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"A Key Prophetic Word for Florida - Right Now"

Demontae Edmonds
Oct 5, 2019

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve Shultz

     Demontae Edmonds is a true prophet, a friend of ours, and a friend of God.

    He has given out some really accurate prophetic words and I so appreciate his voice in the Body of Christ...and you will too!

    In his recent article, Demontae received powerful prophetic words and revelation for the state of Florida, in what the Lord revealed to him.

    Whether you are from Florida or not, we can all pray for God's plans to come to pass in specific locations.

    Be blessed by what the Lord revealed to Demontae and the prayer he offers in this latest word. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.) 

Enjoy! And thanks for forwarding this to your friends! They can subscribe here.
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

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The Map Vision

Recently while in prayer, I saw a vision of the state of Florida. Then suddenly, a portion of the state was magnified in my sight. The southeastern edge of Florida stood highlighted in the vision. It was the region that runs from West Palm Beach down past Miami.

I heard the Lord say, "I'm reversing the work of the devil and raising up an army that will not be intimidated or defeated." I sensed in my spirit that God was sending a fresh wind of awakening and renewal that would hit this region, resulting in a greater harvest of souls in the next season.

The Covenant with Death Annulled

God reminded me of a story that I once read. It was about intercessors who began to pray for the city of Miami to have spiritual breakthrough. During this period (the early 90s), every church that would reach several thousand members would suddenly have issues, in-fighting, and suffer some type of serious blow. As the group of intercessors who had gathered from different places prayed, the Lord revealed that various witches and warlocks had made a covenant within the graveyards of the city so that any church that reached over 3,000 members would be destroyed.

Isaiah 28:18, "And your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with Hell shall not stand..."

New ministries began to flourish in Miami after these powerful intercessors broke the covenant of death over successful pastors and churches.

I felt God speak into my spirit that He will once again destroy secret covenants, agendas, and hidden works of crafts as the intercessors gather. I saw a city-wide prayer rally that would be instrumental in destroying the pathways and works of darkness that have held communities and the minds of many in captivity.

I saw major local leaders, and some from other places, standing on a huge stage with a big banner and screens behind them declaring Jesus' love for the city, the state, and the region. Leaders of all races and nationalities gathered not for one church or one man's name, but to take the region for Jesus. (Photo via Unsplash)

The Hispanic Community Is Key

Although the Lord showed me that the leaders of this movement would be multi-denominational and multi-ethnic, the Hispanic community would be key to the spiritual fire being lit in the southern Florida region.

I saw "Hispanic churches" full of Believers praying through the night watches and worshiping God for an outpouring of His Spirit. I saw teams of Believers, many of them Hispanic, going into the "bad" neighborhoods and rough areas spreading the love of Jesus. I saw people of all walks of life bowing their head and praying the prayer of repentance and confessing Jesus.

The Lord says, "My hand is upon the Hispanic community in this region in a special way for a season, to lead the charge of reaping the harvest of souls."

Can't You Talk Louder, God?

The Firestarters

Luke 11:49, "Therefore also said the wisdom of God, I will send them prophets and apostles..."

The Lord spoke to me in prayer that even as I was praying for Florida, there were other ministers interceding for the region. God said that He would open the door and send His choice apostles, prophets, evangelists, and intercessors from outside of the area into the region of southern Florida. They will be the Stephens (Acts 6) and Philips (Acts 8) of the hour that will increase the hunger of God's people to experience God's power operating through their own lives and ministries.

These individuals will be impregnated with the purposes of Heaven and divine impartations direct from the Throne of Grace that will serve as seeds of revival in the hearts of the hearers. The appearance of some of these powerful ministers will be marked as kairos moments, where the workings of God begin to intensify in the churches and communities they are sent to.

The Appearance of the Outpouring

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that this outpouring would be specific in its purpose and different in its appearance.

During the Brownsville Revival, hundreds of thousands flocked primarily to the Brownsville Assembly of God to receive from God. This outpouring in South Florida will not be God moving in one building or one church in the region with everyone flocking to that one place. There have been powerful revivals that operated in this manner, but this one will be more decentralized. It will be a revelation of God's love to people inside and outside of the four walls of the church.

God will pour out His fire and love to hungry, worshipful Believers who will take the fire of His love into the highways and hedges. The gifts of the Spirit, prophecy, healing, and deliverance will take place in the streets and marketplaces. People who have never set foot in a church or opened a Bible will experience powerful conversions as they encounter the love of God working through these radical Believers. (Photo via Pixabay)

This outpouring will be an overflow of God's love and Holy Spirit from the churches and into the community in a powerful way!

Luke 14:23, "Then the master said unto the servant, 'Go unto the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled.'"


Lord God, we pray in Jesus' name that You would open the heavens over the state of Florida. We ask that You would specifically fulfill Your word over the region of South Florida. Lord, blow a trumpet in Zion that will summon angels and heavenly reinforcements to stir up a new wave of intercession, worship, and evangelism that will cause Believers to take territory for Jesus.

Father, we pray that the works of darkness over the Florida Keys, Miami, the Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Miramar, West Palm Beach, and all of the surrounding cities be destroyed. We pray that every hidden work of craftiness and demonic covenant be exposed by the power of Jesus Christ.

We plead the Blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, over the souls of the lost. Father, remove spiritual blindness over this region and let the light of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ be made known in hearts and minds. In Jesus' mighty name we pray. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Demontae Edmonds
Freedom 4 the Nations


Demontae Edmonds serves the Kingdom of God as servant, prophet, and apostolic leader. He has ministered throughout the United States and abroad. His heart is to reveal the reality of Jesus Christ and the glory of God in a real and tangible way. God has used him to bring healings, deliver major prophetic words for nations, economies and top church and secular leaders in several nations. He has accurately prophesied detailed events, including US elections, Nigeria's 2016 elections, and other specific world events. Apostle Edmonds resides in Virginia with his family.

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