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"There will be a 'Thrusting' for those who have been 'Trusting' Me for their Entire Households!"

by Bill Yount
Mar 30, 2004

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Emergency prayer request!!

Dear Elijah List:

This is Steve Shultz. One our our staff members here at THE ELIJAH LIST, Connie G., has just been admitted to the hospital. Can you please lift her up in prayer? I talked to her yesterday and she wasn't feeling well, but now it's escalated and she has been hospitalized. She went in at 5am pacific time with a "mysterious bacterial infection" where her temperature has gone up to 102 degrees. Can we please have the troops go to prayer for her and also pray that either the doctors will find a quick solution, or the Lord will simply reach down and touch her and she will be miraculously healed. Thank you all SO MUCH for your most faithful prayers.
-- Steve Shultz, THE ELIJAH LIST

News Item #1 - Paris Court Denies 'Passion' Ban Request

PARIS - A Paris court Monday rejected a request by three Jewish brothers to ban Mel Gibson's (news) "The Passion of the Christ" on the grounds it would foment anti-Semitism in France. The court ruled that the film, which is scheduled for release in this country Wednesday, would not threaten public order.

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"There will be a 'Thrusting' for those who have been 'Trusting' Me for their Entire Households!"
by Bill Yount

In the Spirit, I saw Heaven full of harvest sickles that were destined to be used by the angels, to be thrust into the earth for a sudden reaping of final harvest. What appeared to be the largest harvest sickle in heaven captivated the angels' attention as the Father decreed:
"With one thrust of this sickle whole households will be brought into My Kingdom! Pick it up! There will be a 'thrusting' for those who have been 'trusting' Me for their entire households!"

Right before the order to thrust this sickle into households, it appeared that all hell was coming against these families upon the earth - sickness, bondage and relationships that seemed impossible to ever be reconciled.

But these were the families heaven was about to break loose upon! If all hell is coming against your household, you are right on schedule. Keep trusting for the thrusting!

I sensed the Father saying, "Before I return to the earth, you will literally see whole household salvation taking place. Mega churches have not been built large enough just for the household harvest that's about to come in! Have you noticed how many cities are building bigger stadiums this hour? Do you know why? It's not for sports. I started with Promise Keepers drawing men into stadiums to awaken them to their wives. But now I am going to awaken whole families that will need larger facilities to worship Me in."

Families Are Coming Home

Recently I was traveling with a prayer partner as we were driving past a housing development. I said to him, "Why are so many people building huge houses these days when only the husband and wife are living there? It doesn't make sense."

But I just heard the Father say, "Bill, their families are coming home! Their children whom they haven't heard from or seen in years are about to come up the driveway. These houses were built for these last day family get-togethers who will experience church right in their homes! They will need a big house for some big parties - just for the prodigals that are on their way home!"

I saw angels descending with yellow gold ribbons, decorating the trees in the front yards of houses. Angels who throw parties when the lost get saved where descending upon rooftops declaring, "It's party time! - Thrust ye in the sickle!"

by Bill Yount

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