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"How Jesus Is Healing Hearts in the Father's Garden"

Wendy Alec
Dec 29, 2019

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzWendy Alec had a profound vision from the Lord and He spoke to her about what's on His heart for those Believers who have endured much in this past season.

You're going to go deep in her latest word...and learn just How Jesus Is Healing Hearts in the Father's Garden!

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The Vision

In a vision, I saw a panoramic vista of literally thousands of men and women who had walked through the wilderness, the furnace, and deep waters. They were covered with something that looked like a massive net, similar to what a fishing trawler would use to catch fish. Many of them were struggling to break free but were oblivious to the net – not even knowing it was there.

I said to the Father, "Father, what is this net that is so hindering their freedom?" He answered, "My child, multitudes of these men and women have, in this past season, walked through so much Hell that in order to survive the pain and the trauma they experienced, many went into self protection mode; many fell into trauma. And because of the seeming unrelenting pain, many people turned to that which became addictions in their lives, when the pain became TOO GREAT for them to handle."

"And they became overwhelmed," I said quietly.

The Lord replied, " well know the depths that trauma and pain can take you."

I was quiet then; I knew well what He spoke of, for I, myself, had experienced so much prayer and deliverance, but at the darkest times pain would still trigger a desperate need for comfort that I knew only too well.

The Lord said, "You KNOW I am your comforter."

I replied, "Yes, Daddy. But when the excruciating trauma hits from an unexpected source I still get blindsided." I then cast my mind back to how many times I have cried out, in total desperation to the Lord, saying, "Father...NO MORE PAIN."

Mantles of Pain, Loss and Trauma

As I watched this panorama of countless warriors who had been through the fire, I saw that they were dressed in depressing gray mantles, and on these mantles was written clearly: "PAIN, LOSS, TRAUMA."

For many of these people, the pain had driven them to their knees, while others were fighting through to the best of their abilities but were losing strength. Still others were in so much agony of heart that they were desperately clutching for anything – literally ANYTHING – that would ease the pain in their hearts, for it was unbearable.

They clutched at meds that would soothe them; they clutched at love and relationships that would physically dull the pain. And I saw the word, "ADDICTION."

What Is This Net?

I then said to the Father, "But Abba, WHAT is this net that they are trying to claw their way out of that is wrapping themselves around them like a vice?"

The Father answered with SUCH grief in His voice, "It is the NET of UNRIGHTEOUS JUDGMENTS, the net of the Pharisees' and Sadducees' judgments,

I could hear the grief in the almighty roar of the Lion. He said, "These people who have judged My sons and daughters have NEVER walked in the paths that this remnant has walked in, for these men and women that you see have, in this past season, been so marked by the enemy that they walk in pain, loss and bereavement unimaginable. The net that you see is the net of misrepresented judgments, of incorrectly weighted judgments, of religious judgments that say, 'Why are you not walking as I am? I have no need for crutches. Look, I AM STRONG.'

Then I could hear the Father's roar rise up again, and I could see the Lord Jesus rocking some of those still living with trauma so gently and stroking their heads.

Can't You Talk Louder, God?

The Father said, "Some of those men and women that you see here are My greatest warriors, and are called to do My greatest exploits in the end times. And yet, many have judged them, for they have not walked in their shoes; they have not walked their path. The more they have experienced condemnation, the more the Pharisees and Sadducees have placed their spotlight on their flaws, the greater the condemnation they grapple with."


I could see slime coming from the judgmental words; slime that covered the warriors who were at last trying to stand. Then the Father came in the form of the Lion of Judah and He roared. As He roared, He pulled off the oppressive net with one mighty movement! He blew the false judgments off the men and women, and many of the gray mantles turned into the most incredible iridescent colors. Then a great rushing wind came called "FREEDOM," and another that said, "Keep are on the right track."

I could see the winding road to the Father's castle, and He said, "Not long now...not long now." And written above us were the words "Restoration," "Recompense," "Reparation," "Joy," "Hope," and "Goodness in the land of the living."

Then the entire scene changed and I knew that we had been transported to the Father's garden.

The Father's Garden

Now these weary ones were lying in the most beautiful soft grass that shimmered like emeralds. They lay basking under the soft shade and cool of the magnificent trees that bowed their branches as if to protect them. Then I saw the Lord Jesus start to wash their feet – oh so lovingly, oh so tenderly – washing away the dust and grime of the long, arduous road on which they had traveled. Ministering angels in multitudes appeared in the garden and so lovingly bound up the cuts and bruises on their feet.

Then I saw the most beautiful thing...the angels began to bind up the broken hearts. As each angel laid their hand on a man or woman's chest, I gasped in shock, for, literally, as their hearts were exposed, gaping, unhealed wounds could be seen. I saw many who had spears piercing right through their bleeding hearts. It was like a hospital scene on a battlefield after the ravages of war.

Then the King of Glory, JESUS Himself, walked in luminescent splendor among the wounded, stopping to draw out every spear. He would stroke their heads and whisper His living words of overwhelming love, life and comfort. Then I heard Him saying "THANK YOU" to all who had gone through the most ferocious of battles and yet still loved Him, even though they were clinging by just a thread.

I realized that, while to others these men and women seemed so weak, to JESUS, they were His heroes, the recipients of the VICTOR'S CROWN. Then He stood majestic – oh so beautiful – and beyond description. He said, "I came to bind up the broken hearted, to set at liberty those who are bruised; to set free the captive, to deliver those in trauma, for they have paid a terrible price at the hands of the enemy of their souls, but they have passed the test."

I watched as the ministering angels poured a thick, healing balm, anointing their heads with oil. Jesus was triumphant. He spoke again, "Before they are released into the call sovereignly ordained for them by My Father before their conception, I decree REST, REST, REST for their souls."

And I watched as more and more entered the Father's garden like a never ending throng, and the crying and muffled sobs were being replaced by laughter and tears of joy.

Wendy Alec
Founder, God TV
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Wendy Alec (Wendy Mackenzie Koefman) is a British author, screenplay writer and TV executive. Her Chronicles of Brothers fantasy sci-fi novels have a mass following having sold almost three quarters of a million copies. Wendy co-founded GOD TV in 1995, Europe's first daily Christian television network, which has grown rapidly over the past 20 years, now with a broadcast reach of over 950 million viewers. Wendy is also the Director of Warboys Entertainment. She was coached in screenplay writing by Hollywood professionals and has several screenplays in development. She is the best-selling author of the epic fantasy saga, Chronicles of Brothers and other various books.

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