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"The Breaker Anointing - A Holy Invasion where Eternity Breaks Through"

By Jill Austin
Apr 13, 2004

Master Potter
Book #1
by Jill Austin
$12.99 Book
Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire
Book #2
by Jill Austin
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"Requirements For 'Breaking Open Territory' in the Spirit"
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"The Breaker Anointing - A Holy Invasion where Eternity Breaks Through"
by Jill Austin
Master Potter Ministries

Micah 2:13 - The one who breaks open will come up before them; they will break out, pass through the gate, and go out by it; their king will pass before them, with the Lord at their head.

What does it take for heaven to invade earth? It takes a breaker anointing! One of God's names in the Bible actually is the "Breaker." A breaker anointing is a catalytic deposit of the Holy Spirit where eternity breaks through into the natural realm. It is a holy invasion where the gates of heaven are opened!

This type of anointing will break through every obstacle and hindrance to the furtherance of the Gospel. It shakes every shackle loose that holds individuals and the Church back from coming into their destiny and inheritance. Jesus promises that "the Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force." The breaker anointing is the core anointing of the apostolic church for advancement.

Warfare at the Gates

Today there is tremendous warfare at the gates of our cities; there is a contesting at these gates to shut down the supernatural. Demonic forces often control the entry way of God's presence. For example, you may feel a tangible heaviness, a ceiling or oppression in a service. It takes a breaker anointing to open up the spiritual atmosphere so heaven can invade earth.

When the breaker anointing occupies an area, individuals, churches, socio-political structures, and belief systems are revolutionized. The Breaker must come if we are to see the transformation of our cities.

A Fifty Mile Radius of Glory!

Let me offer you one of my favorite examples of one who carried this anointing. Maria-Woodworth Etter was a healing evangelist in this past century. She was such a friend of Holy Spirit (as you are learning to be) that for fifty miles around her, the glory of the Lord would cover that region. A glory cloud with a fifty mile radius surrounded her with signs and wonders following!

Do you want a breaker anointing? Do you want the fullness of the Holy Spirit? The Lord wants to once again manifest Himself as The Breaker. Get ready! Cry out for this anointing!

Prayer: Lord, I am going to press into this because I am hungry for all of You. What I have is good, but it is not enough. I want my life to carry a breaker anointing. I want my life to break out to touch people who are suffering so that they can experience breakthroughs in their own lives.. I want to contend at my city gates and bring heaven to earth!

by Jill Austin
Master Potter Ministries

River of Life Women's Conference at Frances Frangipane
April 15, 2004 - April 17, 2004

Speakers include Jill Austin, Frances White, Jackie Watkins, Sherry Thornton, and Vickie Boyson.

River of Life Ministries
3801 Blairs Ferry Road NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
United States
t: 319-393-3709


SpiritLed Women's Conference 2004 - 7000 to 9000 Women
April 22, 2004 - April 24, 2004

Featured Speakers: Chuck Pierce, Lee Grady, Cindy Jacobs, Shirley Arnold, Jill Austin, Kim Daniels and Joyce Rodgers

other speakers will be added

Ocean Center Arena
101 North Atlantic Avenue
Daytona Beach, Florida 32118
United States
t: 1-800-837-0378


"The Wildness of God: A Trumpet Call for the Joel 2 Army!"
April 28, 2004 - May 1, 2004

Speakers: Jill Austin, Heidi Baker, Stacey Campbell, Steve Carpenter, Melody Green, Jennifer Miller and Carol Koch. Worship with Heather Clark (Canada) and other IHOP bands.

Please visit the "Conferences" section of our website for more information or to register for this conference.

Christ Triumphant Church
401 NE Chipman Road
Lee's Summit (Kansas City), Missouri 64063
United States
t: (816)767-9955

"Jill Austin has been given a gift by Jesus Himself to enable us to enter a deep spiritual place as we journey with her characters through the Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire. This book calls us to a glorious devotion to our Bridegroom King. The profoundly insightful story provides a map for a deeper life in God. Let the Fire Fall as you read this incredible book." - Dr. Heidi Baker, Co-founding director, Iris Ministries, Mozambique, Africa

"Master Potter & the
Mountain of Fire"

$12.99 BOOK

Journey with Beloved through the snow-covered Perilous Pass toward the Formidable Mountain Range under the ever-watchful eye of Master Potter. Aided by Holy Spirit and the angelic hosts, Beloved and her friends press on to the Mountain of Fire.

As the fire in the mountain increases, Beloved travels into the glory realm on a crystal chariot with her angelic escort, Guardian of the Glory. Together, they visit such wondrous places as the War Room, the Heavenly Library and a warehouse called Miracles Unlimited.

Throughout these personal losses and disappointments Beloved's heart is transformed by Master Potter's passionate love for her as she is painstakingly brought into her destiny as a vessel of honor and discovers the sovereignty of God.

As Jill Austin's second book, Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire hit the shelves October 1st; we wanted to extend to you - our family of supporters - a foretaste of all that awaits you! Here is a sampling from different ministers who have read and endorsed Jill's book. Please don't take our word for the quality of this allegory! Rather, buy your own copy of Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire today!

"Jill Austin has more credibility when writing about the Master Potter than anyone I know. That's because she writes with clay under her fingernails. I'm sure you will be blessed by this book."
- Tommy Tenney, Author, God Chasers

"Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire is an excellent Kingdom response to the Harry Potter craze and provides a positive, inspirational alternative for the young and young at heart. I encourage all to explore the excitement, yet profound truth principles buried in the pages, destined to set many free." - Dr. Myles Munroe, Bahamas Faith Ministries International, Nassau, Bahamas

Feel free to order online OR by phone (1-8.6.6-881-0477)

"Master Potter"
$12.99 BOOK


This exciting two book allegory, Master Potter and Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire, addresses the current fascination with supernatural phenomena. The secular market is flooded with power encounters, New Age, occultism, angels, demons, witchcraft and sorcery. There is a renewed hunger to move in supernatural power, reflected in the wildly successful Harry Potter series.

Master Potter tells the story of Beloved - wounded and left vulnerable by an abused childhood, she is rescued by Master Potter. Whisked away to his rustic home overlooking the quaint village of Comfort Cove, Beloved begins her painful journey of healing.

The hardships she endures, the lessons she learns, and the invisible world she discovers will cause you to cheer for each triumphant step she takes and weep with each mistake she makes.

Master Potter is a powerful Christian allegory for all ages with the potential to become a Christian classic along the lines of Hannah Hurnard's Hinds' Feet on High Places and John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.

Feel free to order online OR by phone (1-8.6.6-881-0477)

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