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The Suffering Bride and Groom - A View of the "Passion of the Christ"

By Mark Kaphaem
Mar 12, 2004

Master Potter
by Jill Austin
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Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire
by Jill Austin
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The Secret of the Stairs
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Wasted On Jesus
by Jim Goll
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The Suffering Bride and Groom - A View of the "Passion of the Christ"
By Mark Kaphaem

I had an extremely clear and vivid dream that I feel led to share with the body of Christ. I believe this dream is connected with the release of "The Passion Of The Christ."

I pray Holy Spirit will bring this word to life as you read it now. And that it will pierce you heart, as it has mine.

Mark Kaphaem

A Great Love Story

I dreamed of a great love story between a man and a woman.

The dream took place in the house of the woman.

The man loved the woman greatly, and because of this great love, the woman's only desire was to be pleasing to Him.

There came a time in the dream, when the man was asked to drink from a cup. After drinking from the cup, He entered into great suffering. He called to the woman to drink from the cup also, so that they could remain one, but the cup was too much for the woman to bear. She would not drink form the cup and pulled away from the man. To His heartache, she gave her heart to another.

This caused the Man great pain, but He remained faithful in His love to the woman. He called out to her in His love, but she could not hear Him. She could no longer even see Him, for a scale of deception had covered her eyes and her heart for Him had grown cold.

A Divine Intervention For the Woman

This went on for a season.

Then in the dream, there was a divine intervention in the life of the woman. That is the best way I can describe it. Something happened to the woman that opened her eyes and she was able to see the suffering of the Man in His love for her. This deeply pierced her heart and removed the scales of deception that had blinded her. She deeply repented her decision not to join the Man in His sufferings, and longed to be one with Him once again.

The woman returned to her home and cleansed it from top to bottom. Then she waited there in hopes that He would come to her.

The Man came to the home but could find no way to enter it. He called out to the woman in His love for her. The woman heard His cry and threw open the door to the house, and called out for Him to come to her.

I can not find words to describe the great joy that entered the heart of the Man, as the woman opened the door and called out to Him. There was no memory of her betrayal. Only His overpowering love for her, and great joy that she had been restored to Him. There was even a sense of foreknowledge in the Man, that He knew the woman would betray Him. But that in His forgiveness of her, their love would be deeper and sweeter than it had ever been before.

Hear the Song of the Groom to His Bride

Bride, you are more beautiful to me then the morning,
More beautiful to me then the blanket of stars at night.
I come to you in the twilight and speak My words of Love.

Listen to Me, I know your heart suffers.
I know this My bride, for My heart suffers also.
My heart suffers My bride, to be one with you.
Is this the suffering of your heart, My bride?
To be one with me.

The enemy of our love comes to you.
he says you suffer in vain, that you are forgotten.
he seeks to steal your love away,
to turn your heart cold.

Look upon Me My bride,
Look upon My suffering Love for you,
Can you see that I could never forget you,
That My love burns for you night and day.

Return to purity in your suffering for me.
Let nothing satisfy you in your longing.
In the end, I shall be your reward, as you shall be mine,
as we shall be one, in our love, forever.

This Dream Also Cries Out to the Heart of Israel

Oh Israel,

Open your eyes and see the one who was pierced for you.
See the Lamb that was slain at your feet in your place.
Hear His cry of unending love for you.
Return to Him, He waits for you now.

-Mark Kaphaem

"Master Potter"
From Brokenness to Divine Destiny - An Allegorical Journey

by Jill Austin
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Master Potter tells the story of Beloved - wounded and left vulnerable by an abused childhood, she is rescued by Master Potter. Whisked away to his rustic home overlooking the quaint village of Comfort Cove, Beloved begins her painful journey of healing.

The hardships she endures, the lessons she learns, and the invisible world she discovers will cause you to cheer for each triumphant step she takes and weep with each mistake she makes.

Master Potter is a powerful Christian allegory for all ages with the potential to become a Christian classic along the lines of Hannah Hurnard's Hinds' Feet on High Places and John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.

"You are not merely beginning a book but rather entering your own journey into the ravished heart of Jesus, the Master Potter." - MIKE BICKLE, International House of Prayer

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"Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire"
by Jill Austin
$12.99 Book

The first book, Master Potter, began in Comfort Grove, a quaint 19th century fishing village. A young woman named Forsaken, portrayed as a broken clay pitcher, met Master Potter. He changed her name to Beloved.

Her journey from brokenness to divine destiny continues in Master Potter and the Mountain of Fire. Beloved and her friends are loaded on pottery wagons and taken to the dreaded Mountain of Fire. In this mountain kiln they struggle with heartrending issues of unforgiveness, suffering, sickness, needing miracles, and a friend's moral failure.

In the midst of the raging fires, Beloved travels through eternity in a crystal chariot. Ushered into astounding places - the Heavenly Library, the War Room, and a warehouse called Miracles Unlimited - Beloved's heart is transformed by the passionate love of Master Potter, the Bridegroom King.

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"The Secret of the Stairs"
by Wade Taylor
$9.95 Book
For those with a burning hunger for more.... the Song of Solomon reveals the process of God in the lives of those seeking to know Him more fully and personally.

In The Secret of the Stairs, Wade Taylor sets for the steps that lead to spiritual maturity and intimate communion with the Lord as depicted in the love relationship of the Song of Solomon. From the call to "Rise up... and come away," to the Bride's declaration, "I am my beloved's and His desire is toward me," the author presents clear spiritual insight and its practical outworking based on personal experience.

The book stands juxtaposed to the quick answers and easy methods popular today. The Psalmist speaks "Deep calleth unto deep." The deeps of God are heard only in the depths of the spirit of man. This book opens the reader to a path which leads from these depths to the mountain top with our Lord.

More than a book to read, it is food for the spirit.

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"Wasted on Jesus"
by Jim Goll
$14.00 Book
This is not a crash course in spiritual disciplines. It is a love book where you will learn the language of the bedchamber and feel the throbbing of the Divine heartbeat. Prepare to take your first step into His dwelling place.

"Jim Goll has greatly impacted my life through his teachings and ministry of prayer. In your hands is a tool that will challenge you to waste your life on God! Read it and you too will catch the fire and passion to pour your all out for our Lord Jesus!" -Lou Engle, Elijah Revolution

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