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"Keep Looking Up, Church! God Has Pushed the Reset Button!"

Chris Overstreet
Apr 7, 2020

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzI have sure enjoyed getting to know Chris Overstreet...he is a true evangelist with a deep heart to see the lost come to Christ.

I concur with what Chris shares in his recent article:

I feel the Lord saying, "I am doing a new thing that will surprise many." He is flipping the script of what normal looks like.

Are you ready for a new normal from the Lord?

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"Keep Looking Up, Church! God Has Pushed the Reset Button!"

Chris Overstreet, Camas, Washington

In 1996 I had a dream of a shaking that would hit the nations. In the dream I saw people in great despair, and it was like fear was taking hold of people. Then I heard a voice speak to me audibly, "KEEP LOOKING UP." As I looked up, I saw the clouds parting like a curtain and the feet of what I believe was Jesus coming through the clouds. I share this not to put fear in people, but to bring awareness of where our attention should be.

In 1 John 2:18 John declares that it is the last hour. If it was the last hour then, where are we at today? I believe eternity is real, and I have a sense that a great repentance is going to sweep through the land for making Christianity about church attendance, instead of attending to the heart of God and His desire to reach the lost and make disciples.

The Reset Button Is Being Pushed

The reset button is being pushed and courage is being transmitted into the hearts of the people of God to ask the question, "What does Jesus want to do?" This question, I believe, will become the quest of the Believer. There is a wave of new ministries that the Lord is birthing that has to do with the heart of God. Some of these ministries will not be flashy but will catch the attention of Heaven. (Photo via Flickr)

I feel the Lord saying, "I am doing a new thing that will surprise many." He is flipping the script of what normal looks like. I believe God, in His love and mercy, wants to create a new normal. I feel in this time the Spirit of God hovering over leaders and causing a deep humility to form in them. Some will surrender afresh their ministries and businesses to the Lord.

There is a wave of new young ministries that will need secure fathers and mothers to come alongside of them. I believe there will be a great volunteer movement which will spring forth that will want to help people. Many people who have felt dissatisfied will be compelled to start volunteering in ministries.

I really believe that some churches will begin to notice other ministries that God has anointed for this hour, and will say, "The building does not belong to us, it belongs to God, and it is our time to give it to another that God has risen up." Eternal focus preaching, that deals with the heart, is going to be championed across the nations. A spirit of generosity will begin to flourish throughout the Church.

I really feel that some projects will be put on hold in months and years to come, because God wants to redirect finances to build what He wants in this next season. People are going to discern more whether or not they are apart of a good vision or a God vision. (Photo via Unsplash)

I really sense, in my heart, a greater love that God will birth in the next few months across the Body of Christ. I sense a shaking that is going to come, which will shake the idols of what man made by his hands and not by God. There will be a letting go of what many have built over the years in order to pick up what God is calling you to pick up and steward in the next season.

I feel the heart of God saying, "Back to the basics" and "Rediscover the importance of foundational truths." The Body of Christ is going to go through a makeover because they will be anticipating the King of kings.

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Chris Overstreet
Compassion To Action

Email: click here

Chris Overstreet is the founder of Compassion To Action and has served at Bethel church for over 14 years, training and equipping thousands of BSSM students in Power Evangelism. Chris has a vision to help raise up evangelists across America and to rally the Body of Christ around the Cross to reach cities all across America for Jesus. Chris is married to his wife Stefanie and has a daughter named Brielle Shalom.

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