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"How to March into Miracles!"

Christy Johnston
Mar 10, 2020

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzWe've been receiving some very uplifting prophetic words for this month of March and more.

Who wouldn't want to see miracles from the Lord occur in their midst?

This is an awesome prophetic article and teaching message from Christy Johnston for this month we are in.

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"How to March into Miracles!"

Christy Johnston, Gold Coast, Australia

I hear the Lord saying over you that this month you shall MARCH into MIRACLES. Your miracles are in motion. You shall MARCH into PROMISES you have long awaited. The key is, you must march IN cannot stand on the sidelines and complain; this is not a time to give up on what has been promised. It is a time to MOVE in faith towards the land He has given you. It is a month of action and movement.

The Month of Adar: Deliverance and Increase in Joy!

Amazingly, the month of March lines up with the current Hebrew month of Adar. It is said that when Adar arrives, JOY IS INCREASED! "Adar" means "STRENGTH and POWER." It is prophetic of the displays of God's strength and power in your life this month. Adar is also the month that Moses passed away, and Joshua stepped in as the leader to take the Promised Land. It signifies a transition out of the wilderness and crossing into the promise by the strength and power of the Almighty.

Additionally, Adar is the month that God worked miraculously through Esther and set His people free by foiling the plots of Haman. It is a time of GREAT deliverance. We celebrate Purim – the Feast of Esther – in Adar, and it is considered the most joyous of months. Traditionally, it is stated that JOY INCREASES from this month to the end of the year. I believe that this is a prophetic declaration over you...from this moment on, your joy shall INCREASE as you march into promises and miracles throughout this month and the coming months of the year!

The Holy Spirit has been highlighting to me the 10th of March specifically. I didn't understand why until I realized that the Feast of Purim falls on this date. I heard the Father say that a shift is coming on the 10th of March. I believe we will see this shift both personally and worldwide as the people of God contend in their authority and their own promises, but also against the fear-driven coronavirus.

There is a SWIFT and quick turnaround coming from this date onwards. You will also feel a shift in your joy and in your direction. Where there has been confusion, your clarity will shift, and where you have been feeling fear, you will feel the overwhelming sense of His presence and peace. It is a time of great deliverance and a show of God's strength and power at work in your life and in the nations. Time is not linear with God; it is, in a sense, circular (not round and round in circles, but going up and up). In other words, these alignments in history are both a full circle and prophetic wonder of what He is doing in us now, but to an even greater degree. We don't go backward with God but only increase higher and higher. (Photo via Pixabay)

The Lord has been continually speaking this verse to me for this year:

"I am doing something brand new, something unheard of. Even now it sprouts and grows and matures. Don't you perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and open up flowing streams in the desert." (Isaiah 43:19 TPT)

Hebrew Month of Nisan

In the places where many people have felt stranded in the wilderness, they are going to begin to see the way open up before them this month. I hear the Lord directing you, saying, "Don't give up now. You are on the threshold. You have been contending long, and I know you are weary and tired, but keep taking one step of faith at a time, because you are about to see My deliverance explode over your life in a magnificent way."

For many of you, it has been a long march into your promises, and there have been many ups and downs as you have contended for what God has shown you ahead of time. I believe this is a time where you will march into your promises, you will see the deliverance of God, you will see the way open up before you, and you will see streams flow where there was once deserts and wasteland. God is making a WAY and this is a time of INCREASE of joy! Do you not perceive it?

At the end of the Gregorian month of March (on the 25th at sundown) the Hebrew month of Nisan begins, and it is considered to be the first month of the year. The word "Nisan" is believed to come from the word "nitzan," meaning "bud," or the word "nissim" meaning "miracles." Both suggest a physical and spiritual resurrection in our lives. Again, this correlates with March and miracles.

Strategies for Marching into Your Promise

1. Don't give up now and don't give in to fear.

Just as the enemy has been ramping up fear in the natural through fears of a worldwide virus, he is also attempting to lure the people of God into fear by having them agree that the promise will not come to pass. (Photo via Flickr)

2. Fast, pray and thank God for His promise.

I believe fasting is a HUGE key in this month, just as it was for Esther. In the month of Adar, fasting will help us break the spirit of fear and bring deliverance to our own lives – and to the nations. I believe that as the people of God fast and pray, it will BREAK the enemy's manipulations of fear, but also break OPEN the WAY into your Promised Land.

3. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into a step of faith each day.

Just as He guided the Israelites to march around Jericho and Esther to go into the courts, God has a step of faith for you to ACTIVATE the promise today. It might simply be to worship or to speak out the promised words He has declared over your life, or to dance a victory dance or to take a physical step of some sort. Do one thing today that is a step of faith in the direction of your promise.

4. Keep your words aligned in FAITH.

Ever since March began, I keep seeing the number 10 and believe this points to John 10:10 – to speak LIFE, keep your words aligned with life, regardless of how you may feel. Don't do as the Israelites did and complain. Remind yourself of the promises God has given you, speak them out, thank God for them and celebrate in advance. The miracles and promises are in MOTION – don't stop it through words of doubt and fear.

Here is a promise over you today:

"Then we cried out, 'Lord, help us! Rescue us!' And He did! God stilled the storm, calmed the waves, and He hushed hurricane winds to only a whisper. We were so relieved, so glad as He guided us safely to harbor in a quiet haven.'" (Psalm 107:28-30 TPT)

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Christy Johnston
Everyday Revivalists

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Christy Johnston was born and raised in Australia. After living the majority of her life plagued with insecurity and fear, she came to learn the power of her identity in Christ. She now lives with the mandate to breathe fresh hope and life into God's sons and daughters through her passion of writing, uncovering the truths of living in grace and freedom through our identity in Christ. Nate and Christy have two daughters, Charlotte and Sophie, and currently live on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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