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"God Says: I Have Called 'Time Out' On the Devil!"

Wendy Alec
Dec 2, 2019

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzI've known Wendy Alec for years and years...she has been through a lot and I've watched her overcome and be victorious in the Lord.

She is truly a seer and has powerful encounters with God and has written much about them in her books.

I'll let you get right to reading this word for yourself, and I pray you receive the words that Wendy shares from the Lord here: "I have called 'Time out' on the devil!" (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


I heard the Father say, "I have called 'Time out' on the devil! I have called 'Time out' on the enemy and tormentor of your soul – on the enemy of your calling and destiny. Your shift is upon you. Your shift is resounding through Heaven, and the angelic have been released to unshackle your chains of weariness, despair and hope deferred. For, in past seasons, you have fought the lion. I saw you fight the bear and you were victorious."

Then our mighty, incredible, powerful Father stood, and His voice roared with authority: " your shift is upon you! You will fight Goliath and tear down strongholds and influence nations. Redeem, redeem, redeem. Restore, restore, restore!"

Let us reflect on the story of Joseph. Let's go to the point in the story where he had now been forgotten by the cupbearer and was, once again, facing his prison bars. The Father said that Joseph's great challenge was not just the fact that he was still in prison, but that he now had absolutely no idea or comprehension if and when he would ever be released.

Will I Ever Be Free Again?

Oh, beloved ones, while doing some research I discovered that when certain interrogators were asked, "What are the things that break the most hardened prisoners?" they came back with some amazing facts. The thing that broke the most hardened captured soldiers or terrorists was not the physical torture, or even water boarding, but the isolation and complete loss of hope that they would ever be free again.

The enemy's tactics on so many of us have been the same in this past season.

So, back to Joseph. Imagine his first day following the cupbearer's promise to tell Pharaoh about Joseph to get him out of prison. He must have felt so excited. His heart would have been full with the elation that he would finally be free. Then, a week passed. Joseph would, most likely, still have been expectant, holding a secret joy and relief in his heart. What about when that week turned into three months, then six months, and then a year? Joseph must have realized, with a sinking heart and resignation, that he had been forgotten; abandoned to the sight of the prison bars surrounding him.

The joy of hope fulfilled had now turned into the bitter taste of hope deferred. Yet, the greatest challenge was not only that his plight had been forgotten, but that he had absolutely no idea or understanding of when his imprisonment would ever end. All of us can stand courageously when we know there is an allotted time to our suffering or shattered circumstances; when we know that, on this particular date, the royal guard is coming to open our prison doors and set us free!

We can make it because we have hope, but at this point in the story Joseph was still facing the same prison walls, not knowing if his release was imminent or never. I'm sure he questioned, "Is this for life?"

When Is My Release Date?

I believe that is the strongest weapon the enemy has used against many of us in this past season. In facing such loss, heartbreak, bereavement, divorce and so many shattered dreams, there have been moments when many of us were so assured that "this was it." We'd prayed and spoken the Word, and some of us experienced profound encounters with Heaven. We lifted our heads and hands in worship, so, so grateful that "THIS was it"; we would finally be released into restoration, renewed hope and our desire fulfilled would become the tree of life.

Then, a week passed...a month...six months and still no shift. So our hearts fell back into desolation, abandonment and despair, just like Joseph. Just like Joseph, we have lived never knowing if the almost unbearable prison of our circumstances would ever end.

There has been no "release date" arriving from Heaven. We have been in a position where no man can release and shift us into our new season of restoration, only God.

So many of us have had our head heads hung down. Even those of us who have fought the lion and the bear have never experienced the warfare of delay and deferred hope in such magnitude. Warriors, who had been on the front lines in many ferocious battles against the enemy and seen victory after victory, were hit with such agonizing loss, bereavement, divorce, financial loss and heartbreak.

They were facing another kind of battle; a battle behind the bars of their circumstantial prison, crying out for release, for mercy, and for miraculous intervention. This battle was a battle for their minds and hearts. They faced mental anguish, tormenting thoughts, severe depression, anxiety and despair. In these things they were well versed, yet they fought the lion; they fought the bear!

Marked for Outpouring

Beloved, hear me. In this past season, the season of survival, the enemy has changed his tactics and mounted a ferocious assault against many of those whom the Father has marked for the end-time outpouring.

But the Father has roared, "It is time! It is time for the shift. Heaven is mobilized for My incredible shift, for My called-out ones. I have called 'Time out!' on the devil. I have called 'Time out!' on the tormentor of your soul – on the enemy of your calling and destiny.

"Your shift is upon you. It is resounding through Heaven and the angelic have been released to unshackle your chains of weariness, despair and hope-deferred. For, in past seasons, you have fought the lion. I saw you fight the bear and you were victorious."

Our mighty, incredible, powerful Father stands, and His voice roars with authority: " your shift is upon you! You will fight Goliath and tear down strongholds and influence nations. Redeem, redeem, redeem.

"Lift up your weary hands, oh greatly beloved. For your King is here with His mighty right arm of recompense. Prepare now to fight Goliath in this next season. For I will tell you, you will see nations shift at the sound of your decrees. You will drive out torment and set the captives free. You will rejoice as Joseph did. For I am about to call you out and dress you in royal robes and place My signet ring upon your finger.

"I will widen, widen, widen your sphere of influence so that all men may look upon you and say, 'Look, he/she was so weak. Could it be them, thousands of them, leaning on their Beloved but clothed in the glorious armor of their King?'

"These are My trusted ones who have walked through the fire. They are My fearsome ones – mighty ones – marching to slay Goliath as Daniel, My greatly beloved."

Wendy Alec
Founder, God TV
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Wendy Alec (Wendy Mackenzie Koefman) is a British author, screenplay writer and TV executive. Her Chronicles of Brothers fantasy sci-fi novels have a mass following having sold almost three quarters of a million copies. Wendy co-founded GOD TV in 1995, Europe's first daily Christian television network, which has grown rapidly over the past 20 years, now with a broadcast reach of over 950 million viewers. Wendy is also the Director of Warboys Entertainment. She was coached in screenplay writing by Hollywood professionals and has several screenplays in development. She is the best-selling author of the epic fantasy saga, Chronicles of Brothers and other various books.


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