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"Character, Conduct and Camels - All Part of Bridal Preparation!"

by Jim W. Goll
Mar 29, 2004

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Friday, March 26, 2004 Posted: 10:25 AM EST (1525 GMT)

HOUSTON, Texas (AP) -- A man saw "The Passion of the Christ," talked to a spiritual adviser, then told police he had killed his girlfriend, authorities said Thursday.


Welcome to the March 2004
Vision Cast for the Prayer Storm

"Character, Conduct and Camels - All Part of Bridal Preparation!"
Hosted by James W. Goll | 1-877-200-1604

Esther's Character and Conduct

In many passages of scripture non-personal things typify the Holy Spirit: wind, fire, rain, dew, oil, etc. But wherever the Old Testament depicts the Holy Spirit preparing the Bride of Christ, a person always typifies Him. We see this especially in the examples of the life of Esther and that of Rebecca.

Esther depicts the character and conduct necessary to become the Bride of the King. Let's look at two examples of the work of the Holy Spirit selecting and preparing the queen to meet her king.

Read Esther 1:3-19; 2:1-4 - The seven chamberlains (eunuchs) typify the Holy Spirit inviting; the seven princes typify the Holy Spirit judging. We must accept the invitation of the Holy Spirit or else come under His judgment and be set aside in favor of someone else.

Reader Esther 2:8-17 - Hege, the keeper of the women, typifies the Holy Spirit, responsible for the preparation and purification of the Bride. Half the preparation was with "myrrh" (meaning suffering) and half with "sweet odors" (meaning joy). Hege provided Esther with all that she needed. When she pleased Hege, she pleased the king and became queen.

Rebecca and Receiving the Holy Spirit

Genesis 24 contains a beautiful "parable", in which Abraham typifies God the father; Isaac typifies Jesus the Son; Rebecca typifies the Bride of Christ, the Church; and the nameless servant typifies the Holy Spirit. The following are nine ways in which the servant depicts the Holy Spirit in his relationships to the Church:

  • Gen. 24:2, 10: The servant ruled over all of Abraham's possessions.
  • Gen. 24: 2, 3: He was responsible for choosing the bride.
  • Gen. 24:10: He came with ten gift-bearing camels.
  • Gen. 24:13-21: Rebecca's response to the servant determined her life's destiny.
  • Gen. 24:25, 31: Rebecca was set apart by the gifts she accepted from the servant.
  • Gen. 24:25, 31: Rebecca and her family provided a dwelling place for the servant and his camels.
  • Gen. 24:58, 59: The servant became Rebecca's guide to take her to the bridegroom.
  • The servant was Rebecca's only source of information about both Isaac and Abraham.
  • The servant's job was finished when he delivered Rebecca to Isaac. He asked nothing for himself.

While the nameless servant had rulership over all of his master's possessions, they were carried on a beast of burden called a "camel". These unusual creatures are made to walk in the desert places with the capacity of carrying cargo at a long distance. The camels carried the gifts that were given to the selected bride. Not only did Rebecca give drink to the servant, but she also selflessly drew water for all of the ten camels until were they satisfied. Rebecca and her family even provided a "dwelling place" for the "sent ones".

It is not enough just to receive the gifts of God, but we must also receive those who are carrying, release and impart those same gifts. I believe that Rebecca's family was blessed as they "made room" for the camels - those who came carrying the gifts.

A New Generation of Camels!

In recent weeks, I have sensed the Holy Spirit relentlessly speaking to me, "The camels are coming!" It is has often been stated, "God offends the mind to reveal the heart." So is the case today. New camels are coming! Do not miss the gift by stumbling over the package. Discern the ways of God, seek wisdom and respond in faith by creating a dwelling place for the camels that are carriers of His presence.

A new generation of camels is coming. They might look different. They might even act somewhat different. Their approach and style might even appear to be "out of the box." The packages they are carrying might even be in a different sort of wrapper! But know this, a fresh breed of gift laden camels are being released from the throne of God to beatify the body of Christ to prepare her to be presented to her king. The camels are coming. To receive His gifts - receive His camels.

Prayer Points: Receiving the Gifts to Beautify the Bride!

Use the following simple prayer points as a tool of praying over your own life, your family, congregation, the greater expression of the church in your city/region, and for the Body of Christ at large.

  • Pray according to Ephesians 5:26, 27 that the Bride would be pure and holy full of the glory of God as a most beautiful present for His only Son.
  • Pray according to 1 Corinthians 14:1 that we pursue love while at the same time earnestly desire the spiritual gifts.
  • Prayer according to the Book of Esther, that we embrace our days of preparation and receive the beauty treatments needed to be presented before the King.
  • Pray that we, the bride of Christ, will respond like Rebecca in selfless acts of faith, worship and humility and thus draw the servants' attention.
  • Let's respond like Rebecca's family and build a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit.
  • Let's call forth the camels of God to come forth bearing the gifts needed to equip and adorn the bride for the Son.
  • Let us cry out to the Lord for new dread champions of the faith to arise. Pray that we discern these anointed vessels and back them as they come forth.
  • Activate your own faith to receive a fresh impartation of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in your own life and thus be empowered in a new manner.

Hosted by James W. Goll

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