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"Friends, We Win! It's Time to Go to Court"

Katie Souza
Nov 11, 2019

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz Katie Souza and her ministry are all about seeing people healed and delivered...she has seen thousands upon thousands of miracles!

I'm sure excited to have her as one of our guest speakers at our upcoming conference What is Heaven Planning for 2020? along with Lance Wallnau, Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow and our good friend, Dutch Sheets. I already know this upcoming 2020 conference in January will be off the charts!

As you read this word and prayer directive from Katie Souza...I KNOW it will bring healing and freedom to your innermost being. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"Friends, We Win! It's Time to Go to Court"
Katie Souza, Maricopa, AZ

Satan is constantly in the court of Heaven accusing us. In Revelation 12:10, he's called "the accuser of the brethren," and the word accuser is "kategoros" which means to accuse and make an accusation before a judge. This is courtroom language and "legalese" because we must actually deal with those accusations in Heaven's courts. Look at Isaiah 43:26:

"'Meet Me in court! State your case. Prove that you are right.'"

The Blood of Jesus Has Made Me Innocent!

If you've ever been involved in a court case, you know that if you don't show up to court, you forfeit. You automatically lose, whether you're right or wrong. I speak from personal experience. In my former days there were plenty of times that I didn't show up for court in the natural, and friend – let me tell you – I lost…big time.

For us as Believers, when we do go to court, WE WIN! Because all the accusations that the enemy brings against us are under the Blood, we only need to make this plea: "The Blood of Jesus has made me innocent!"

The only way you can lose in the heavenly court is if you've resigned yourself over to a serious sin, your heart has become hard, and you keep on intentionally sinning. However, if you have repented and you go to court looking for mercy and grace, you're going to get it because of the Blood of Jesus. Check it out:

"Having canceled and blotted out and wiped away the handwriting of the note (bond) with its legal decrees and demands which was in force and stood against us (hostile to us). This [note with its regulations, decrees, and demands] He set aside and cleared completely out of our way by nailing it to [His] Cross." (Colossians 2:14, AMPC)

A Totally Disarmed Enemy

All the accusations against us were "wiped away," "set aside and cleared completely." Wow! Not only that, but Jesus also humiliated and completely disarmed our adversary:

"[God] disarmed the principalities and powers that were ranged against us and made a bold display and public example of them, in triumphing over them in Him and in it [the Cross]." (Colossians 2:15, AMPC)

All those accusations that the enemy brings against us before God are under the Blood. They were nailed to the Cross 2,000+ years ago, but…you have to show up to court and invoke your right and claim your innocence. You have to repent for what you've done, and then plead the Blood of Jesus. In Hebrews 12, it actually says that the Blood speaks a testimony. The Blood of Jesus is actually testifying to your innocence!

When we meet the enemy in court, and also get our soul healed (we must do both), we will have the victory. Let me give you an example from my own life. You see, I've done so much soul healing and had major breakthrough, but I found that there were still the tough things left behind that I couldn't seem to get free from. There was constant demonic chatter in my mind linked to idolatry. I was like, "God, why is this not going away? I have soul healing. I've come so far. Why can't I break through the last membrane?"

That's when He said, "Because the idols are rioting." I was like, "What?" I actually Googled, "idols are rioting" and a Scripture came up! You know God is talking to you when stuff like that happens, right? It was a Scripture from Acts 19 when Paul was in Ephesus. Now Ephesus was a huge stronghold and place of worship of the goddess Diana (Artemis), the queen of heaven. So Paul's preaching brought a major spiritual clash between light and darkness, in particular, a man named Demetrius, a silversmith, who made his living off of making idols of Diana. He got really upset because Paul came into town teaching the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ because he knew it would hurt his business.

Demetrius and his fellow tradesmen got really upset and went into the city and started a ruckus. It says that the city was filled with confusion and as they listened to him, they were filled with rage and continued to shout, "Great is Artemis of the Ephesians! Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!" It says that they did that for two hours.

Are the Idols Rioting?

Let me ask you, are the idols rioting in your life like they were in Ephesus? "Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!" may sound like, "Great is that house! Great is that car! Great is my reputation! Great are my wants and needs!" Are they rioting in you, always raging, never getting tired, never satisfied, and always driving you to spend your time, thought life and money on them?

     Paul was in the middle of all that madness, when suddenly it came to be known that Paul was Jewish. Oh, man, they went crazy, and they dragged him off the stage of the amphitheater. Nobody could stop these people from rioting about their idols because that's how much hold an idol, a demon spirit, has on its worshipers. What finally stopped them? A clerk from the city came forward. (Where do clerks work in the city? Court.)

The clerk essentially said, "Look, you shouldn't do anything rashly. You should be quiet. You brought these men here who are guilty of neither temple robberies nor blasphemous speech. Now, if Demetrius and his fellow tradesmen want to face them and make a case, the courts are open and the proconsuls are available. Let them bring charges against one another legally." Then everybody stopped shouting and the whole thing broke up.

You see, you've got to do two things: get your soul healed and get rid of the legal right demons have by taking them to court. They won't stop rioting until you do both. Notice that when the city clerk came forward he said, "Look, the courts are open. You got a grievance? Bring charges against each other legally." Then everybody shut up. The idols stopped rioting. When I did that in my life, I finally had peace. I had received so much breakthrough, but I couldn't get that last bit. Then, when I took the idols to court, bam, it was done!

It's Time to Go to Court

Every Believer can go into the courtroom of Heaven. Hebrews 4:16 says, "Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need." The word "throne" here means a seat where a judge sits. That throne that God sits on isn't just a mighty throne of a king. It's also the seat of the Judge of all the earth. We can come boldly before the throne of grace and obtain mercy and find grace in time of need. Are you ready?

Let's activate! Say it with me:

Father, I do exactly what the Scripture says. I come boldly before the throne of grace in my time of need. Because of what Jesus has done for me through the Cross and the resurrection, Lord, I come boldly. Father, I'm being accused by my adversary of idolatry in my life and in my bloodline, and the idols are rioting.

Just like in Acts 19, they will not be quiet. They will not stop shouting in my soul and driving me towards familiar sins. Lord, I know that satan is the accuser of the brethren and that "accuser" means to go before a judge and make an accusation. He's come before You, Lord, and he's made accusations against me.

The Bible says when you go to court, come to terms, come to an agreement quickly with your adversary. I agree, and I repent right now of all idolatry. Lord, forgive me. Forgive me for every time I was obsessed and possessed and lusted after idols and did not turn towards the one true God.

I repent for anyone in my bloodline that made anything into an idol—money, houses, possessions, children, family, spouses, food, alcohol, drugs, fame, renown, or any type of thing. If they made it into a demon god, an idol in their life, I repent and ask Your forgiveness. I know, Lord, as I repent, that the Blood of Jesus, according to Hebrews 12, is testifying before Your throne to my innocence, not because of my own goodness or righteousness for my righteousness is as filthy rags, but because I'm under the Blood of Christ.

I throw myself at the mercy of the court, knowing that the testimony from the Blood will cause me to have a "not guilty" verdict according to Colossians 2:14-15. I am free and clear, in Jesus' name.

(Note: As you are praying, if any idol comes to mind, just put the Blood on it. You're getting your soul healed, and you're taking care of this accusation in the court, and the rioting is going to stop. There is no condemnation, just put it under the Blood and receive that mercy in the courtroom of Heaven.)

Can I get an Amen? I pray this blessed you, and I encourage you to print this activation out, keep it handy, and use it when you are out of balance and the idols are rioting. It really works.

Big love,

Katie Souza
Katie Souza Ministries
Email: click here

Katie Souza was a career criminal most of her life, convicted of a number of felonies and sent to federal prison to serve almost twelve years. While incarcerated Katie encountered God in a way that dramatically changed her life, and began to write her first book, The Captivity Series: The Key To Your Expected End. Since then, she has completed part two in the same series, Healing The Wounded Soul, along with her bestselling little book, Soul Decrees. Katie is known for her insights relating to soul-healing, a revelation that explains why so many Believers can appear to do everything they've learned in church, and still fail to receive breakthrough in their lives. Katie lives in Arizona with her husband, Robert. She writes, teaches, produces a television show which is broadcast around the world and travels extensively. Katie and her ministry visit prisons several times each year and teach inmates how to hear from God, and demonstrate that they too, can achieve what God has promised and planned for them, and get them healed on the inside, before they are released. She continues in full pursuit of her expected end!

Katie Souza's Itinerary:

November 14-17, 2019
Healing and Deliverance
Seattle Revival Center
12636 SE 89th Pl., Newcastle, WA 98056

November 22-23, 2019
Power Encounter
Ramada Inn
2705 Annapolis Lane N., Plymouth, MN 55441

December 13-14, 2019
Oneness Supernatural Kingdom Conference
Monroeville Convention Center
209 Mall Boulevard, Monroeville, PA
(for more itinerary information click here)


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