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"Engaging the Revelatory Realm" Part 1 - TBN Transcription, March 22, 2004

With Chuck Pierce & Paul Keith Davis
Mar 31, 2004

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News Item #1 - Al-Qaida Targeting U.S. Shopping Malls, 'Soft Targets'

Note from Steve Shultz: "Now is the time for the Church to pray against a known threat. Command that the commission by the enemy to accomplish this against families and children is cut off and will be found out." --Steve Shultz, THE ELIJAH LIST

Mar. 30, 2004 Insider Report Supplemental from

U.S. intelligence officials believe that al-Qaida is currently targeting "soft targets," including shopping malls and shopping centers across the United States.

"I can confirm to you they are focusing in on them, they are keying in on them, we know it for a fact," a high-level CIA source told NewsMax editor Christopher Ruddy this past week in Washington.

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"Engaging the Revelatory Realm" Part 1 TBN Transcription, March 22, 2004

With Chuck Pierce, Paul Keith Davis, John Paul Jackson, and Paul Cain

Dear Elijah List Readers,

Just last week, four significant prophets in the Body of Christ appeared on TBN with Mark Chironna and gave publicly many of the Words they have received from the Lord. There is also some excellent commentary from these prophetic voices as to how the prophetic ministry can be improved and lifted to a higher level of credibility.

I know you'll enjoy these messages by Paul Cain, Chuck Pierce, John Paul Jackson, and Paul Keith Davis.

Many thanks to Leslie Grewing, an Elijah List reader, who helped us transcribe these words.

Because they are so long, we are posting this in two parts. Catch Part 2 with John Paul Jackson and Paul Cain tomorrow!

Many blessings,

Steve Shultz

Chuck Pierce
TBN, with Mark Chironna
March 22, 2004

Mark: I'm so glad you're here.

Chuck Pierce: It's my blessing to be here. This crowd here... I mean, they're ready for something.

Mark: They are. (Crowd cheering)

Chuck Pierce: I love to be with Lindell. Lindell Cooley is so wonderful. We were together in Ireland and the Spirit of God fell on us. It was a revival night, and I don't know which one of us were under the table first. It was beautiful.

Prophecy: The Burden of the Lord

Chuck Pierce: You know, what you were saying about The Passion, it's an indicator to our nation, BECAUSE, and I believe, that God chose this nation first.

Notice what the Lord is doing through a 'Cyrus' like Mel Gibson. He's moving. He said, "Wait a minute. The Church has lost the power of understanding the Cross and the Blood. I'm just going to move this out and I'm going to take over the theaters. I'm going to make the theaters the church, and then all of a sudden the power of the Cross and the Blood is going to be thick? (unintelligible word), and not just for the Church, but for this entire nation to see."

Mark: Ah yes, and that's the foundation for everything else we do.

Chuck Pierce: It is. It is. Even with the prophetic (tonight is sort of a prophetic night), you've got wonderful, prophetic men of God here, and, you out there listening, I just want to say to you, you know, the prophetic is God speaking His heart and mind to an individual, to a nation, to a people, so that in a certain point in time they know how He wants to express Himself to them.

So tonight I just want to encourage you to stay a part of what's going on here because God is really going to be showing us some things. He's going to be taking us to a new place prophetically.

Mark: Chuck, the prophet Jeremiah talks about the burden of the Lord, the 'masa,' the thing that grips him with God's pathos. He feels the holy anxiety of God, and has to deliver. You carry a pathos that is very powerful. So I want you to just talk about the burden of the Lord.

Chuck Pierce: I actually think that's the way the Lord takes me. And for you who are watching with us, I believe that is the beginning. God expresses His burden, His heart to someone, and all of a sudden it rests down on us. A lot of people call this intercession. And you're unable to really be free until you enter into, and agonize, and experience, and identify with what God is trying to get, whatever He is showing you. He wants you to feel the same thing. And so with that, I believe out of that intercessory burden that God puts on us, we begin to express His voice into the earth.

You know, some people are just called to stand in the gap and pray. Others are called to say what God is saying - to declare, to loose the word of God into an atmosphere. And I believe right now God has put a burden on so many to carry not only this nation, but to really carry the nations in their heart because this is a time of harvest, and the Lord is just resting down on us. He's calling us into a holy place because of the times we are living in right now.

"We Are Living In A Distinct Season"

Mark: And I know there are a number of things the Lord has shown you and is showing you. Just share whatever God wants you to.

Chuck Pierce: Well, I really feel it is important for all of us to understand we are living in a distinct season. I believe that season, I believe... (sound break) wasn't just the World Trade Center falling. It was, when you understand the Hebraic times (and I know we think Greek thoughts), but when you understand the times we're living in, we actually entered into a seven-year war, a conflict season in the earth realm. I began to trumpet this for the Body of Christ beginning in October of 2000 that we were heading into this season. And really, what the war is over is God's covenant blessings and God's covenant nation rising up for a time such as this.

Mark: Yes, sir. I know you study the rabbis and the rabbinic, and I do too. This year in the Hebrew calendar is a year of revelation and integration of hidden things.

Chuck Pierce: Absolutely. The year of mysteries. So I think what you're going to see, what the Lord showed me was, doors opening. Remember it says in Revelation, "Come up here." Most of us think of a door this way [a traditional door], but God is saying, "Come up here." (Pointing upward)

And He's going to open up this incredible revelatory window for us because there are certain things we've got to understand. There are certain mysteries and certain secrets that must be revealed to us and disclosed to us now, that have been sealed up for a time such as this, until we begin to really move as God's covenant people in this generation. So, some of you listening out there, you're going to be able to understand things you've never understood before. It's a window opening up.

"Go Through The Doors That I Have For You, And I'll Give You Grace"

Chuck Pierce: Something else God showed me about this door... He said there were also many enemies, but to, "Tell my people 'Don't look at the enemies this year, because the enemies will stop them from moving forward. Go through the doors that I have for you, and I'll give you grace.'"

We say, when we go through the door, we'll get the grace to deal with our enemies. Matter of fact, He's going to surprise our enemies this year. This is such a peculiar time for us.

Mark: Don't stop.

Chuck Pierce: And so I do want to say this: I believe also that God showed me a time-table for this year, that we were to be shutting doors this first quarter. Now we're getting ready to pass over or cross over. We're entering into a resurrection season, as most of us know it. But really, at a spring-time Passover season, the water begins to rise, the river rises, and it's a time when kings go to war. It's a time when we're going to see a lot more conflict stirring up down in the governments of the earth.

Matter of fact, the Lord spoke to me and He said to me, "Tell My people the first quarter to get doors shut."

He said, "Sometimes it takes as much faith to shut doors, so you can move into the new, as it does to walk into the new."

So, this season we're in right now is getting doors shut.

Revelation for the Next Four to Five Months

Chuck Pierce: But this is the thing that the Lord was quickening in me as I flew in here today: I believe these four to five months (and I do want us to try and give kairos words, words that apply now), I believe a word God put in my heart was, "The Gihon Spring revelation will burst forth."

But He said, "First of all, remember Hezekiah had to stop up that spring because the enemies were going to be moving greatly in the midst."

I think right now there... (sound break) ...atmosphere and confrontation that we're sensing in our lives personally, we're sensing in the earth personally. I mean, we're just feeling all this tumultuous time and the Lord said, "I'm just going to sort of pull my people back for a moment so they begin to get the revelation I want them to have in these next four to five months."

And then we're going to see a conflict like Elijah with the prophets. There's going to be a clear Word from the prophets. We've got to be cautious because the world's going to start coming wanting that clear Word. So we're going to have to know the timing of God when to give the Word. We're going to have to know how to deliver that Word. We're going to have to be willing to really say what God is saying.

So I want to encourage you over these next three or four months, if you feel like you're not sensing something, God is doing a work to really form your future. So listen carefully. Let Him build you. Let Him take you through a rebuilding time. Don't just rush in and think, "I've got to press on through." Let Him build you to press through. And so then I believe we'll see the door for us to go in, and then not only will we see the door because He says, "Come up here and I'll show you things to come," your future will be determined this year.

A New Dimension of Discernment

Mark: Ah. (Applause from crowd) You know, Chuck, when you talk about kairos moments and knowing the timing, I was reminded of the fact that Jesus came to a place where He hung up the carpenter's apron and closed the door to everything that 30 years brought Him to. He had to take off the carpenter's apron and enter into the waters that were rising and close the door to everything He was as Mary's boy, so He could open the door to everything He was to become -- as the Messiah.

Chuck Pierce: Absolutely, absolutely. And, Mark, I believe that is what the spring season looks like to us. The waters start rising.

I like what Jeremiah 12:5 says. That's the verse God has put into my heart for this year. It says if you were contending, if you were running with the footmen last year, and they wore you out (this year is the horses) you're really going to have a hard time competing with the horses or contending with the horses. So it says to me we're in a time of contending. But this verse goes on to say that with the Jordan crossing comes the haunted jungle filled with lions. It says that in the Amplified. They're just going to rise up around you.

Now I want to say something to us. Don't listen to the enemy's voice over these next six to nine months. We're going to have so many conflicting reports in this land. We're going to hear so many things. And I'll tell you what God is going to do with it. He's going to force us into a new dimension of discernment that the Body of Christ has never been into.

Mark: Exactly. Because the minute Jesus comes up out of the waters of baptism, He spends 40 days of transition being purified by listening to the voice of other spirits that quote the scripture and misuse it, and until that season is over, He cannot come back in the power and dimension of His true calling.

Led Into the Wilderness by the Spirit

Chuck Pierce: Many of you listening, I so appreciate all the people that pray and the leadership God is raising up for now.

One of the things I did right before I flew out here this morning, is I finished a 40-day prayer focus that I felt the Lord asked me to send out all over our nation, and all over to other nations, that will really help us contend with that which will try to stop us and get us off track at this time, because that's the pattern we see with Jesus. (That prayer focus was titled: Contending with Your Enemy, Removing the Tempter's Covering, and Possessing Your Spoils and can be found on the Elijah List website at

We see that we have this wilderness time we go through, and yet in this wilderness time, you find that the Lord led...the Father led Jesus into the wilderness by the Spirit. (This is one thing I think that we forget, and it goes along with this Passion movie, because passion means suffering against the temptations of the enemy) Now this is what I want to say out there, if ever before, be filled with the Spirit. Be filled with the Spirit. Don't take on your circumstances and wilderness without the Spirit of God right now.

There's going to be a sweeping of the Spirit of God. It's already mounting. Get ready. I want to say something about this year because it's a year of mystery and surprises. The Spirit of God is going to surprise the people of God this year. He's going to surprise cities. He's going to surprise us how He intervenes, and we watch Him. He's going to meet you in night seasons. He's going to begin interrupting your life in a peculiar way because the Spirit of God knows He must move right now on this earth. He's the only restraining force of evil. Be filled with the Spirit of God and you'll come out with a new power.

Conflict, Shaking, and a Turn In the Nation

Mark: Can I pry a little bit? You said specifically that we're going to begin to see. Do you feel [free to share more about it]?

Chuck Pierce: One thing I do feel very free to say is that I believe right now our nation is in conflict governmentally. But I think really what God is looking at is for the Church to rise up, the government of the Church to rise up. And for us to understand how we're gifted. To understand how the Spirit of God is moving in us. To understand how He is able through us. Even when we don't think we are able, He is able.

And I think when we start seeing certain things, we're going to see more and more conflict. We are, I would have to say, we're going to have to say we're going to watch between June and July. We've got to be very, very careful this year as a nation that we're not surprised by the enemy's plan in this nation, both governmentally, and in certain cities.

You know, God showed me New York. Then He showed me Los Angeles. Then He showed me Miami and then Chicago. And I believe those cities and those areas we must watch very, very carefully this year, and raise up a standard this year. So I think that's very important.

But I also think it is very important that we... I do want to say this because the Spirit of God is putting it into my heart: It's going to be like Hezekiah, when he was pronounced with a sickness, this year. It's going to look like things are going the wrong way. It's going to look like certain things are going to die a hard death. It's going to look like we're headed in a direction, but the Lord says, "I'm going to raise up my prophets and I'm going to begin to prophesy, and you watch this nation take a turn." (Applause)

Mark: And it is, it is the only hope in light of the warfare that, if the warfare that's going on in the natural is any indication of what is going on in the Spirit, there's major shaking going on.

Chuck Pierce: Shaking, shaking. Some of you out there right now, you just feel the shaking, because Mark started us with Psalm 94 and it says, "Will the throne of iniquity have fellowship?"

So I think one of the shakings that's going on is tearing down thrones. He's tearing them down in our hearts. He's readying us. He's tearing them down in nations. He's tearing them down in cities, because He is going to seed Himself in a way that we will see His glory in this earth realm.

Restoring Your Shield of Faith

Mark: Do me a favor, Chuck, take some time. Look in that camera. Minister as the Lord leads you. And if you want to pray...? Whatever God leads you to do.

Chuck Pierce: I really think what I would like [to], because I'm excited about these other wonderful, prophetic voices for our nation coming.

But last year was a year of what was called a "rest year." Now most of us don't feel like we rested up very well. Matter of fact, we felt like it was a tremendous year of really having to press through and things were tough. But really it meant rest means to cease and desist from an old cycle. It also means to enter into a dimension of faith so you can cross over into your promises. So I wrote a book called Restoring Your Shield of Faith. Because the shield of faith will quench all the fiery darts of the enemy, we need to get our shields up. So what I'd like to do, Mark, to end, is to pray for those listening. You know, you prophesy according to your faith. So we could talk about prophecy all day, but I'm going to loose faith and I'm going to ask God to start healing the shields of this land, and the shields of the people that are listening, and get our shields back up so that we will operate in a dimension of faith that we've never operated in before.

So, Father, I just come right now. Father, I ask for anyone out there. Father, I feel some have been so hampered by spirits of infirmity. Lord, they've been weakened. And the Lord is saying, "Some of you, you're dealing with some old, old sicknesses. You're dealing with some old structures that have really been hitting you. The last eight months have been very difficult for you." The Lord says, "I'm going to break that spirit of infirmity tonight in your life."

Lord, I ask you right now that some that are listening, that their supply has been shut off, Father, and it has weakened their shield. Lord, they've been in a war. They don't know how to get out of this war. Father, I ask you right now, I speak to the shields of the people that are out here. I say heal the holes in their shields. Buck the rust off their shields. Lord, raise up the shields of faith in the people of God throughout this land, and throughout the lands that are listening. Father, I say a supernatural infusion of faith is being released. Father, and I say not only will they prophesy according to their faith, but I decree right now a new measure of victory is coming throughout this land in Jesus name.

--Chuck Pierce

Paul Keith Davis
TBN, with Mark Chironna
March 22, 2004

Paul Keith Davis: And then just now there was an atmosphere of the anointing that's really building. And I feel that the Lord said that as we entered in just now, there's going to be a tangible impartation that's going to take place tonight not just for those who are here, but even for those watching. By the Spirit of Revelation. I think there's going to be an awakening. I believe we'll be able to look back at this night sometime from now and see a point of demarcation in the Church. Something is going to transpire in the spirit realm that will have ripple effects for the next season of the Spirit. So it's really exciting.

Mark: Don't stop.

Paul Keith Davis: Well, we've got some great guys coming who are going to cap it off.

The Affection of Heaven Expressed

Mark: Talk to me. Talk to me about seeing into the invisible.

Paul Keith Davis: Something that we've had burning in our hearts for a number of years, and the most recent season of the Spirit, the Lord has emphasized His desire to have a body of people that see. You know Moses one time made the statement that, "Would to God that all His people were prophets." That was more than an empty statement. It expressed an affection of heaven to have a body of people, not just one prophet, but a body of people, that are endowed with the Spirit of Revelation.

Mark: Did you hear what he said? It expressed the affection of heaven. That is powerful.

Paul Keith Davis: Yeah, the Lord desires to have people that He communicates with. And I believe that we see a number of prophetic pictures for this generation. It's going to require that we be prophetic in order to fulfill the mandates that are placed on us.

There are mandates of heaven placed upon this generation that have not been placed upon any other. And the only way we can fulfill them, number one, is by having interchange and relationship with the Lord on an unprecedented level, and that means being endowed with revelation. And it also means having a voice to articulate His plans and thoughts and the blueprint of heaven for this generation. So all of that requires that we come from a place of revelatory heritage.

Mark: Talk to me about the mandates, and then let's talk about how we get there.

Heavenly Mandates For the Body of Christ

Paul Keith Davis: You know we obviously have the harvest mandate. That's got to be paramount in every believer's heart. The harvest of the ages. The harvest of the lost. And, certainly, that's part of it because, to see the lost saved and to see the sick healed and those who are oppressed delivered...

But also we discovered in the Bible there is this mandate to have a body of people that walk with Him as Adam did in the cool of the evening. And there is a preparation that is being released where people are hungering for that in an unprecedented way....That they're desperate for. They're beyond hungry. They've become desperate to walk with the Lord. To encounter heaven in an experiential way and come back from that experience beginning to articulate the mysteries of the kingdom, the secrets of God that will perfect the Bride in perfection for this generation.

So, we see that coming in addition to that, there's something of an almost hidden mandate that was initially offered to Israel. And you know they had this incredible encounter where the Lord came down from heaven and He manifested Himself. Unfortunately, they said to Moses, "You go talk to Him and come back and tell us what He says." Because it was the heart of God to meet with all of His people. And the Lord condescended Himself in such a way to dwell behind tents and curtains and badger skins. But at the same time the Lord made an incredible statement. He made a vow. He said, "As surely as I live, I will fill this entire earth with my glory."

And we see through Isaiah a model for that coming to pass. Isaiah was captured up to heaven. He saw the throne of heaven. He saw the same thing John saw, and he experienced the realm of the kingdom, the overcoming King sitting upon His throne in complete supremacy and overcoming victory, and He said, "Who will go for us?" And he was commissioned to return. But he was told that generation would not see, they wouldn't have eyes to see nor have ears to hear nor would they have a heart to comprehend. For if they did, 'They would return to Me and be healed.' The breach that existed between God and man for all of those years would be healed.

We saw that as a prophetic word also given to the very days when the Lord Jesus walked on the earth. The very same prophetic words were applicable to that day. And, frankly, that's the same model that we see has followed every revival and expression of outpouring from then to now. The generations have not had eyes to see or hearts to see. So we're promised a generation of people anointed with the Spirit of Revelation who will see the day of their visitation. Who will have anointed eyes and unstopped ears. Their hearts would comprehend and they're going to return and be healed -- the breach that has existed between God and man -- and they're going to see the revelation of the King sitting upon His throne. They're going to give expression to what they see and it will become tangible, spiritual substance that will begin to saturate this earth with His glory. That's what Isaiah saw.

How Do I Know When What I See and Experience is Accurate?

Mark: When we talk about this, two things go through my mind. I'm listening with real hunger here.

1) Adam walked in the Garden in the cool of the day. That in the Hebrew means 'in the spirit of the day, in the breath of the day.'

2) When Isaiah was caught up, and he saw in his day, in the New Covenant, how do we know that we are seeing, and when we see, what are some of the experiences that would let us know that what we are seeing is accurate?

Paul Keith Davis: That's an awesome question because there is a counterfeit out there. Obviously, the enemy has always attempted to pervert and counterfeit everything the Lord has every done. But I believe one of the things that is going to earmark this generation, is that we're going to have a body of people that know this Word like no other generation. I believe even in this year, 2004, teachers will emerge who have encountered the Teacher. You know it says in Isaiah...

Mark: ..."Your eyes shall behold your Teacher."

Paul Keith Davis: That's it. He's given to us bread of privation and water of oppression. And it has not been as a judgment. It's been as a preparation, a grooming, a process. And we will come out of that process and it says He, your Teacher, capital 'T,' will no longer hide Himself from you, but your eyes will see your Teacher, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, "This is the way. This is the Kingdom way. This is the way of the Kingdom. Walk in it." And this year, we're going to see that. And when they bring this back... (applause) I see there are people prepared for it.

You know, frankly, this people are responding, but all across the nation, everywhere we've been, the Lord has supported this message with His Spirit and we've seen that people that are responding in like fashion, are beginning to see visions. They're beginning to have revelatory dreams. I believe the Job 33 model is certainly applicable now.

Mark: God... (inaudible) ...once or twice in a dream and no one notices.

"Engaging The Revelatory Realm"

Paul Keith Davis: That is exactly it. And even in the world, people are having dreams right now and the Lord is sealing their instructions, and He is turning them away from the path that leads to destruction. And what He is going to do is He is going to send Daniels, people that have understanding of all manner of dreams and visions, and it's going to be the best way. It's going to produce what we call 'prophetic evangelism' or 'revelatorial awakening,' however you want to. In our book it's called 'engaging in the revelatory realm.' I was going to call it "Spiritual Eyes and Ears," but at the last the Lord gave me a revelation. He said, "Engaging the Revelatory Realm," which is a much broader text because He wants to...He wants us to be perpetually engaged in that realm of heaven - drawing, having a hearing heart like Solomon. Perpetually hearing the voice of heaven. That's the destiny of this generation.

Mark: Would you be willing to share an experience you've had in that arena and let the people in on what your own intimate walk with God is?

The Treasury Room

Paul Keith Davis: I'd be glad to. Probably one of the most impacting in recent days happened in December of 2003, because I believe it wasn't just a personal word for us. I believe it was a corporate invitation and we've been sharing it in a few places because I believe it is part of the preparation that's been taking place for a body of people. But in December of 2003 I was taken into a room that was called a Treasury Room. And when you come into this room in Heaven...when you think treasury, you're thinking gold and jewels and things of this nature. But this room contained the treasures of wisdom and knowledge hidden in Christ. It was a Colossians 2 treasury room. And there were books and paintings and blueprints.

Oddly enough there was a stack of blueprints. And I've been asking the Lord about the blueprints. I believe there will be architectural Christians that will go into that place and come back with designs for buildings that will be energy efficient like we've never known before. Special designs for buildings that will meet the weather, and the earthquakes, and things this nation is going to see and other nations around the earth. But there are secrets of the Kingdom that are in this room that Daniel saw.

Because, remember Daniel was shown this panoramic vision, and then he was told to conceal the revelation, conceal the book for the end time. For many will go back and forth and knowledge will increase and we're living in that day. That book is being opened even now and I believe the Lord is returning to a body of people with a now open book in His hand and saying not read it but...

Mark: ...Eat it!

Paul Keith Davis: That's it. Eat the book and let it become part of who you are. What it is, is that there are people that are being prepared to go into that treasury room. It's going to require character. The character of Christ imparted to people. They're going to need to go deep into this Word. This Word is going to be known by this company of people in a way that no other generation has. It's going to be the merger of the Word and the Spirit coming together, producing the life of Christ as it did in the early church. That was more than just an anointing that came upon the 120. That was a literal impartation of God that came into them that gave them the nature and the character to carry that apostolic mandate to their generation. That same release is coming in this hour. And these people will apprehend the mysteries of the Kingdom, the revelation of who He is. That's the Book of Redemption that's going to come in full measure, and the people are going to embrace it and it's going to begin to perfect the Bride. So it's going to be awesome.

Mark: It's just wonderful just listening. It's integrating the Word and the Spirit. Marrying them.

Paul Keith Davis: Right.

Hope to Displace Hopelessness

Mark: What do you say to a saint who feels like all they do is struggle, or people who try to see or try to make something happen? What do you say to them?

Paul Keith Davis: Rest. Enter into His rest. I think every person has a place in themselves where zeal exceeds wisdom, and I think God honors that. He understands that. He understands our zeal. I think all of us have been through that season and we think, "Lord, if you don't appear to me today, I'm not going to make it. I'm going to die." We end up living, but He does respond to that, and He prepares us for those encounters. I believe there's an escalation that's coming though and I believe the Lord is releasing hope even now to displace the hopelessness that permeates the Body of Christ.

Mark: You need to minister to that camera and pray about that.

Paul Keith Davis: That's part of what the Spirit of Revelation is doing. And we saw in the Song of Solomon this poetic and prophetic picture of the Bride of Christ, and she was in bed, and the Bible says she was awake, but her spirit...she was asleep, but her spirit was awakening and she heard a voice.

And the prophetic voice awakened her but it didn't arouse her. It didn't cause her to leave the comfort of where she was to go and pursue her Beloved. So when he extended His hand into the lock and He rattled the lock with His hand, the fragrance of myrrh came off of Him and she was aroused. Passion was ignited in her soul and she would not rest until she found her Beloved. And when people begin to have these spiritual revelatory encounters, it's going to arouse them. It's going to displace the hopelessness that the enemy has tried to release to permeate the Body of Christ.

And when they're awakened and aroused, they will pursue. They'll pursue the Lord and He's going to make Himself available. The Lord is making Himself available, and people will be endowed with the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, and they're going to know the riches of their inheritance in Him and the surpassing greatness of the power that's going to be released to this generation of overcomers -- and that's what they're going to be, overcomers to overcome these things.

Mark: You're prophesying right now. You're in a prophetic flow. Release your intercession now and just pray to unlock that thing.

Paul Keith Davis:
Lord, we ask that you come right now with the Spirit of Revelation, even among this studio audience, that the Spirit of Revelation would be released and imparted. That the eyes would be illumined and the ears to be unstopped.

Lord, we ask for a release of dreams and visions and revelatory encounters to come to these people. That hope would be overcome, that hope would replace hopelessness. Lord, I ask that you release to these passion and hunger, and arouse them in a way they never knew before, to walk with You in the cool of the day -- the evening time generation -- the people that will know the reality, that will come out of the darkness and be set free. Release it now, Lord, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

And let these leaders who have been prepared encounter the Teacher. Let them come from that experience with teachings that will bring an entirely new perspective on the revelation of the Word. That we would see truth as we've never seen it before, and it will become living truth. That we would not just know a truth, we would become the truth. We would not just have a promise, let them become the promise. Grant it, Lord. Release it. We ask in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

--Paul Keith Davis

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How the Seven Dimensions of Faith Can Help You Fight Life's Battles

Sometimes it's a battle to stay strong in our faith. Satan's repeated attacks, using our own feelings of fear and doubt, can wear down our belief in the Lord's power and goodness. False visions of God's failure to keep His promises, news reports and feelings of self-pity are all venues Satan uses to undermine the most important part of our lives here on earth: faith. In Restoring Your Shield of Faith, you will learn to be an overcomer, fighting and winning the daily battles against Satan's insidious objective. As your faith grows, doors of opportunity will swing open, asserting Christ's promise to His followers that through faith, nothing is impossible! Equipped with the four keys to building faith - familiarity with the Word of God, praise and thankfulness in all situations, trust in Him and obedience to His leading - you'll be able to lift up your shield of faith and enter into the fullness of God's blessings!

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Engaging the Revelatory Realm of Heaven
by Paul Keith Davis
$12.00 Book

"I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the Great Ocean of Truth lay all undiscovered before me."
- Sir Isaac Newton

An ocean of divine truth is waiting to be discovered. An unprecedented display of God's power and authority are about to take place in the church. In this fascinating book, Paul Keith Davis reveals how those anointed with the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation will see an awesome demonstration of God's glory in the coming days.

"God is about to raise the bar on revelatory ministry. Just as He did by making sure that none of Samuel's words went unfulfilled, an acceleration in the prophetic community is about to occur.

"Over the next several years, we will see a generation of "throne room" prophets emerge. Their words will be more powerful than any that have been spoken in recent years. Their accuracy will be deadly. Today's prophetic community will be as small children who are like kindergarteners compared to the college-level expressions that will come. Their prophetic utterances will make the ears of the world tingle, just as Samuel's did. These throne-room prophets will receive their power through their intimacy with the majesty of God.

"In Engaging the Revelatory Realm of Heaven, Paul Keith Davis sheds light about this new level of revelatory ministry that will be built on intimacy with a majestic picture of God's throne. His book describes the great call on those who long to engage with the revelatory realm of Heaven. Their words, forged in the throne room of God, will cause the ears of many to tingle. Tingling ears will lead to pricked consciences, which will lead to penitent hearts. And penitent hearts will lead to a renewed world.

"May God's face shine on you as you read Engaging the Revelatory Realm of Heaven by my friend, Paul Keith Davis. I pray that it will call you into a great life of intimacy, service, kindness, and friendship with God."
- John Paul Jackson, Streams Ministries

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