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"A Time of Repositioning to Go After Our Inheritance"

Chantell Cooley
Jun 15, 2020

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzNot only is Chantell Cooley a successful business woman, she has a powerful prophetic anointing in ministry.

I've enjoyed getting to know her and her husband Tommy as we interviewed her last year on our Elijah Streams TV show.

Chantell writes a very uplifting and impactful word here as she opens with:

We are being repositioned for a time of explosion in our culture. This new culture will cause His people to heed to the call of God in such a way that it will be like the time that God told Joshua to take His people to the Promised Land.

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A Joshua-style Leadership Is Rising Up

We are being repositioned for a time of explosion in our culture. This new culture will cause His people to heed to the call of God in such a way that it will be like the time that God told Joshua to take His people to the Promised Land. As he got orders to cross the Jordan River, this supernatural faith rose up in him to take them across. This fire and anointing that he carried to take on many battles came up deep within his heart as he heard the voice of God begin to lead him.

Many "Joshuas" are rising up, even now, and being uncovered to take on new territory that has never been taken before.

This identity that Joshua carried was a no-nonsense, military-style leadership that only did what God told him to do. God said it, and he took God at His word and charged the tribes to take the lands. He was truly a leader of his time, and of that season, as the mantle was passed from Moses. It was a new season that was much different from the season of Moses. This, too, is a new season for those in leadership now, and those rising up in second command. Many mantles are continuously being passed along for others to rise up and do exactly what Joshua did.

Men and Women of a Different Spirit Are Rising Up

Many "Calebs" are also out executing the battle plan, both now and in the next season. As the virus dies from the roots (and it shall), the "Calebs" will rise up all over the land and say, "I am going after my inheritance!" They will be bold and lead with such confidence that nothing will scare them off. They know who they are, they know they are in Christ, and they are so deep in their relationship with God that they carry the very nature of God.

With God, one is considered a majority. Many battles will be won, and lands that were lost will be recovered. They will walk with God's identity in their eyesight, and the God-given authority to possess the land. They will be so bold as to know that nothing is too big for their God.

The Five-fold Ministry Is Where God's Generals Will Go in and Possess

Caleb, at age 85, knew that it was his time to be bolder than he ever was before as he looked at his land. He reminded Joshua of his inheritance. Many generals of God will now go in and take the land with such power and authority. Caleb had waited for God's timing, and then he knew it was his time to take the land. He would not let the natural understanding stop him from going after his inheritance. The land had to be taken, and he was equipped for the challenge. (Photo via Pixabay)

Caleb rose up and said to Joshua, "You know the word which the Lord said to Moses the man of God concerning you and me...'The land where your foot has trodden shall be your inheritance...'" (Joshua 14:6,9). And even now, those prophetic words spoken over the generals in those days from the past will be in full view and fully experienced.

Now this was not an easy takeover, as these giants were huge in his sight, but that made him even more excited to go after the land. There will be a shift in focus within the Body of Christ. Churches will be more aggressive to take their places. There will be a call to multiply and build up those in second command.

A Bold Faith Is Necessary

Faith is growing and stirring up in the hearts of Believers and even nonbelievers. It is supernatural and is growing as the Word is spoken out of our mouths. It goes deep within our spirits and then manifests in our lives and does what it says it will do.

The Word that has been planted in our hearts over many years is now taking hold, and there is a time of harvest upon us. That which was planted in prayer and fasting will rise up strong.

Fast-track Training Is There for the Believers

There will be a fast-track training time, even during the down time. This is a time to remember to walk by faith and not by sight; a time to rely and lean on the Word more than ever before. And out of this time will come new visions, new dreams, new books, new songs, and new testimonies as the people of God rise up and seek His face.

They will get new strategies on how they can and will take their inheritance. New jobs will be opened up, and new positions will be upgraded among those in the workplace. Many people in the workforce will cross over into full-time ministry, bringing their warlike leadership styles to play. It will be a new mix of leaders that will work together to accomplish this end-time harvest.

The Shift Vision and Its Significance

God has never lost a battle, and He never will lose a battle. I saw, in a vision, a huge army. They had been pushed to the edge of a mountain cliff. They were not afraid of this as their faith held them secure, but they acted as if they had received new orders that they must turn 120 degrees to face another direction to get out of the narrow place they were in.

As they shifted, new soldiers came to the front. It was very timely and done with sharp ease. They followed directions from the commander to shift and turn quickly. As this new group took over and came up to the front line, they either joined in with other front-line soldiers or took the places of those who were wounded and worn down for a time. These new soldiers who came up to the front line had not been seen as much or at all before. They had been following and doing their part all along until they were called up. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

I sense this is the time of the marketplace—a time for those in the marketplace to rise up and take their place, to help carry the load of ministries, and to help build churches and fund ministries. They will know their calling and know their position. Also, those in the five-fold ministry will see a huge increase in gatherings, and they will even have a different voice because this is a different time in which they now live.

Much increase and a pouring out that has not been seen since the time of Jesus on the earth will take place. Even those hidden in the wilderness times will emerge and come out with a force and anointing that will be launched during this time. The anointing they carry will be upgrades for the Body of Christ.

During this time of repositioning, the delay gave the army time to change direction and to assign a new front line. I wondered how this could happen without removing but by shifting. There were no arrows coming their way or any fighting. It seemed that they were kept hidden by the angel of the Lord while they were shifting and turning to face another direction. It was as if time stood still for this change of guard.

God is doing this very thing with our nations in these times. He will honor His Word because it never fails. It always upholds, and it always does what it says it will do. As we speak the Word and declare it, mountains will be removed and cast into the sea.

Your Battle Plan Today

Today is the day that you push in and grab everything God has for you in His Word. Get ready, get prepared and get repositioned, for when this is over, there will be an amazing launch for leaders and those in the ministry world. But this is the time you run and run hard to go after the nature of God. Remember, it is all about having a relationship with God, and that is a mighty weapon to the enemy.

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Chantell Cooley
Chantell Cooley Ministries

Chantell Cooley is a successful entrepreneur and business woman on the cutting edge of 21st century education. She is co-founder of Columbia Southern University (CSU), one of America's leading online universities, and senior vice president and co-owner of Columbia Southern Education Group where she oversees Business Development, Human Resources and Admissions. The daughter of a military veteran, a wife and mother of two, Chantell is familiar with the struggles of the average American and is a firm believer in education, changing lives and helping families find happiness. Mrs. Cooley is a tireless advocate for developing leaders and an energetic corporate/motivational speaker, specializing in a range of topics on leadership, education, business and ministry. Her latest book, Winning The Game Of Life, offers thought-provoking and practical life lessons that empower the reader to succeed in life.


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