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Wai-yee Schmidt: "Calling Out the Emerging Kings"

Wai-yee Schmidt
Oct 19, 2018

October 19, 2018

"Calling Out the Emerging Kings"
Wai-yee Schmidt, Frankfurt, Germany

From the Desk of Ryan LeStrange:

Steve ShultzWai-yee Schmidt is a unique prophetic voice. She has a tremendous anointing for evangelism and marketplace ministry. I have been privileged to labor alongside of her in Germany. She hosts powerful gatherings full of the life of the Spirit of God!

Wai-yee is raising an army of intercessors, soul winners, and marketplace ministers. She has fully embraced the seven mountain mandate and is making a big impact. She is also a member of my apostolic network and is a spiritual daughter. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Ryan LeStrange, Pastor & Founder
Impact International Ministries/Ryan LeStrange Ministries


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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"Calling Out the Emerging Kings"
Wai-yee Schmidt, Frankfurt, Germany

This past year, the Lord has been redeeming my business background to birth a unique assignment. The Lord has shown me that it is time to call out those appointed to be KINGS, teach them to arise and take territory in the world – outside of the Church walls – for Jesus. I received the first vision this last January. Since then there had been nothing, until I toured Israel recently with David Herzog Ministries. My time there was a prophetic awakening, saturated with visions and impartations.

Vision 1: Catching the Crowns

The day after my article, The Transfer of Wealth, was published on Elijah List on January 17, 2018 I had this vision:

Jesus was wearing a long, golden robe studded with gems and precious stones. There was a boundless crowd standing before Him. He was throwing out many crowns into the masses. "His eyes were like a flame of fire, and on His head were many crowns. He had a name written than no one knew except Himself" (Revelation 19:12). There were crowns for entrepreneurs, CEOs, investment experts, real estate moguls, tech innovators, actors, artists, musicians, educators, and last but not least, crowns for politicians. However, many of these crowns fell to the wayside, into the puddles of mud and onto the ground. Most of the crowd was either dodging the crowns flying toward them or standing there frozen, like a deer in headlights. One or two courageously lunged forward to catch the crowns.

The Lord revealed that most were paralyzed because they felt UNWORTHY to catch the gem-studded crowns. They didn't think they were GOOD ENOUGH to assume the identity of KINGS. The few that caught their crowns started picking up the other crowns and collected as many as they could, like little kids picking up candy falling out of a birthday piñata. "For to everyone who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance..." (Matthew 25:29). I have pondered this vision and shared it through my Kings and Wealth Conference in May. Otherwise, this vision was on the prophetic "back burner."

1 Corinthians 13:9 states that prophecy is revealed "in part." In time, more was unveiled. Nine months later in Israel, I received other visions (you could call them "Parts 2 and 3") and I felt the urgency to release them.

Vision 2: Kings Ready for Coronation

The moment I physically placed my hands on the Western Wall, I saw numerous rows of golden crowns studded with gems, diamonds and pearls with a long line of kings getting ready for the coronation. I heard pulsating drums, flutes, and music fit for a king's procession. At the same time, there was massive bloodletting—the kings were warring, battling to conquer and taking territory.

Vision 3: Open Heaven

On October 3, 2018, I was in the town of Bethel (in Israel), where David Herzog taught extensively about there being an open Heaven portal there. I got to experience that first-hand. As soon as I laid my head down on a flat rock, a myriad of flickering, fast-moving images rushed at me. I saw a massive temple, with enormous steps paved in gold leading up to it. Then I saw an army of kings, not only draped but DRIPPING in gold, ascending the massive steps and heading toward the temple.

Jesus was crowned and dressed in gold. Blueprints were rapidly being handed out to the kings, one after another. Books, volumes, instructions, and STRATEGIES were being distributed. I saw calculators in the dark with hands typing on them furiously.

The Call to Emerging Kings

A message is emerging and crystallizing as I attempt to piece these 3 visions together.

For too long, Believers have been enveloped by lies of UNWORTHINESS resulting in FEAR and PARALYSIS in taking the world for Kingdom purposes. The word "kings" not only refers to political leaders, as we commonly understand it, but to us as God's born-again children having the identity and DNA of kings. Jesus is the KING OF KINGS (Revelation 19:16).

The words "success" and "wealth" have been considered taboo in Christian circles for too long. The born-again CEO living for Kingdom purposes is rare. The idea of Believers rising up to be successful and to take leadership in the WORLD (in media, business, government, etc.) has been unthinkable. Despite the undisputed mandate of us taking dominion in Genesis 1:26; to be fruitful and multiply, to fill the earth and subdue it, to have dominion over everything on the earth, many people find wealthy Christians offensive.

It is time to call out and MANIFEST the DNA that God has placed in Believers. It's the DNA of KINGSHIP. It's time for kings, or kings-to-be, to receive blueprints and strategies from Heaven, and to take up the high call of Heaven-mandated DISRUPTION, to remove the "high places" and implement God's plans in the world.

In my third vision, the calculators in the dark represent tapping into hidden riches (Isaiah 45) and diverting wealth into the Kingdom from the world.

Healing of the Divide between Kings and Priests

Finally, in the third vision about the temple, the kings heading up to the temple represent a healing of the unspoken, long-standing divide between kings and priests. First, kings (or successful Christian leaders) in world positions are scarce. Second, the priests have not been able to shepherd the kings. Many Christian business/political leaders have trouble connecting with Church leaders who generally have little or no experience in the secular world. Those who have success or wealth have endured so much religious condemnation or witnessed poor Church financial stewardship, that they don't trust Church leadership anymore.

Kings and priests have to come together. The divide has to heal. The time is coming for kings to return to the temple, to the place of worship. In order for the GLORY to fill the temple as described in 2 Chronicles 7:3, the kings must be submitted to God and be united and aligned with the priests. We are, after all, a nation of kings and priests. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Wai-yee Schmidt
Everyday Evangelist 

Wai-yee Schmidt is an evangelist and teacher based out of Frankfurt, Germany. She founded Everyday Evangelist, a ministry dedicated to igniting ordinary Believers, like herself, to reaching the lost in everyday life through the supernatural, and teaching Believers on key topics such as identity in Christ, sonship, inheritance and Kingdom wealth. She is also a property and Stock Market investor. She was ordained as a minister under the apostolic TRIBE Network led by Apostle Ryan LeStrange. She also founded Isaac's Wells, a revival group in Frankfurt, a part of TRIBE Network.


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