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Katie Souza: "Soaking in the Glory to Hear God's Voice and Heal Your Soul"

Katie Souza
Mar 2, 2018

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Many of our readers have been saying they are experiencing an up-tick in their dream and vision life...and some are needing help interpreting their dreams along with the instructions from them.

You'll get some great insight, I believe, for your own dreams as you read through Katie Souza's latest article on dream/visions and what the Lord revealed to her.

As I've said before Katie Souza is "the real deal" and does not shy away from sharing about her past and how God delivered her. Amen to that...we all need that kind of transparency as it ministers to the masses and will help many others be set free.

Read this word by Katie...and let it help you gauge through your own dream life and any healing of past wounds that you need to be free from! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Dreams and visions lead us down the path to getting our wounds healed. Sin will create wounds on the soul. So, as we position ourselves to begin soaking our soul in the glory light of Jesus to get the healing, we must first deal with the sin that made the wound. Our first step is to apply the Blood of Jesus Christ. Jesus died on the Cross for our sins and as we soak, by faith, we begin to apply His Blood to the sin or trauma that created the wound.

The Glory Light of Jesus Heals Our Souls!

When we first begin soaking, we do not have to know the exact sin or trauma to cover. We want to let go of our own reasoning and not assume that we know which wounds God is going to deal with first. We may think He is dealing with a certain besetting sin, but He wants to deal with the root that may have happened a very long time ago, one that we may not know anything about.

"Lean on, trust and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways (including getting your soul healed) recognize, acknowledge Him and He will make your ways straight and plain your paths" (Proverbs 3:5-6 AMPC emphasis mine). Begin repenting by letting the Lord pop a memory or thought into your mind. Don't worry if that does not happen. Just put your faith on the fact that God is working. God may reveal to us at a later time what was healed, or we may know because we feel differently.

"...God conceals the matter to let us experience the excitement of discovery. As we search it out, our relationship with God gets deeper and our character, wisdom, and understanding grow."

Once the sin that created the wound is dealt with, we can then begin applying the glory light of Jesus (dunamis) to our soul. So, our second step is to apply the glory light to our wounds to get them healed (see Mark 5:25-30 AMPC for reference).

Mark 5:30-34 shows that Jesus, recognizing that power had left Him and that somebody had been healed, looked to see who it was. The woman confessed and apologized (because she was unclean). Jesus told her that her faith had made her well. We see two things going on here: this woman used her faith and her focus. She just kept saying, "If I just touch the hem of His garment, I will be healed!" She was focused and driven! She was persistent. She did not let herself get distracted. She kept her mind like an arrow going straight towards the target. "I've got a goal. I'm keeping my mind focused on it. I don't care how many people are in my way!" That's how we do it! We believe the glory light of Jesus heals our soul!

There is Healing in His Wings

When we get distracted, we bring our mind back to focusing and applying the glory and the light to our soul. The woman was healed because she touched the hem or the "wings" of Jesus' prayer shawl. The prayer shawl represents the glory. Malachi 4:2 literally came to pass in her life: the Son of Righteousness, Jesus Christ, arose on her with His wings – His glory – and His beams of light. Jesus used this tool to heal that woman.

That "virtue" that left Christ's body, healed her soul as well as her body. The word "virtue" in the Greek means "the power for performing miracles" but it also means "moral power and excellence of soul!" He released virtue – to cause her physical body to be healed and to cause her to have excellence of soul. She had been sick for twelve years and Mark 5:26 (AMPC) says she "...had endured much suffering under the hands of many physicians, and had spent all that she had, and was no better but instead grew, worse."

All that suffering put wounds on her soul. I believe that her disease was caused by a soul wound because the Scripture says that when she was healed the "...flow of blood was dried up at the source." Source means origin – "the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived." Soul wounds happen to us back in time; a sin or trauma creates a wound and ugliness (suffering, bitterness, sickness, etc...) arises out of that wound.

God Does Speak

"For God does speak–now one way, now another–though no one perceives it. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls on people as they slumber in their beds, He may speak in their ears and terrify them with warnings, to turn them from wrongdoing and keep them from pride, to preserve them from the pit, their lives from perishing by the sword." (Job 33:14-18 NIV) (Photo via Pixabay)

God communicates to us through His Word, as well as using the road-map of dreams and visions. When there are wounds in our soul created by sin, there are demonic powers attached to those wounds. God will show us through a dream or vision how to get those wounds healed to preserve our souls from the pit and from the torment that comes from demonic powers. He will take us down a specific road of healing by showing us things in our dreams and visions. Once we begin to unpack what He shows us, we can move into that revelation and then execute it to see signs, wonders, and miracles in the healing of our soul.

Once, I was in Seattle and I developed a severe sore throat, the kind that felt like if you said one more word you might die. I was staying in a wonderful house, but my bedroom was very cold. Also, there was an air conditioning unit in the window that was letting in cold air. Whenever I become sick quickly, I am suspicious that there is something in my soul that's in common with demonic powers. Jesus said, "The prince of this world is coming but there is nothing in Me that is in common with him, so he has no power over Me" (John 14:30 AMPC). I didn't want to use my own human reasoning to figure it out. I knew God would show me through my dreams and visions.

One of the very first meetings we did was in a recovery house with ex-coke addicts. On the streets I was a dope user and dealer; my drug of choice was speed. I did do some coke, but I really hated it and only used it if I didn't have anything else. I had already gotten major healing of wounds in my soul that were associated with my speed use, but I hadn't really worked on any wounds from the sin of using cocaine (see my bio for my testimony).

Can't You Talk Louder, God?

On our way to the meeting, I began feeling resistance and a lot of chatter in my mind. I was beginning to get sick. The closer we got to this meeting the thicker the resistance in the spirit realm became. My team members and I were praying fiercely during the car ride. We sat in the back seat and prayed in tongues, trying to break the resistance so I could go up and speak. I was able to speak and release the word, but I woke up the next day with a fiercely sore throat. By end of the day, every word felt like a knife stab. That night I asked God to show me in my dreams or with a vision what was allowing this to happen.

In my dream was a big ole' pile of coke! I had a wound in my soul that had come from the sin of using cocaine, and the demons that I had in common with the region were attacking me. In this dream I had xylitol, which is a natural sweetener and I was using it to cut the coke. I had a couple of peanut butter cookies that I threw into the mix also! Now, God uses symbols to tell us what things mean.

Needing Some Protein

I was on a 21-day fast and I was only eating vegetables. So when I woke up, I knew peanut butter meant protein. I knew that God was giving me another piece of the puzzle to solve my problem. He was telling me that the 21-day fast without any protein had caused my immune system to drop and demonic powers were able to afflict me because I had a wound in my soul. I needed to sweeten my 21-day fast with peanut butter (because I was sweetening the coke with xylitol and a peanut butter cookie).

"God communicates to us through His Word as well as using the road map of dreams and visions. When there are wounds in our soul created by sin, there are demonic powers attached to those wounds."

So what did I do? I did the three steps we have already spoken of. I first dealt with the wound in my soul, I repented from the sin of using coke, and I applied the Blood of Christ to that sin. I spent time focusing, just like the woman with the issue of blood. Then I began to apply glory and light to the wounds on my soul, and like that woman, I said to myself, "If I just touch the hem of His robe, glory and light will be loosed on the wounds in my soul that are involved with using cocaine." I pressed into it by staying focused and persistent. Then, within six minutes, that wound was healed! Last, I commanded the demonic that was making me sick to go (and it left). I added some protein to my meal, my team bought me a small heater, and by the next night I was completely healed!

Dreams and Symbols

The way we begin unpacking our dreams and visions is by understanding the language that God uses in them. God uses symbols to communicate to us. In the Word we see many people having dreams and visions with symbols in them. Symbol: something used to represent something else. God uses symbols because it's all about relationship!

"It is the glory of God to conceal a thing, but the glory of kings is to search out a thing" (Proverbs 25:2 AMPC) God doesn't hide things from us. He hides things for us. He is like a parent that places a gift under the Christmas tree. The child inspects the gift to see how heavy it is because that might tell him what is in it. He feels along the edges to see what kind of container it is in, then shakes it and listens to the sound it makes.

This exciting process of exploration is uniting the child with the parent. Likewise, God conceals the matter to let us experience the excitement of discovery. As we search it out, our relationship with God gets deeper and our character, wisdom, and understanding grow. We become more powerful and more anointed. One of the most powerful ways to become supernatural is by searching out a matter. Glory comes – literal, tangible manifestations of glory. God, in His wisdom, uses symbols to tantalize and draw us in, grow us up, and increase our glory as we search out the treasure He has hidden for us.

Search Out the Treasure He Has Hidden for You within Your Dreams

Pharaoh dreamed about seven fat cows in the Nile being eaten up by seven lean cows, and seven ripe ears of corn being eaten by seven blighted ears. When Joseph came to interpret that dream, he said that those symbols represented time. The seven fat cows and the seven ripe ears of corn represented seven years of plenty that Egypt would experience. The seven lean ears and seven ravaged cows represented seven years of famine that would eat up all of the resources from the seven years of plenty.

It's the same with Pharaoh's cup-bearer and the baker. They both had dreams and symbols that represented time while in prison with Joseph. The cup-bearer dreamed that there were three vines full of grapes that he squeezed into Pharaoh's cup. Joseph said the symbols of the branches represented time and that in three days, Pharaoh would lift up his head and reinstate him to his position. The baker dreamed of three baskets full of baked goods that the birds were eating. Joseph told him the baskets in his dream also represented three days. He said that Pharaoh would also lift his head; not to reinstate him, but to hang him on the gallows. Both of those dreams came to pass!

I also had a dream while in prison with symbols that represented time. This prophetic dream told me how much time I would spend in prison. I was sentenced to 151 months, which is almost 13 years. Three nights after my sentencing, I had a dream that I was in a casino and I had two strange looking tokens. I took them out of my pocket, put them into a video game, and went to grab another one. When I pulled it out, it was a quarter instead of a token. It jumped from my hand as I brought it from my pocket. I had to retrieve it to put it in the machine. (Photo via Pexels)

When I used those three items, I won back $151.00. Using Joseph's dreams as a model, God began to show me what those different symbols meant. "The first two weird looking tokens," He said, "will be the first two years you spent in the facility you're in now." I had spent two years, almost to the day, in that facility in a very small room with a glass wall where policemen stared at me all day long. That was a hard time for me. I needed to know when I was going to get out of there. When I had that dream, I was really glad to hear that my two years were almost up. It gave me hope.

Then He said, "The quarter that you pulled out of your pocket is the next symbol that represents time. When you pulled it out of your pocket you had to retrieve it. That means that you will 'go away' to prison and you will do 'a quarter' of the time you were sentenced to; which, with good time factored in, is approximately three years." And that's exactly what happened. I had been transferred from the 1st facility and went to another prison.

On my second year there, I won my appeal case! Seven years were taken off of my sentence and so I would end up doing five years total. I did one more year in prison after that and was released. So, I served just five years of the original sentence. You see, the dream with the symbols representing time came to pass exactly as God said it would: two years in the first, three years in the second. God is going to use symbols to speak to you in your dreams and visions too. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Katie Souza
Katie Souza Ministries
Email: click here

Katie Souza was a career criminal most of her life, was convicted of a number of felonies and sent to federal prison to serve almost twelve years. While serving what would be her final prison sentence, Katie encountered God in a way that dramatically changed her life. She immediately became an outspoken advocate for Jesus and her infectious love for Him caused many women inside her cell block to accept Him as their Savior. One of the things that Katie is known for are her insights relating to soul-healing, a revelation that explains why so many Believers can appear to do everything they've learned in church and still fail to receive breakthrough in their lives. Once Katie began teaching and writing about the process of soul-healing, she witnessed and heard evidence of thousands of miracles. Katie lives in Arizona with her husband, Robert and their two small dogs. She writes, teaches, produces a television show which is broadcast around the world and travels extensively. Katie and Robert visit prisons several times each year to teach inmates how to hear from God and to demonstrate that they too can achieve what God has promised and planned for them.

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