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Daniel Pontious: "Here Comes the Rise of the Reformers!"

Daniel Pontious
Aug 10, 2020

Intro from Darren Canning:

Steve ShultzDaniel Pontious is a man of God who loves to spend time in the presence of the Holy Spirit, gathering revelation from the Lord.

I have come to appreciate him as a prophetic voice. His words mean a great deal to me personally, and I consider him a friend.

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Darren Canning
Darren Canning Ministries

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"Here Comes the Rise of the Reformers!"

Daniel Pontious, Sonora, CA

Reformers, Arise!

I have been watching a movement arising in the Church that has been going on in the background for quite some time now, as places have been getting shut down in the church structures in the natural realm.

Much like the Holy Spirit stirred up Martin Luther King many years ago to bring reformation to the churches, He is stirring up a company of apostolic leaders in this season to bring forth change, as political rivals have been attempting to completely silence the voice of the Church in this season.

While the world has accepted these moves as necessary, it has been an attempt by the enemy to silence not only the worship of God, but to completely silence the voice of the Bride in the earth and diminish the Church's influence at the same time.

In response, these men and women of God are beginning to rise up in the wake of these events, creating dynamic changes to what has been called "church" in the past; and a transformation of that structure is taking place in both the natural realm and the supernatural realm at the same time.

These reformers are stirring the waters of revival and awakening in those who refuse to let anyone silence their voices in this season within the church bodies themselves. Even as hope deferred and suicide have been on the rise in many areas of our societies, so is the desire for change and transformation. (Photo via Unsplash)

The Rise of the "Organism" & the Fall of the "Organizations"

The "organizations" that have been called "churches" in the past are giving way for the "ORGANISM" OF THE BODY OF CHRIST to come forth and emerge with incredible power, ability and passion that hasn't been seen in decades, or possibly ever before in the sphere of the earth!

This "Organism" isn't confined to the structure of 4 walls; it cannot be contained, controlled or diminished by the political posture of other people in government, and it cannot be stopped by the demonic agendas of Hell itself, because it is happening upon the inside of the Temples of the Holy Spirit (Christians) everywhere.

These reformers aren't building up an individual denominational structure; they're not changing to a different building size because of social distancing requirements, and they cannot be told not to speak or declare what God is saying anymore because the Holy Spirit has been secretly transforming, molding and fashioning each of them into a special message from Him to the rest of the world around them.

If the enemy manages to silence one of them, 10 more will arise to take their place! FOR THE WORD OF THE LORD IS BEING BIRTHED WITHIN THE SAINTS THEMSELVES, and the Church Body is arising in the earth as never before!

"Do you not know that YOUR BODY IS THE TEMPLE (THE VERY SANCTUARY) OF THE HOLY SPIRIT WHO LIVES WITHIN YOU, Whom you have received [as a Gift] from God? You are not your own, you were bought with a price [purchased with a preciousness and paid for, made His own]. So then, honor God and bring glory to Him in your body." (1 Corinthians 6:19-20, emphasis added)

The quickening has been taking place deep within these reformers over the last few years, which is going to cause them to become catalysts for the move of God that is manifesting and even now IS in the midst of the personal Temples which the Holy Spirit is raising up! (Photo via Pexels)

The Ichabods (meaning "the glory has departed") of "organizations" are coming to an end, but the Organism, God's Body, is emerging at the same time!


The Body will build itself up in love (agape) and grow with the growth that comes from God—not the programs, policies and agendas of men in organizations, but just like the seed that when planted in fertile soil is raised to new life by the resurrection power of God, through the quickening of the Holy Spirit; so will this Organism not only emerge but grow (like that mustard seed plant), outstripping every other thing around it in the process as though it had Miracle Grow placed on it!

Don't be discouraged, Church! God has sent the reformers forth, because what God is building right now cannot be stopped by politicians, governments, personal agendas or demonic spirits! IN FACT, HELL IS SHAKING RIGHT NOW FOR FEAR OF WHAT GOD IS ABOUT TO RELEASE!

Let the shakings continue until the only Kingdom left standing is the Kingdom that belongs to Jesus Christ!

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Daniel Pontious
Every Believers Destiny
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