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"Obadiah Prophets, You Are Coming Out of Your Caves!"

Ella Onakoya
Nov 19, 2019

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzWe, here at the Elijah List, love and appreciate Ella Onakoya and her ministry!

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In this word today, you're going to receive fresh revelation from Ella about the Obadiah prophets.

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There is a powerful move of the Spirit of God that is being released to bring many people into the forefront of their destinies, purposes and callings. I believe God showed me a group of 'Obadiah prophets' that He has set on course to release, or who are being released at this time. These prophets are symbolic of those who were hidden in the cave by Obadiah to escape the wrath of Jezebel while being fed with bread and water (1 Kings 18:4).

They are those men and women who have been hidden for a season in preparation; people who have been faithful in seeking God and His heart for what seems like a long season. They have been pruned in their character while being filled with the glorious power of the Holy Spirit. While in their season of hiddenness, they have been fed by the Word and the Spirit of God.

They are also the people who are being released due to the sovereign intent of the grace of God. Because of the increase of gross darkness on the earth and a refusal of some individuals to step into their destinies, a need has arisen in the Kingdom. The sovereign Lord is raising His Kingdom to fill it by releasing an army of Obadiah prophets who are saying "yes" to light up the darkness. These are His light bearers and His arrows that are being shot into the heart of darkness with precision and purpose.

The Rising of Evangelists

A few weeks ago, I had a very vivid dream where I saw several Believers being translated from different nations to stand in a line close to one another. It appeared as if they were being thrust out by the hand of God Himself. Each of them simply declared their call as an evangelist and the nations they were from.

As they declared their evangelistic call, I sensed they were not boastful, but they had counted the cost and were determined to agree with Heaven to fulfill their evangelistic call.

I was in awe when one of these evangelists stepped forward to share that about 300 people had just been killed in the nation he came from. I sensed in the dream that the people he described were martyrs, but despite this, the evangelist had counted the cost; he was affirming that regardless of the situation, he had given his voice to the Lord to declare the Gospel message come what may!

I woke up from the dream with awe and a sense that what God is going to do will seem like a new thing in many people's eyes. God is going to release many men and woman who have never been heard of before, because there is a call to come forth and arise from the caves and preach the Gospel. Many of those people branded and marked by this call will be used by God with great signs and wonders. I hear in my spirit that they are the ones whose mouths have been loosed to declare the mystery of Christ to every nation under Heaven.

Released from the Secret Place

These particular people are the ones with a pure prophetic voice who had been persecuted by the operation and the spirit of Jezebel, just as the prophets under Obadiah's care were persecuted. Therefore, they have gone into caves, which symbolizes a type of the "secret place" in God. These prophets have been receiving healing and nurturing from the Lord in their protected secret place, but I hear these words in my spirit: "Their season of release is at hand." God's hand is ready to thrust them out because that which had intimated them is being bound by the Spirit of the Lord.

These are the prophets that will shake and shift nations, bringing God's purpose into manifestation. They will not prophesy for gain or popularity, for they have been refined in the fire of affliction and have been nurtured with the pure Word of the Lord.

I sense very strongly that the forces of darkness that have tried to stop these emerging prophets from rising are being bound by the Spirit of God.

The Spirit of Intimidation Is Being Bound

Recently, I had a dream where I entered a house and saw a demonic dog. The hound lunged at me to attack me, however, no matter how hard it tried, it could not get to me. The Lord showed me that the dog could not get to me because it was held in chains which it could not get free from.

When I woke up, I remembered in the past I used to have dreams where dogs like this one had made me nervous. In this revelation, the Lord was showing me that the spirit of intimidation, which had tried to stop the true prophetic voice of God from being released, is being bound.

A Generation That Will Surprise the World

When the fire of revival falls, a generation of Obadiah prophets will be released that will surprise the world – just like Kanye West and many other emerging Believers surprised us as well. The Lord is waiting to bring a generation of people who have been seen as misfits, outcasts and sinners into the fold of His Obadiah prophets.

When they are saved and are washed by the Blood of the Lamb, their voices will send terror into the camp of darkness and release freedom. For when the fire of revival falls, they will be released out of their caves of sin and bondage.

Can't You Talk Louder, God?

Many of you are aware of the recent conversion of Kanye West, who is well known in the Hollywood music industry. In light of this article, I thought it pertinent to write what I know of his journey to conversion.

Earlier this year, when I read about Kanye West's Sunday services, I initially felt wary and unsure concerning his motives for starting the service. I knew about his unsaved past, and at that time he had not yet declared he was saved, yet many in Hollywood and others were attending his services. The Lord spoke to me to pray and watch what he would do. He said that regardless of the motives of starting the services, if we prayed, it would be His will to release a move of His Spirit, causing Kanye West and others to encounter Him.

I was amazed as I realized that God had orchestrated Kanye's Sunday services as a meeting place for a release of His revival. I obeyed God and started to pray for His fire of revival to fall in these meetings (and I believe there are many others who were also praying).

Now thousands are been saved at his services, where pastors preach and make altar calls. And from interviews I've read, Kanye is studying the Bible and being discipled by a pastor he goes to for Bible studies.

What a joy it is to hear of his conversion, which he boldly and joyfully declares. What a joy it is to see how he uses his voice through his God-given platform to sing and speak of who God is – our Christ, Lord and King – Christian family values, and living lives totally sold to Christ.

I have read testimonies on YouTube of those who had decided to give their lives to Christ as they listened to his music, whilst others who have been suicidal are being filled with a new joy and hope. This is a clear mark of those who are part of these Obadiah prophets. Their conversion will release a new wave of hope, salvation and the truth of who God is throughout the earth.

What to Pray For

I believe we are to watch and pray for these prophets as we rejoice at what the Lord is doing in them. I believe many more will come out from within the 'Hollywood enclave' to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. Pray for many more salvations like these. Here are ways we can pray:

• Be careful not to judge how God is using these prophets, or the "suddenly" of their emergence. But instead, let us stand with them and pray that Christ will be fully formed in them (Galatians 4:19).

• Pray for their protection from temptations and from attacks of the enemy.

• Pray that seasoned Believers with eyes to see what God is doing in them will be sent to them to help disciple them.

• Pray that the fire of God's holy revival will spread through them and that the message God has given them will be released with boldness.

• Pray Ephesians 1:15-19 over them, that they will grow in the wisdom and revelation of God and in the hope of their callings, and that they will walk in the fullness of their divine inheritance and the power of Christ.

Be encouraged that it is the timing of God to bring a release and a freedom to the voice and purpose He has given you. For such a time as this you are needed. I pray a release of God's mighty power to release you from what has tried to keep you from your purpose.

Saints of God, you are coming out of your caves!

Ella Onakoya
Harvest of the Nations


Ella Onakoya is the founder of Harvest of the Nations. She is an evangelist, a prophetic watchman and an author. She carries and releases a powerful revival anointing as she ministers and teaches in the UK, Europe, America, Africa and Asia in various churches, conferences and equipping schools. God confirms her messages with salvations, miracles, deliverances and powerful moves of the Holy Spirit.

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Can't You Talk Louder, God?
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November 22, 2019 (7:30pm)
Revival Service: New Beginnings Christian Center
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Speaker: Ella Onakoya

November 24, 2019
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December 3, 2019 @ 7 PM
End of Year Prophetic Breakthrough and Healing Service
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