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Paul L. Cox: "The Angel of Revival and His Protection! Law and Justice Will Have Its Way"

Paul L. Cox
Sep 29, 2020

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzPaul Cox and those on his team specialize in a specific gift from the Lord called, "The gift of DISCERNMENT."

They feel, sense and see those things that they decree and prophesy. On a number of occasions, I've watched, literally, as Paul senses what is wrong in an individual, and I've seen him simply remove issues by decree.

So what his team both sees, feels, and senses, I pay special attention to and I encourage you to do the same.

As the expression goes, "You can take it to the bank" in what Paul Cox and his team say.

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"The Angel of Revival and His Protection! Law and Justice Will Have Its Way"

Paul L. Cox, Apple Valley, CA

Fireworks and the Angel of Revival!

From Dr. Paul Cox, Aslan's Place:

I feel the angel of revival. It feels like fireworks going off continually with a high pitch sound. I also sense fire. There is an immense sense of protection with this angel. Here are two significant revelations from Jana Green and Victoria Thomas.

Don't Go by What You Have Been Seeing: Lawlessness Is Being Exposed

From Jana Green, Founder of Signs & Wonders Studio/Creation Restorations:

I hear the Lord saying, "Don't go by what you have been seeing. A renewal is coming. What is manifesting is but the few. The torrent is being exposed so it can be destroyed. All that are exulted up above the knowledge of God will bow their knees to the law of love. What seems liberal and far-fetched, I am taking back because of the true law. (Photo via Flickr)

"Lawlessness is being exposed and every time they turn around the world will know that a people, who are called by My name, have a new passion and the inheritance is the land that they claim. Hope will not be cut off. Don't fight what you see for I have already paid the cost. Heads of state are being transformed and the glory of the tabernacle is being restored. Watch the White House in the next couple of weeks. There is more being done behind the scenes than first believed. Law and justice will have its way for the law of love is here to stay."

Though Times Seem Dark, My Light Is Even Greater

From Victoria Thomas, Steward of The Winds of Holy Spirit Ministries:

"From the depths of My spirit to the depths of your spirit I am yours. I am that I am that you should know how much I am involved in your life. I am the fire. I am the wind. I am the Spirit that permeates all things. I am coming to make Myself known to the multitudes.

"Even now, preparations abound in the heavens for My revealing. Yes, My power shall be seen. My presence shall be known. My love shall be felt and repentance will come. My holiness will reign. Truth will be evident. My majesty will be respected. (Photo via Public Domain Pictures)

"Though times seem dark, My light is even greater. Bask in My light. Bask in My presence. I am overwhelming protection for those who know Me in the secret place. I am Most High. I am what the enemy cannot touch. Therefore, those who are Mine I will overshadow in these days. Fear not, this is the test of knowing and the testimony will be: Do you walk hand in hand with the Prince of Peace in the midst of the fire – the fire that has been kindled against My enemies? Rest in Me. Rest in My peace. Receive My wind of refreshing. Receive My celebration of victory."

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Submitted via Dr. Paul L. Cox
Aslan's Place


Dr. Paul L. Cox is co-director of Aslan's Place with his wife, Donna Cox. Aslan's Place is a ministry center dedicated to bringing freedom and wholeness to the wounded and captive. It also trains and equips the Body of Christ for spiritual warfare. Paul is committed to prayer ministry that brings freedom through generational deliverance. In order to share the revelation and insights the Holy Spirit has imparted to them, Paul and Donna founded Aslan's Place in 1999. This facility in Apple Valley, California, not only serves as an individual ministry center, but also a training and seminar center. It is Paul and Donna's heart to continue to learn from the Holy Spirit and the Body of Christ and to share openly what the Spirit has taught them.

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