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"The Next Wave of Revival is Upon Us! Will You Give God Your 'Yes'?"

Jennifer A. Miskov
Jul 14, 2019

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzWe all need encouragement...and to remember to encourage ourselves in the Lord whenever possible!

You'll receive a lot of this and more in this article and testimony from Jennifer Miskov as she shares what happened earlier this year...

I'll leave you with this: Revival is upon us...will you give God your 'Yes'? (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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It's Time to Run

I believe that we are in an unprecedented time where God is stirring Believers to throw off everything that hinders, even the good things, so that we can run the race set before us. We do this by fixing our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith (Hebrews 12:1-2).

God is positioning us to wholeheartedly dive into the assignments we are born for, even if that means letting go of what we were once called to carry. We can run further and faster the less we carry. We are in a time where we cannot simply say yes to all of the open doors or opportunities that come our way. We must also discern which of these are our God-ordained assignments and then invest fully into what we are born for (Ephesians 2:10).

If Martin Luther King Jr. wasn't able to let go of leading his church or his other commitments at that crucial hour, he would have never been able to lead the Civil Rights movement. In a similar way, I believe that God is shifting many of us (or our perspectives) from leading a ministry to now leading a movement.

So many of us are in a huge transition right now. This is of God. He is uprooting and repositioning us, like on a huge chessboard, to get us in perfect alignment for His next big move. This shift is to bring alignment. It's time to let the Lord reposition us or change our perspectives so we can run the race He has set before us. There's an invitation and a line drawn in the sand for Believers to respond with a fresh "yes" to the Lord today. He is giving us a renewed call to be all in, no matter what it looks like.

"I Give You My Yes"

I recently had an opportunity to minister in Fredericksburg, Virginia when anointed worship leader Kim Hager invited me to a weekend of ministry with her fiery community there, under David Bradshaw's leadership. It was a significant time I will never forget. During my last gathering there with the youth group, we experienced a unique move of God unfold before our eyes. I share this testimony because I believe it prophesies into where God is leading us next.

This is what I wrote immediately after what happened that night at 11:54 PM on March 31, 2019:

"I just left the prayer room tonight at 11:00 PM. I went there at 6:00 PM for a youth meeting, my last event after a packed weekend of a Revival Encounter night, Writing in the Glory workshop, and preaching at church this morning. To be honest, I was pretty tired and had no idea what I was going to speak on this evening after so many meetings back to back. I was grateful to get time in God's presence in worship to hear His agenda for the night. It was during that time that I began to get downloads for the evening. Then after worship, I did something I've never done before in a meeting. At the very beginning of my talk, I gathered all of the youth up to the front and then invited them to sit down on the floor as if we were encircling around a camp fire. I told them we were going to 'camp' around God's presence and that I was going to tell Holy Ghost stories. (Photo via Unsplash)

"As I sat with them on the stairs, I started by sharing about a teenage girl named Florrie Evans who, in her youth group, boldly declared that she loved Jesus with all her heart. This declaration of love lit a flame which eventually spread to Evan Roberts who ended up leading the Welsh Revival in 1904-1905. In only four months, over 100,000 people were saved!

"Then I shared about the Azusa Street Revival and what happened when a handful of people gathered together in a home with their only agenda to encounter God. A worldwide revival was ignited from that little house on Bonnie Brae Street in Los Angeles in 1906 and has impacted us generations later. I shared briefly about how a revival broke out at Pandita Ramabai's orphanage in India in 1905. When the children were praying one night, what appeared to be fire rested on one of the girls in the dorm room. It looked so real that another girl got a bucket of water and was about to throw it on her until she realized that it was the fire of God. I next shared my Miracle Flight story and how one yes can lead to another yes and can actually have ripple effects beyond what we can even see.

"After encouraging them to all stand and put out their hands to receive, I prayed for a fresh baptism of the Spirit and fire. Then after God was touching them, I felt to create space for anyone who felt they had a corporate word of encouragement for the group. A few shared their hearts and what God had shown them which was so good. Then a girl came up with tears in her eyes. She felt that she needed to publicly give God her weak 'yes.' That was all she had, but it was His. This was catalytic for the direction the Holy Spirit wanted to take us next.

"Then the Spirit led me to open up the microphone. I extended an invitation for whoever felt stirred to come up to say their renewed yes to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. I explained that this was a prophetic act that would unlock something. Then I stood there amazed as I watched a tangible move of God take place within this youth group. One by one, they slowly came up and said their yes to follow Jesus with their whole hearts. They did not rush up to the microphone to say yes flippantly, but rather took time to consider and count the cost before stepping out. They knew there was no going back to a normal Christian life after this declaration of allegiance. It was a holy moment.

Can't You Talk Louder, God?

"These were already Christians, so it was not an altar call for salvation but for wholehearted yieldedness and consecration. It was a laying down of their lives to say yes to whatever God called them to. Many were weeping. Even some who never made it up to say yes were weeping. Whenever someone spoke out their yes, others would come alongside to cover that one in prayer. As we continued to wait on God, many were kneeling and weeping before the Lord while others were hugging and praying for their friends.

"I have never experienced anything like this before in a youth group. Whenever I release the Welsh Revival or the Azusa Revival, something powerful and deep always happens. This time I released both revivals the same night with a youth group that was hungry for God and even preparing to send several into the Middle East later that week. It was one of those moments of stepping into a momentum so great where everyone gets swept up into God's divine purposes.

"Many of the youth stayed kneeling or positioning themselves to encounter God even as parents showed up. Youth group was supposed to end around 8:00 PM but even until 9:00 PM many of the youth were still encountering God and getting marked by His consecrated fire.

"Around 9:30 PM, there was just a handful of youth left along with some parents and youth leaders present. Then one of the beautiful girls who was on the youth team to the Middle East leaving this week, went to the piano and with tears in her eyes played and sang out to Jesus. She also flowed in prophetic intercession over the lost sons and daughters in the Middle East that are so loved by God (her mother told me that this was the first time she had ever stepped out to do something like this). Another girl got up and danced which I found out later she had not done for a year. Then we just sat there and soaked in God's presence as these beautiful surrendered lovers of Jesus worshiped for another hour. Their moms were getting wrecked in the back watching their daughters flow so freely and yielded to the Holy Spirit. I ended up leaving at 11:00 PM and they were still going. There was so much freedom in the house." —end of this testimony

The next day I found out that they stayed worshiping there until around 1:00 AM. What an unforgettable night. I wonder what the impact will be twenty years down the road from those "yeses". (Photo via Flickr)

The following weekend, I shared this testimony at a college age worship gathering in another city. By the end of the evening, many in the room were weeping after they had given their yes and been marked with a fresh fire from God. One week after that, I was ministering in Texas at my friend Dan Daniels' Pathway church. Before I was about to teach, I briefly shared this testimony with no intention of doing a similar altar call. In the middle of my sermon, however, I got interrupted by several people who just had to give there wholehearted "yes" to Jesus. First there was a lady who came up, then a mother who brought up her son, then a man tapped me on the shoulder. These are the best divine interruptions one could ask for. I love when God completely takes over the meeting.

Are You All in?

All this to say, I believe what happened at the youth group that evening is prophetic for us in this season. God is setting us apart to be all in and burning hot for Him in this hour. He is sending us through the refining fire of consecration to sharpen our senses so that we can focus entirely on our God-given assignments in this season. This means letting go of the good to embrace the best. It means stepping into what we are born for and throwing all of our energy into that one thing as we keep our gaze on the One Thing, Jesus Himself. God is repositioning and realigning us to be ready for His next big move. Even if you haven't yet landed or know where you'll end up, be of good cheer, God has already gone before you to prepare the way. You can trust Him, He knows exactly what He's doing.

The next wave of revival is already upon us. There is a need for spiritual mothers and fathers to be raised up to teach and welcome this billion-soul harvest. Will you give your renewed yes to be completely surrendered to His leading no matter what that might look like? Will you give Him permission to rearrange your plans and agenda? Will you let Him possess you fully with His Spirit and His love today?

If you dare, say this out loud right now, and when you do, I pray the fire of God falls upon you in a such a powerful way that your passion is re-awakened to fall more in love with Jesus: "I give You my yes."

I declare perfect alignment with Heaven over every area of your life. As you wholeheartedly yield it all to the Lover of your soul, may you see the face of Jesus and may you run with reckless abandon, full speed ahead. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Jennifer A. Miskov
Jen Miskov Ministries


Jennifer A. Miskov, Ph.D., is an itinerant minister, author, writing coach, and revival historian who loves to lead people into life-changing encounters with Jesus and invite them into the fullness of the Holy Spirit. She is currently launching intensive Schools of Revival around the world to release revivalists into their destinies from a place of family. Jen also facilities Writing in the Glory workshops to catalyze authors to write their first books. She has supported Bill Johnson in his Defining Moments book as well as authored Walking on Water, Ignite Azusa: Positioning for a New Jesus Revolution, Writing in the Glory, Life on Wings, Spirit Flood, and Silver to Gold. Jen loves to lead people into a greater lifestyle of union with Jesus through her writing, teaching, and ministry. She is ordained by Heidi Baker with Iris Global and received her Ph.D. in Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies from the University of Birmingham, U.K.

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