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caught between the Red Sea and Pharaohs mighty army

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Nov 13, 2020

We are living in an unprecedented season in American history, one of massive consequence for the nation as a whole and for conservative charismatic Christians in particular.

On the natural, non-spiritual side, either Donald Trump has pulled off the political feat of a lifetime, convincing tens of millions of Americans to reject the results of a fairly contested election.

Or Trump is the victim of the most massive electoral fraud in our history, the exposing of which will shake our nation to its foundations.

On the spiritual side, either a multitude of prophetic voices have been jointly misled, prophesying in total unison that Trump will serve a second term.

Or the words of these prophetic voices will prove true, shocking the nation with the reality of God.

Talk about high stakes!

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Let’s bring these high stakes down to a very personal level.

Consider all the incredible prophecies over your life and the answered prayers you've been fighting for and dreaming about: debts paid, having an abundance of resources, doing what you love and living your life for the Lord at every level.

Do you want to start a ministry?

Do you want to write a book? How about a bestselling book?

Start an online recurring membership site or Drop Shipping store?

Perhaps you've dreamed of starting a Coaching Business where you personally share your hard-earned life experiences to help a hurting Body of Believers?

God has walked with you through the darkest times, and now He wants you to stand with those who need to know there's still hope.

Nobody can tell your story as you can.

It's time to stand up and put your hand to the plow. God eagerly wants to use your skillset, your life experiences, your trials, and your faith to help the Body of Christ flourish.

The time and the season to do it is right now!

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And the 14 Day Challenge is here to show you how.

The 14 Day Challenge is a practical, real-life program, created to help you achieve your God-given DREAMS!

It doesn't matter how old or young you are; God can and wants to use you and your unique gifts for His Kingdom right now! Time is of the essence...

The 14 Day Challenge is a simple process that anyone can use to put together & distribute a teaching, message, or service online... creating a profitable revenue stream... In Just 14 Days!

With over twenty years in the industry, The 14 Day Challenge team and will teach you a proven blueprint to guide you to the real success that matters for God's glory.

Not only that, but the 14 Day Challenge reveals to you unique opportunities for creating wealth for your family during these difficult times.

Most importantly, it's a God-driven, Jesus-centered, Spirit-filled company dedicated to helping the Body of Christ with prayerful integrity. It's also why they offer twenty-four LIVE COACHING CALLS every month...Twenty-Four!!!!

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In the same way, God spoke to Moses, asking him, "What's in your hand?" God is asking you the very same question right now. He wants you to use your giftings to glorify Him.

At the 14 Day Challenge, we choose to honor the Biblical passage of rejoicing with those who rejoice, and we mourn with those who mourn.

We want to be there for you every step of the way, as your God-given dream becomes a reality.

The 14 Day Challenge invites you to come, be part of the family so that you can accomplish everything God has placed in your heart.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and sooooo much to gain.

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**Note: You will not be ordering this item from The Elijah List. Your order will be processed on the 14 Day Challenge site. Please contact them directly with any order inquiries or questions about this product.

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