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by Chuck Pierce
Mar 27, 2004

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Chuck Pierce's "Real Article"


Dear Elijah List Readers:

Another OOPS! We just published an article by Chuck Pierce. It was called: "Standing In Prayer: The Battle Of Europe" It was the right subject, The Olympic Games. But we accidentally put the wrong article with Chuck's name and photo. The article posted covered the Olympic Games as well, which is how it got mixed up with Chuck's article and prayer directives. I guess it wasn't our day today. Our apologies.

Here then, is Chuck's actual article on how to pray for Greece and the Summer Olympic Games


By Chuck D. Pierce

Note: This article was meant to be released just before the 25th of March to begin the prayer focus for the upcoming Summer Olympics. Even though it's a few days late, the prayer issues and directives are right on schedule and highly important. It's time to pray for GREECE as never before. The enemy has a plan for Greece. But God has a better one. -- Steve Shultz

By Chuck D. Pierce

March 25, 2004

Dear Torch Bearers for the Lord:

As you know, the Olympic torch was lit this morning in Olympia, Greece in the ruins of the ancient sanctuary where the Games birthed many years ago. I believe these Games are very significant in the spiritual domain as well as in the earth realm. John Dawson, President of Youth With A Mission International, states the following:

"I endorse March 25th as an International day of prayer for the Summer Olympic Games Outreach coming up in Athens. Will you join me and thousands of others across the YWAM family as we worship and stir our hearts in prayer? ...... Whenever you hear the sound of the trumpet, rally to us there. God will fight for us." Youth With A Mission Games Outreach Team, along with John Dawson, is making an appeal to the Body of Christ and the YWAM International Family for an International Day of Prayer for the Olympic Games, on March 25, 2004.

The Flame will Travel to All 5 continents

In ancient Greece, the Olympic flame was lit in a ceremony at the temple of Hera by a pagan priestess. Today it was lit by an actress playing the part of a high priestess, who called upon the god Apollon. It will now be run to every continent and every former host city. This will be the first time the flame has traveled to all five continents. This event will attempt to covenant the people of the world to the pagan deities of Greece. Please pray with us on this day. Pray for break through and for the mercy of God to triumph -- to see a nation changed and the world reached with the love of God. As a guide, you can use the 40-day prayer focus that was sent out this week for the next 40 Days. That prayer focus was titled: Contending with Your Enemy, Removing the Tempter's Covering, and Possessing Your Spoils and can be found on the Elijah List website at

In Daniel, chapter 10, we find the prophet wrestling for 21 days with a power that was resisting him, attempting to keep him from touching God to gain revelation for the future. This shows us the power of dark angels that influence nations. These are ruling princes that abide in the heavenlies, or invisible realm, that tend to keep a region in captivity. These principalities and powers have great control and guard the activity of nations so that God's covenant plan is unable to manifest.

But God!! He raises His army on earth and aligns His army in heaven, and as we labor together, He comes and unlocks the captives. He is Lord Sabaoth, the Lord of Hosts!

Contending with 2 Ruling Forces

In Daniel 10:20, we find Michael, the archangel, comes to strengthen Daniel saying, "Do you know why I have come to you? And now I must return to fight with the Prince of Persia. And when I have gone forth, indeed the Prince of Greece will come." This represents the two ruling forces that we must contend with in the end days. These are the dark forces that have prevailed in Greek history, thought and false worship. These forces have injected a thought process of unbelief and humanistic thinking throughout the world. I feel this is one of our major battles for the future.

Last September while I was in Athens with a prayer team, local leaders and intercessors gathered with us for an awesome night meeting. Some said this was one of the largest gatherings ever of this type. We co-labored with 25 key leaders and intercessors on a prayer journey the following day. The team went to the Parliament to pray concerning the civil government of Greece. We prayed first of all for what God was doing in His government in the land and for His government to arise around the nation. At the Prime Minister's Palace we watched the changing of the guard. John Dawson and Cindy Jacobs ministered in Athens the following month.

Greece and the Olympics

While in Athens, we visited the Old Olympic Stadium. The Olympics were birthed in Greece and date back almost 2000 years to 776 B.C. When they were dedicated to the gods of Olympus, athletes would travel across land and sea to participate in these events, to win honor and to be elevated to the height of the Olympic gods. These games signified the development of man in mind and body. The modern Olympics, resurrected in the 19th century, rotated through the world, from nation to nation, and was hosted in key cites to blend each nation's culture with the international Olympic ideals. This produces a synchronized type of worship. The Olympic torch relay will be especially significant this year. The Olympic flame is lit by the sun's rays and is then passed to the first torch bearer. It then proceeds to 5 continents represented by the 5 Olympic rings. For more information you can go to The Olympic Festivals and Covenants by Randy Weidenaar, or visit the YWAM website, at , and download the paper: The Olympics: A Christian's Response.

The Olympics have always been a religious festival and were dedicated to Zeus of Olympia. Sacrifices were made to this demonic power before and during the festival. Many do not realize that the Olympic flame is dedicated to Zeus. The 2004 Olympics will be characterized by pagan revivalism and will begin with the Olympic hymn, a sacred song that invokes the powers of hell to inhabit the games. This will release spiritual authority to the powers of darkness to visit all continents and defile the land.

This defilement was responsible for much of the persecution of first and second century Church. The people of God were forced to either worship these pagan gods or face persecution and even death. While these demonic forces failed to stop the Church, they did begin to invade the Church through the "Christianizing" of the games by the Greek bishops in the third century. This has resulted in the adoption of the Greek mindset and way of thinking replacing the Hebraic or biblical way of thought. Times and seasons were changed so that Christian feasts were held at the times of the pagan festivals.

Please pray for Greece!

With the Olympics beginning this July, we know that Greece will become a focal point for the world. We need to understand how the enemy has developed philosophical thinking that has fragmented our thought processes and kept us from understanding God's covenant purpose. These thought processes war with the gift of faith and contend with the Holy Spirit to prevent a manifestation of the power of His demonstration in the Church.

The Altar of Zeus

The fire of the flame represents the fire of the altar of Zeus. In Athens we visited the altar of Zeus. We prayed and declared the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ would establish a standard that the enemy would have to contend with. One group read the Word and the others prayed and declared the effects of this pagan resurrection would be neutralized in days ahead. Why is this significant? It is significant because this altar's flame will resurrect the demonic powers that linked themselves to Antiochus Epiphanies, one of the four generals of Alexander the Great. Alexander the Great was a world conqueror and everywhere he went he established the altar of Zeus. In those places, anti-Semitic forces exist and contend with God's covenant plan. In 168BC, Antiochus Epiphanies sacrificed swine to Zeus and poured the blood of the sacrifice in the Holy of Holies. The Jewish people were then tortured until they gave up the worship of Yahweh and bowed the knee to Zeus. Eventually the Temple of God was destroyed in 70AD. The demonic forces behind Zeus hate the one true God. This defilement and persecution continued through the first and second century. To read more about the history and details of the Olympics, please visit the YWAM web site at

We must focus our prayers for Greece NOW! They have a small Body in the land and need our help. We must pray concerning the Anti-Semitic forces that will arise in this coming year around the earth to persecute both Jews and Christians. Stand! Declare! And Boldly Witness to the Good News of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Specific Prayer Points

1. Pray for open heavens over Greece. Pray that God will change Greece and the nations by revealing Himself.
2. Repent for the honor and worship that the nations and Greece have given to the pagan deities of Greece.
3. Pray for open doors to share the Gospel during the games.
4. Pray for the unity, love and testimony of Christians involved to be evident to all.
5. Pray for the YWAM team that is in Greece now. Pray that God would give them favor, protection, love and unity.
6. Pray for many intercessors to cover this time, and for many to come and share the Gospel to the 217 nations attending the games.
7. Ask the Lord to reveal any terrorist plots.

This is a time of resurrection! However, we don't want the resurrection power of the Olympic torch to flood the world.

By Chuck D. Pierce

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