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"Lessons to Remember for Your 'Turnaround' Day"

Jeffrey Hardwick
Oct 26, 2019

October 26, 2019

"Lessons to Remember for Your 'Turnaround' Day"
Jeffrey Hardwick, Kearney, Nebraska

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz     We've been posting several words recently about God coming through in a mighty way with suddenlies, payback and more! He is most definitely speaking a theme here...

     Do you need a turnaround in your life?

     You'll be excited to know what Jeffrey Hardwick from Nebraska shares as he opens up with:

   What if TODAY was a turnaround day for you? It's possible, you know; but were you believing for one this morning when you woke up? Maybe not, but perhaps from now on you will. Why? Because you'll know how to expect a turnaround day for you and your loved ones...

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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"Lessons to Remember for Your 'Turnaround' Day"
Jeffrey Hardwick, Kearney, Nebraska

     What if TODAY was a turnaround day for you? It's possible, you know; but were you believing for one this morning when you woke up? Maybe not, but perhaps from now on you will. Why? Because you'll know how to expect a turnaround day for you and your loved ones.

     Let's begin with the definition. Turnaround means "An abrupt or unexpected change, especially one that results in a more favorable situation."

     It's time for you to experience your turnaround. If I were to ask you what your biggest turnaround desire is, what would you say? Would it be your health? Is it your relationships? How about your work? Maybe your finances?

     If you desire to have a turnaround day, then be very specific about what that day looks like. In other words, could you describe that day in vivid detail? Let's take a look at a few examples in the Bible which will encourage you that today could be a turnaround for you.

Joseph's Turnaround

     In Genesis 41:14-42 we read about how Joseph, in one day, went from waking up in prison to going to bed in a palace. God had given him a dream when he was younger and Joseph believed in that dream.

     One of the gifts God had given to Joseph was the ability to interpret dreams. When Pharaoh heard there was a man in prison who could interpret his dream, he called for Joseph, and Joseph shared his gift and experienced his turnaround day that impacted generations to come.

The Widow's Turnaround

     Another example of a turnaround is found in 2 Kings 4:1-7. This is one of my favorite passages of Scripture that gives me so much hope that ANY day can be a turnaround day.

     A widow with two sons came to Prophet Elisha to ask him what she could do to save her sons from being taken by the creditor. Can you imagine if you had a debt so huge that the debt collector would come and take your children away from you?

     Elisha asked her what she had in her house. She said that she had nothing but a jar of oil. He then told her what to do with what she already had. Not only did the jar of oil bless her neighbors with what they needed, but it also canceled her debt and provided her and her sons with enough to live on.

The Leper's Turnaround

     A third example of how God can turnaround anyone's day is found in Matthew 8:1-4, where a leper came to Jesus to find out if He was willing to heal him.

     How would you feel if you were that leper? You were not able to live with your family, hug anyone or be involved in your children's lives. I believe this leper HEARD of Jesus and how He healed others.

     He KNEW Jesus could heal him, but was He willing? YES! This man woke up that morning separated from his family and friends, but went home that evening completely healed and cleansed.

Turnaround Lessons

     What can we learn from these three examples from the Bible? First of all, God has ALREADY given you something you can use to bless others on your turnaround day. You have gifts, talents, experience and specific knowledge that you can use today.

     Both Joseph and the widow already had something they could use to cause a turnaround for them. In Joseph's case, he had a gift to interpret dreams. The widow already had a jar of oil that she shared with her neighbors. You already have SOMETHING God has given you to cause your turnaround.

     WARNING: Don't try and figure out what it is either. Ask God what your "jar of oil" is and He will make it very obvious to you.

     Second, Joseph and the leper both had an expectation to change their circumstances. Joseph meditated on his dream over and over again. The leper had heard Jesus healed people and he was bold enough to ask Jesus to cleanse him.

     I want you to realize that you MUST have an expectation of a turnaround, otherwise you're not going to experience a change.

     Finally, all three of them put their trust in God. Joseph knew from God what his future was and depended upon God even when his situations did not reflect God's dream. The widow came to Elisha seeking God's will for her family. When Elisha told her what she could do, she put her trust in God that He would multiply the oil.

     The leper was in a position to fully trust God because what he did broke the law and he could have been stoned to death. He chose to put his trust in God and because of his step of faith, his health was restored.

Your Turnaround Day

     Did you know that when you go to bed tonight, your life can be different than when you woke up?

     I want to encourage you to seek the Lord and ask what you already have that you can use to make this day your turnaround day. Also, ask Him specifically for a vivid image of what your turnaround would look like from His perspective. Remember, nothing is too difficult for God.

     Finally, do not try to figure out HOW your turnaround will happen. Let God surprise you. Do you think the widow would have ever figured out the jar of oil in her house was the key to her turnaround?

     With God all things are possible. Today could be your turnaround day. It's possible. Will you believe it and follow the Lord's leading?

Jeffrey Hardwick
A Transforming Word

Email: click here

Jeffrey Hardwick, founder of A Transforming Word, desires to equip the Body of Christ to hear God more clearly and know Him more intimately. He has a passion to teach others how simple it is to hear God for themselves as well as for others. Jeffrey exercises the gifts of prophecy and words of knowledge, transforming lives as they received encouraging and confirming words from the Lord. One of his unique gifts is leading others into the presence of the Lord through anointed soaking prayers. Many have received healing and hope by listening to these soaking prayers. Jeffrey travels to churches, ministries and Bible colleges to share on hearing God's voice more clearly, give encouraging words from the Lord, and bless them with soaking prayers.


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