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"Prophecy Decoders: Why Alveda King says Trump 'Is Like a Bull in a China Shop'"

Alveda King
Dec 10, 2019

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

Through the millennium, God has been using prophetic voices to reveal His plan and His agenda for mankind. We see it throughout Scripture and we still see this happening today. 

Frequently, the prophetic word comes forth in a manner that is unmistakable, with the prophetic voice using phrases like "Thus says the Lord," or "The Lord says," as they bring forth the word of the Lord.

Sometimes, the Lord will release a powerful prophetic word, but initially it is cloaked in a simple phrase or idiom and not easily recognizable as a prophetic utterance when it is released; yet over time we begin to realize how profoundly prophetic that utterance is. 

Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., made this type of prophetic statement to me (Steve Shultz of the Elijah List) via text messages and other public outlets in 2016, which you'll see in Decoders right below. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


PROPHECY BY ALVEDA KING – November 29, 2016:

"Mr. Trump is like a 'bull in a china shop.' God also revealed this to me: 'Yes, and bulls are beautiful and magnificent creatures, and china is fragile.'"

Prophecy Decoders Analysis:

This statement was made by Alveda King around the time of the 2016 election, and notice the use of the idiom "bull in a china shop." According to the dictionary, an idiom is a common word or phrase which means something different from its literal meaning, but can be understood because of its popular use.

The idiom "bull in a china shop" can mean one who is aggressive in a situation that requires delicacy and care. We have seen this scenario play out during the Trump presidency. However, notice the prophetic significance of the statement when you capitalize the word china and make it "China."

What has been the main economic news item that has dominated headlines in 2019? It has been Trump and the trade war with China.

Here are some of the news headlines related to this issue during the year 2019:

NEWS Headline: BBC – May 9, 2019: Trade war: Trump says China 'broke the deal' in trade talks

NEWS: CNN - May 10, 2019: The US-China trade war is escalating. The coming days are crucial

NEWS: CNN - May 12, 2019: The trade war is now the biggest risk to markets

NEWS: NBC - November 11, 2019: Wall Street worries that Trump may have oversold the likelihood of a China trade deal

Stock Markets have had wild swings multiple times this year due to this one issue – Trump and his aggressive stance on a trade deal with China. When it comes to Trump's tactics, the NBC news article quoted trade experts as stating, "Negotiating would be better done in private, and not on Twitter."

In other words, to the experts, Trump is like a "bull in a china shop" when it comes to this trade war with China. 

And how about the word "shop" in the idiom "bull in a china shop"? A shop is a place where goods or services are sold. The definition of trade is "the action of buying and selling goods and services." So, a shop is where trade takes place. In 2019, especially, the nation of China has been the shop that Trump has focused on.

Indeed, as prophesied, Trump is like a "bull in a china shop." This is the takeaway for your personal walk with God. Perhaps God is speaking to you today in a form that does not feel "prophetic." God has a sense of humor and He will speak to you in ways that you can relate to, because He loves you and He wants to talk to you.

You, too, can hear the voice of God!

Dr. Alveda C. King and The Elijah List

Dr. Alveda King is an evangelist and civil rights activist; niece of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.; daughter of Rev. AD King; and guardian of the "King Family Legacy." Alveda King Ministries aims to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the catalyst for salvation and being born again; promoting traditional family morals and values, from a Biblical worldview. Building strong, healthy families is a cornerstone Рwhere individuals and families are given the necessary tools and resources to live prosperously to their full potential. An aim is to educate through community events, mentoring programs, media campaigns scholarship awards, coalition-building Christian advocacy groups and other means of positive reinforcement in order to lead people to Christ in expectancy of life, family, hope and "agape love" in the global community.


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