of the story?

1. If YOU have a vision inside you like pastor Don did... DO NOT IGNORE IT. Do you feel called to share a message? To start something, or build something? It doesn't matter how unqualified you feel. Or inexperienced you are. If God calls you, it's on Him to make it happen. And it's on you to simply say 'yes.' To acknowledge your vision. And to act on it. And if you face difficulties or roadblocks in trying to get traction...

2. Find someone who can help you bring your vision to full fruition. Just because God calls you to something does not mean you are meant to be a "lone ranger" and try to do it all by yourself. Pastor Don knew he was being called to do something, yes... but he also needed help.

There was still a missing "piece of the puzzle" he did not have. A practical strategy for reaching the people he saw in his vision... which he needed to learn from my friend Tamara.

And if you too are being called to DO something - but you feel like you are missing a piece of the puzzle as well? Because you just aren't getting traction...

If so, you won't want to miss this.

In two days, Tamara will be hosting an online event called Kingdom Builders Live 2021 - where she will teach the same strategy she taught Don. Tamara's live events are normally hundreds of dollars or more. But this year thanks to the event being online, it is free for everyone to attend.

The strategy she taught Don changed his ministry forever. It literally helped him reach 10,000X more people. And if you have a message to share with the world. I suspect it will help you too.

Save your spot at the event here:

Steve Shultz

For More Information:


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