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Rebecca Greenwood: "God Is the Master of the Chess Board! He Has Sudden Moves Satan Will Not See Coming!"

Rebecca Greenwood
Sep 22, 2020

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzAs a young man, I learned to play the game of chess just well enough to discover that I didn't really have what it took to get really good.

My older brother and father were much better at it. They could see not only the move in front of them but beyond that, they could even see the next move or two.

True masters of chess are known to be able to see around 20-25 moves ahead. Crazy, right??

But God...

God is not just THE Master chess player. Far beyond that, God is the Master of the universe, and as such, He's the Creator of strategy itself. Far beyond 20-25 steps ahead of the devil, the LORD GOD can see trillions upon trillions of potential counter moves for any move the devil might ever think of.

The long and short of it? Satan has NO CHANCE. He's bound for Hell. No matter what he does, Father God has him in a "Check and MATE!" End of story!

Are you frustrated when watching the news, hoping the devil won't pull a fast one on you, the Church or the Nation? Fear not. Satan is bound for Hell as are all his plans!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"God Is the Master of the Chess Board! He Has Sudden Moves Satan Will Not See Coming!"

Rebecca Greenwood, Colorado Springs, CO

I heard the Lord say as I began my day (September 20, 2020):

"The enemy thinks he has secured great victories in this season, but I am the Master of the chessboard that the world, man and satan have attempted to manipulate through humanism, demonic delay and antichrist agendas.

"I have sudden moves that satan and corrupt men and structures will not see coming. There will be sudden moves initiated on the game board that will trump evil and corruption and secure victory.

"Remember that while I hung on the Cross, satan thought he had won. But I secured the keys he had stolen and in a surprise, not yet seen move, I rose from the grave and defeated death and Hell. Don't think darkness and evil have won. Their defeat and destruction were secured on the Cross and sealed by My resurrection life.

"There will be more suddenly, surprise moves. I will initiate the final secure move of checkmate on the game board the enemy has set in motion among the people and nations.

"My Ekklesia must rise above the roar of chaos and see, perceive and discern from My victorious, eternal, throne room position and operate in the victory strategy. The world looks different through the sight of victorious redemption."

I then saw the U.S. in a vision and the Lord spoke, "Look for the next sudden and swift strategic maneuvers. They will come suddenly and swiftly but with great effectual victory." (Photo via Unsplash)

I saw the sound of the intercession, worship, strategic warfare decrees, prophetic proclamation and decrees resounding out in sound waves of the spiritual atmosphere. It penetrated and pierced through the canopy and shroud of darkness, evil, lies and corruption, and glory, light and justice broke through shining throughout the land.

Now is NOT the time to be silent! Now is the time for the armed and ready battalion of spiritual warriors to engage to secure the Kingdom order for the new era. It is the now time to tip this reset moment into righteous Kingdom alignment, time and harvest.

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Rebecca Greenwood
Christian Harvest International

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Rebecca Greenwood, along with her husband Greg, are co-founders of Christian Harvest International and Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network (SPAN). Over the past 27 years, Rebecca has ministered in and participated and led in spiritual warfare prayer journeys to 40 countries and to many cities and locations throughout the US, in which measurable breakthrough of transformation have been realized. Rebecca has been a guest on TBN, Its Supernatural, God Knows and the Harvest Show. She has written for publications such as Charisma, Pray! Magazine, Spirit-Led Woman, and has written eight books. Rebecca's favorite and most cherished times are with her husband Greg and their three beautiful daughters. They reside in Colorado Springs, CO.

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