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Donna Rigney: "These Are the Days of Greatness! Victory Is Assured in 2021 and Beyond!"

Donna Rigney
Dec 30, 2020

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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"These Are the Days of Greatness! Victory Is Assured in 2021 and Beyond!"

Donna Rigney, Salt Springs, Florida

Vision: Father and Jesus Laughing

While in prayer this week, the Holy Spirit gave me this encouraging word about our nation, the Church and the president's election.

As soon as I entered the spirit I saw, through a haze, Father and Jesus sitting together on the bench that overlooks the world, where we often meet. They were laughing heartily and explained:

"Do not fear what the future holds because no harm will befall you! We laugh because We know the beginning from the end. The enemy did think he was defeating Us, but all he did was poke My sleeping Bride in the eye. Now a sleeping giant has risen in your land – and in others. She has risen from her slumber and is arising – a mighty army filled with My power and purpose."

Jesus said, "We laugh because she cannot be defeated, because I do head this army! I will lead every battle and will defeat all enemies assembled against you! (Photo via Pikrepo)

"Not only will you see great victories in your government, but also in the Church, and amongst My oppressed children. Victory is assured!"

When Father spoke this word to me I knew He was referring to everything we have been facing in our land, but most especially Donald Trump's reelection. Victory is assured!

Holy Spirit told me to guard against listening to anyone speak about great suffering coming in the new year. That is not His plan. Father God has greatness planned for the year ahead and needs His Bride to stand in faith, believing and declaring that His will shall be done and the plans of the enemy shall be thwarted! By listening to negative declarations, we run the risk of diminishing our faith. We receive as much as we believe!

The Days of Greatness!

Then Father revealed His plan for 2021 and beyond:

"These are days of greatness! Though for many of My children it feels like a time of great brokenness. Despair clings to many. If My people had faith, and with their eyes of faith opened wide, they could see things as they truly are. They would realize that they are experiencing the birth pains of great righteousness being restored to their land.

"Yes, during the birthing process much pain is experienced, but the joy of the long-expected arrival of the new child carries the mother through the difficult time of labor. If My children could see the end result of this time of suffering with faith, they could more easily endure the trial upon them. See with eyes of faith your faithful Father hearing and answering your prayers, and your peace and hope will be restored!

"Worship is essential in this hour, because it helps My children to remember who I am. Getting one's eyes back on Me through worship, and off your problems, always builds faith. With prayers and decrees of faith, I can move great mountains and bring forth those great things I promised in this upcoming year – actually, upcoming decade! (Photo via Pexels)

"Great peace, great prosperity, and great justice are coming! Great judgments will be released on those who have executed great injustice. Yes, this is a year of unusual greatness. Great changes will herald great new beginning. Great hope and great faith will be imparted to My children, as they see My greatness displayed in all that I do, in answer to their prayers.

"Great healing and great deliverance is coming to My oppressed, suffering children and will be a large part of this year – decade – of greatness. Great inventions, great cures for diseases and great prosperity will be made available to My children, as we move from a year of great suffering caused by the enemy, to a decade of great blessings brought forth through the prayers of My faithful remnant!"

"In His days may the righteous flourish and prosperity abound..." (Psalm 72:7)

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Donna Rigney
His Heart Ministries International


Donna Rigney and her husband, Jack, are pastors of His Heart Ministries International, a non-denominational church in north central Florida. Donna is known for her passion for intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Her meetings are prophetic and directed towards salvation for the lost and healing and deliverance for the hurting. Jack and Donna are also members of Hastings Youth Academy Advisory Board, a youth detention facility for boys aged 13-18 in Hastings, Florida. Along with her evangelistic work in Florida, Donna started a missionary work in Croatia in 2001. An author, successful playwright and inspirational speaker, Donna has written Divine Encounters, a book that details her startling and vivid encounters with Jesus in both Heaven and Hell. Her book and story were highlighted on Sid Roth It's Supernatural.

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