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Betty King: "Put on the Garments of Praise! Trusting Your REDEEMER Is Birthing Your Breakthrough"

Betty King
Nov 15, 2020

Intro from Larry Sparks:

Steve ShultzReverend Betty King is a prophetic voice and ministry leader that I am just getting to know, but so many of my friends have celebrated her ministry, and now I have come to discover that God is using her as a global catalyst in prayer, intercession and spiritual warfare.

I believe what she is leading in Great Britain has the potential to measurably impact and shape culture for the Kingdom of God!

It's with great excitement that I encourage you to review this word, pray through and apply it, so you can see it come to fruition in your life. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Larry Sparks, Publisher
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"Put on the Garments of Praise! Trusting Your REDEEMER Is Birthing Your Breakthrough"

Betty King, London, UK

Dear saints,

The story of Ruth, the 'former' Moabitess, is a remarkable one on so many levels. It accentuates, ever so clearly, the providence of God on behalf of those that seek Him in truth.

The Negotiation

When we arrive at chapter 4, we see a woman matured into a place where, through gleaning and service, negotiations were being made on her behalf at the gate. This brings me to my first encouragement, which is to take heart; God is working behind the scenes. Never let discouragement, doubt, fear or pride slow the hand of the One orchestrating your elevation and breakthrough. By righteousness a nation will be exalted. And so, by believing in God, we will be exalted at the proper time at the gate.

The "Gaal"

The purpose of the Levirate law was to perpetuate the names of the deceased, which was laudable, yet God had a far bigger plan. The beginning of this grand plan saw the "gaal" (Hebrew word for redeemer), Boaz, step in from stage left and, in essence, pay the bride price for her in place of those that didn't want to lose their own inheritance and name, thus forfeiting their legacy.

The elders saw her value and during the exchange, they spoke into her spiritual womb by blessing her through the names of Leah, Rachel and Tamar, who bore the house of Perez (Ruth 4:11-12). What impartation!

The Womb

These women all had some sort of injustice perpetrated against them, notwithstanding their unique backgrounds. Like them, we may have been on the receiving end of acute injustices of all kinds, with dire words being spoken over us; yet negotiations were done at the Cross which released fresh words of increase and multiplication. Along with these words, we have been given directives to glean from. The Lord has used this to teach many of us to know His will, humble ourselves and put certain things right. All these holy postures are to empower decisions and negotiations being done behind the scenes for us. (Photo via


Let's look at Tamar. Tamar had gotten married to Er, the son of Judah (Judah means "praise"). We're not privy to what had gone on behind the scenes, but the Bible clearly indicates that Er, the first son, was wicked, and certainly not a man after God's own heart.

The intimate coming together within marriage is intended to lead to procreation, and even more so in this case with Tamar and her husband. This is the same for the Body of Christ when we come together; it must be for God's ultimate purpose, and that is to give birth to something holy and effective for our world.

Er's intention in the marriage didn't align with God's wonderful mosaic of reproduction and increase. Today, his actions are mirrored by many who have perpetrated injustices.

There are those who have aligned themselves with movements, marriages, churches, organizations or cliques that are not bringing growth, productivity or increase, but hurt, trails of broken promises and broken walls. Alignments haven't produced for them, and they have waited with bated breath for something new, and as such, many have wallowed in tears searching for the true God to see if He's actually there.


After Er was killed, the other brother, Onan, the one that was meant to be the "kinsman-redeemer," proved to be one that came to defile and destroy. Under false pretenses he entered into union and then denied her what the law required.

Intimacy would have exposed vulnerabilities that these figures perhaps didn't want to be seen. What a sad state for one person to be so wronged by two prominent figures. Invariably, the masses would think something must be wrong with Tamar and believe the louder narrative—with the lips of many spreading stories which the so-called "powerful" and "known" would validate as being truthful. All this because she wanted to carry what God had for her to birth.


You may be in this same position, where you're crying out—but take heart! God does know what is going on behind the scenes. Think of the story of Tamar...if God didn't "have this" by His providence, He wouldn't have allowed the horrors of what these two men did to be recorded. That's how the false alignments work; you're only good for what they can get out of you, but not good enough in their eyes for them to validate you by causing you to carry and birth the purpose of God that's on the inside of you. (Photo via Pixabay)

Right now, the whole of creation is groaning for change. We need to put on Christ with garments of righteousness, yield, and like Ruth, keep gleaning until we get our audience at the feet of the Redeemer, ready to intoxicate Him with our wine of adoration.

God's Womb

What is inside of you that needs to come out of your spiritual womb? The praise and breakthrough that is going to come out of your spiritual womb is far bigger than you can think or imagine. So I want to encourage everyone reading this to put on your "yet I will praise..."—not a counterfeit, fake praise. Yes, praise till something happens! From that place, with humility, you'll find your "twins"—Perez and Zerah (meaning "breach and burst forth" and "sunrise"), and Obed (meaning "worshiping and serving"). Your endurance will bring the breakthrough so kings and queens may come to you, rising to serve you.

So let's prepare our spiritual wombs for the authentic and "real" that carries the next generation. It's all meant for your good if you can see it. Stop tracking your seed and start watering it instead. SELAH.

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Reverend Betty King
Betty King Ministries

Reverend Betty King is a world-renowned speaker and prophetess. She is a true embodiment of the Father's love and compassion. Her passion to fulfill God's call has seen her travel to all the continents, moving in the prophetic, touching and transforming many lives and rekindling hope. She is truly a woman full of love, wisdom, kindness, hope, compassion and grace. Those that follow her example will find themselves in a deeper place with God, positioned to do His will.

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