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"The Wind of Awakening Is Here! You're Coming Out Rebranded"

Madeline James
Nov 13, 2019

Intro from Jennifer Eivaz:

Steve ShultzI am pleased to endorse Madeline James' "next chapter" as a rising and credible prophetic voice. Madeline is a prophet to the nations and steps out boldly to proclaim God's NEXT for regions and lands.

She's also highly pastoral, something we don't always connect prophets to, meaning she cares for the sheep and is set on building the Church at large.

At the same time, she is fierce and tenacious like a lion and doesn't back down in the face of spiritual warfare and adversity. Her integrity is refreshing and a voice to pay attention to in this season and for years to come. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Jennifer Eivaz, Executive Pastor
Harvest Christian Center, Turlock, CA


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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


Over the past 3-4 months, there has been a sudden wind of opposition rising against many people who are stepping into the new things of God. This wind has tried to stop, hinder, delay, and invoke fear to the point of succumbing to the opposition. We must realize the enemy always has a counterfeit for the things of God. If you notice, it never fails; the counterfeit tends to come right before the 'real' unfolds. Despite the winds of opposition blowing, there's a sudden wind of breakthrough being released to break you through to the next.

There will always be opposition as you cross over the threshold. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 16:9 (TPT), "There's an amazing door of opportunity standing wide open for me to minister here, even though there are many who oppose and stand against me."

Angels of Breakthrough and the Winds of Change

A couple weeks ago, I was in a church service worshiping when suddenly there was a wind that blew by me. I thought maybe someone had walked past me, but when I looked, no one was there. I continued to press into worship and again, suddenly, a gust of wind blew by me, even blowing my hair. It was like someone had opened the door and the gust of wind was let in, but like before, no one was by me.

The Lord quickened my spirit and told me the angels of breakthrough and awakening are being released in this hour. This is an hour of great angelic activity that we must partner with.

I prophesied this word before the church about the sudden winds of God being released, and later that day, Dallas, TX had a freak storm system that produced an EF3 Tornado that had not been seen in that region in years. In the last couple weeks record winds have been reported in different places around the U.S. The winds of change, transition, and awakening are blowing across the land.

Put on Your Glory Garments

When we go through seasons of great opposition, it has a way of dulling our senses and spirits if we let it. We are stepping into an Isaiah 52:1-2 season. It's time to arise from the desert place, the place of testing, and shake off the dust. Put your strength and glory garments on. They are the garments of who you are in Christ. Don't let your desert place define you. It's time to awaken to destiny. Now is the time for destiny.

The last 3-4 months have been a time of great intensity and pressure, but the Lord is using the intensity and pressure to form and fashion you for your next season. Many of you came into this past season looking one way, but you will come out looking different than when you entered. There is a rebranding that is taking place in the realm of the spirit as we get ready to step into 2020.


To "rebrand" something means to present a product or organization to the public in a new way, for example by changing its name or appearance.

The Lord has been using the crushing and the intensity of this season to do a new thing. Diamonds don't become diamonds overnight. They have to go through a process of intense heat, different chemicals, gases and pressure underneath the earth before they rise to the surface for all to see their beauty.

Song of Songs 8:5 (TPT) declares, "Who is this one? Look at her now! She arises out of her desert, clinging to her beloved. When I awakened you under the apple tree, as you were feasting upon me, I awakened your innermost being with the travail of birth as you longed for more of me."

This is the season where those around you will say, "Who is that one that arises from the desert?" Those close to you will not recognize you because the Lord has released a fresh glory upon your life. The Spirit of the Lord is coming to break you through to a new place.

We find an example of this in Acts 12 when Peter was imprisoned with no hope of getting out. Herod made sure Peter was heavily bound with two chains between two guards, with other guards outside the prison cell. Peter was sleeping when suddenly an angel came.

Acts 12:7 (TPT) says, "[W]hen at once an angel of the Lord appeared, filling his prison cell with a brilliant light. The angel struck Peter on the side to awaken him and said, 'Hurry up! Let's go!' Instantly the chains fell off his wrists."

Just like the angel came to break out Peter, there is a sudden wind of breakthrough being released to come and break you into a new place. The angel told Peter to move quickly. This is not a time to drag your feet or be double minded. It's time to step into the things of God now.

The Wind of Awakening and a New Authority

Not only is there a wind of breakthrough being released, but there's a wind of awakening hitting your life. In Acts 12:7 it says the angel hit Peter in the side. Some commentaries say it's a prophetic picture of when Jesus was hit and pierced in His side. This is a prophetic picture of hearts being awakened. Where you have felt dull or unaware of the things of God, awakening is being released to your heart and senses. It's time to come alive once again!

In Acts 12:8 TPT it says, "The angel told him, 'Get dressed. Put on your sandals, bring your cloak, and follow me.'" Where this past season has tried to strip you of who you are, it's time to put on your strength and glory garments (Isaiah 52:1). After the angel helped Peter escape they went to the home of Mary and her son, John Mark. They had been praying for Peter's release. Peter knocked on the door and a girl named Rhoda answered and recognized Peter. She tried to tell everyone Peter was there but they did not believe it was him, or recognize him (Acts 12:13-15). They eventually realized it was Peter, but Peter did not stay, he went ahead of them.

When Peter came out of his hard season (prison) God had rebranded him. The people that were closest to him did not recognize him and his voice, and did not believe he was there. The glory had transformed Peter for his next assignment. The people didn't recognize his voice because He gained a new authority. Also notice Peter did not stay back, he went ahead to the new. Don't stay in what's familiar because it's safe; not everyone can go with you to your next season. Know the season you're in (see Proverbs 10:5 TPT).

This is a time of great destiny. Now is the time to step into destiny. God has rebranded you for the new, for 2020. Step into it with boldness and confidence.

Madeline James
Madeline James Ministry


Madeline James is an emerging prophetic writer and voice who desires to release the heart of the Father, and be a tuning fork for the Body of Christ. She operates in the seer and revelatory realm. Her heart is to release revelation and wisdom that will help propel and push the Body of Christ forward. Madeline is the author of Rooted In Love, Declaring Your Morning, co-author of Emerge, and the blogger of the prophetic blog Nabi's Pen. She resides in Lexington, KY with her husband Richie and their two daughters.


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