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Bill Lackie: "Step Into Your New Destiny!"

Bill Lackie
Feb 6, 2018

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This word by Bill Lackie will bless and encourage the masses...across the globe. In fact, I'd say this is a "global word" for the Body of Christ at large. No matter where you are located on the earth...there is so much prophetic revelation in this for all!

As Bill Lackie shares here:

This is a year of birthing new destinies, thrusting people into the full purposes of end-time places and divine alignment. Destiny, unity and fullness of end-time placement will release divine alignment. God is focused on His global purpose. Yes, you are a part of His end-time global purpose. Connecting and demonstrating your gift gathers you as a team with others spiritually, all over the globe.

Now...I'll let you get right to reading this word by Bill as it is a bit longer. Know this...we are birthing together across the globe!

Enjoy and please share this word by Bill Lackie with your friends and family...near and far! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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A Supernatural Shift into the New

The message from the Lord is, "I have used 2017 and previous years as stepping stones to prepare you for 2018. 2018 will cause your spiritual relationships to radically shift as the Kingdom is released. Become enthusiastic and anticipate the NEW this year will usher into your life. Everything old is in the past rolled up like a scroll."

There will be a spiritual shift causing the year 2017 and previous years to be released—wrapped up like a scroll—to be experienced no more. MOVE ON. This is a year that is fresh and available. Move forward and begin to run into the new. Today is a new day, don't turn back, but look forward and run to the future.

Just like when you birth a new baby, that baby is new to this world. The new in "everything new" is just like the new baby. Everything you begin to walk in spiritually—impacting the TODAY you walk in—will be like an exciting experience of a new baby. It will come to you in FRESH and NEW ways, impacting your destiny and future.

Like a pioneer discovering new territory, you will begin to walk into the future, exploring the territory you see before you apprehend it in faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. This fresh faith is a spiritual gift that the Lord is sending to you. You will be empowered with this gift of faith and the struggle of worry will evaporate. REJOICE! This is the year of fullness and fulfillment.

Conquering requires you to make your attitude "hyper-vigilant". Each step requires you to shift into an active advancing mindset. This territory is new, presenting you with some challenges. If you meet each opportunity with an attitude of thankfulness, it will produce a supernatural ability to possess.

"Let the Holy Spirit guide you into divine paths of relationships that will determine your destiny and the destiny of others."

This year is not a year of processing. In some areas, you will process finishing the final steps to restore arenas you started in 2017. However, in 2018, the opportunities God will open to you will require you to step into them with an advancing posture. If you do, within your first steps you will experience confidence. This is your award-winning year. Possess!

Shift Fear into Faith and Love

Fear is creeping into the hearts of many. The roar of ungodly nations has tried to confuse the Kingdom of God—specifically His Church—turning their belief into unbelief. Stand strong in faith and expose the roar of the enemy as deception that has NO truth in it. Faith declarations will shift this fear into security and silence the roar of the enemy that has crept inside.

We have encountered a season of tests coming from the Lord. The enemy has been allowed to move close, testing the hearts and resolve of many. Nothing more than you can bear has been allowed. The intention is to stretch us, calling us to a place of overcoming and to fight. Fight back with faith and love. The fear will silence and the shaking of your weak areas will cause them to become strengths. The test is for the good...not to break us or bruise us, but to establish the power to overcome.

The Lord is delivering you from fear. It may seem impossible to live your life without the struggle of fear. Fear is FAITH in reverse. Scripture says that perfect LOVE casts out all fear (1 John 4:18). Our God of love positions you to continually be bathed in a cleansing security that only He can give. Opening yourself to this supernatural love will cause any fear you are struggling with to be washed away.

God's blanket of love is a spiritual encounter where we are covered with a supernatural love that surpasses our natural love. This blanket of love is a spiritual provision that allows us to transact love in our natural situations daily as we walk in relationship with unlovely people. The purpose of this blanket of love will connect us in relationship where it would otherwise be difficult. The result will be unity. (Photo via Pixabay)

Turn Your Stress into Strategy

We are coming to the end of a 5-year period of God testing, proving and bringing transition. 2018 begins a year of productivity and mobilizing. This year will be the fruit from the planting of the Lord in the past 5 years.

Changing your stress into strategy executes the shift that takes us from the previous 5 years into the productivity of 2018. For the past 5 years, the process has created stress. Stress in and of itself is not negative or destructive. Actually stress is the result of forward movement often against resistance. Destructive/negative stress results when our perspective is not God's perspective. We could have confusion, saying "yes" with our head, but "no" in our heart. That is like putting your foot on the brake and the accelerator in a car at the same time.

Since this is God's spiritual transition, then we know ALL THINGS work together for God. Stress from walking God's process is GOOD, not bad. At the end of the 5-year period, God is transitioning us from stress into strategy. In other words, He is taking the good result of stress into the fruitful part of strategy. Stress is the energy that was created from the 5 years of testing, proving and transition. This year, the transition is taking us to strategy: fruit, demonstration and productivity.

The very thing that caused stress is also the process that will produce creativity. For example, if you have gone through a long period of teaching, then the transition would be for you to become a teacher that produces stories, solutions, rationale and encouragement—all the things a teacher does. So what you have been receiving becomes the tools which transition into completion, becoming your place of leadership. Our productivity becomes fruit or productivity or establishment.

Also, this year you will experience sudden, unusual opportunities and divine releases—making it possible for you to multiply your finances. Some have said they are not good with business or finances. This year, God is blessing you by increasing your income and financial blessing.

You will be surprised with the blessing of provision and open doors this year. Like at Christmas, when you open a gift that you didn't expect, your delighted surprise is a heart posture that you will need to be able to advance throughout the year. This is a new posture, but one that will open the door for you to be an overcomer.

Compassion in Relationships

Overpowering compassion of the Lord will reach into the deepest areas of hurt. During this season of tests, some have experienced roots of bitterness growing because their capacity to forgive has not been matured in previous seasons. Bringing us to places of strength, this compassion will touch with tenderness, worth and understanding.

Open your heart wide in this season as the compassion of the Lord will cradle you in His arms of security. You have NOT been abandoned or judged. The most difficult relationship will become the best of relationships.

Some of your relationships that are in conflict will become your best of friends this year. These relationships seem impossible and will require a miracle to experience restitution. What you have lost, toiled or suffered in these relationships will be returned to you. Step into a place of faith and watch the hand of God move.

Also, denominational divisions, supported by strong spiritual convictions will change this year. We need each other and what seems to be vital in our beliefs and worship will be flexible. Relationship and building up one another will be the banner of doctrine and belief.

Praise God that He is a wonderful relationship orchestrator, placing us in relationships we would never consider. Become open to connect with people that you might even resist in a normal flow of relationships. The desire of the Lord is to build a supernatural net to catch spiritual fish in these last days. Under this anointing, even the person you avoid could become your best friend. Let the Holy Spirit guide you into divine paths of relationships that will determine your destiny and the destiny of others.

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Family Unity and Miracles

Conflict often afflicts families in their relationships toward one another, hindering a natural kind flow of relating. God is blessing families this year with a power to confront conflict and accept deliverance. This deliverance will cause families to reach out and bond in deep relationship. This flow of relationship will often result in daily conversations of kindness, support and comfort. These attitudes will accompany God's divine anointing to unify. Families will bond in love and experience unity in ways that were hindered by conflict. Unity brings the blessing.

Look at the same things with a new perspective, and the old paths will have a fresh outlook. Relationally, God is pressing the "reset" button, unveiling a NEW outlook about life and relationship. Old ways of behaving will change as God is releasing a grace to change. This new perspective will create an overall FRESH perspective about life: job, family, activities, business encounters, research and friendships. This new outlook will reset our overwhelmed reactions and build a strong attitude of hope.

Generational fractures, which have plagued families for 4 generations or more are in the focus of God. His heart is being extended to heal and restore what the cankerworm has destroyed. These fractures have been accepted as a fact. As a result, families no longer pray in faith for deliverance of the fractures within their family lines. It seems impossible to the families. God has turned His eyes toward these generational fractures to heal and completely restore this division in families.

Women who are barren or men who are sterile will produce and the gift of children will occur as a miracle. This will heal the barrenness in families which as robbed them of their inheritance of children. First, God will heal the couple's from deep disappointment and secondly, a miracle is awaiting these families. God's heart of generational blessing of children is strong toward them. A miracle of pregnancy is there awaiting them!

"REJOICE! This is the year of fullness and fulfillment."

The Body of Christ is in a place of reproduction. Expanding and growing will involve families to lead and support...the more the merrier! God's powerful tool is the family. Families working together will reproduce and be examples of God's powerful training process. Families train family members in the ways of life. God will expand the scope of training to His family. The Church is not a business or social group but it is a family. Family is the best example of training. Families release your training gift!

Healing and Deliverance

The struggle with long-term bondages that have seemed impossible to get freedom from will finally release and people will receive deliverance. Deliverance and healing this year will spread throughout the Body of Christ. This new freedom causes people to stand tall with the confidence that deliverance brings. The cry of the Body of Christ to be healed and delivered will be poured out over long-term situations plagued with suffering. Hard cases of physical healing will become the normal.

Physical problems like cerebral palsy, cancer, missing limbs, diseases and leukemia will be completely healed with the laying on of hands. In the past it seemed to be difficult to receive healing in physical areas of trauma like these. This year begins a healing anointing where the glory is being released. Like they say, "Stand under the spout where the glory comes out." Many churches will receive a mighty touch of supernatural healing. Anticipate this powerful revival of supernatural and impossible healings touching desperate Christians with physical maladies.

Also personal areas of bondage, which have plagued Christians, will experience simple, powerful freedom. Things like watching too much TV, overeating, shyness and requiring the center of attention in relationships will be brought into balance and freedom. Reach out for grace to change simple areas of personal bondage that leave you feeling defeated.

Cities, Revival and Relocation

Regional visitations of the Holy Spirit will release revival. Many cities in the United States have been cited for revival, changing the spiritual atmosphere of that city. The glory of the Lord will settle over these cities with "apostolic thrones". It will be God's throne divinely descending and abiding over these cities. When this glory comes...wealth, growth of plants, abundance of production and supernatural provisions will confirm this revival. Salvations by the thousands will cause people to flock into the doors of churches.

Geographic relocations will position many in their correct destiny path. For some, the location where they live will change. To enter destiny, God will geographically move them to their place of planting and reproducing. Once they are planted in their geographic placement they will flourish with fruit that will bless the Body of Christ. If God is desiring to replant you, open your heart to a geographic move. The details will align and cause your roots of placement settling. (Photo via Pixabay)

Leadership Changes in God's Army

God is preparing the Army of the Lord. This shift is calling people to a place of leadership. If this is your destiny, allow God to reposition your purpose in the Body of Christ. When this call comes, it will be tempting to feel you are not prepared...or perhaps you have never viewed yourself as a leader. Allow God to reposition and train you in your leadership calling.

A changing of the guard will bring forth a new army of leadership. Leadership that is established in the Body of Christ is facing a transition. Some individuals will provide leadership in a different capacity. They are not being retired but re-"fired up". New levels of leadership are rising up. Many of them have not been leaders before this transition. Current leaders need to make a place and provide support and training. In some situations, the younger ones will be promoted to a place of leading leaders who have been in their position for a long season. It will seem like an apple basket turned over, but this transition in leadership is necessary to prepare the Body of Christ for destiny.

Leadership will receive a greater desire to father and mother those in the Body of Christ. This year, leadership will be stretched to mentor, train and parent new leaders who are rising to new positions. To reproduce takes double and triple the time it has taken for them to lead. This stretch in time will prove to be challenging. However, the rising of water will also be fun. Increasing the flow of water will cause you to move and float at a different frequency. Increase is a GOOD thing. Anything is possible with God.

New Alignment, Destiny and Anointing

This is a year of birthing new destinies, thrusting people into the full purposes of end-time places and divine alignment. Destiny, unity and fullness of end-time placement will release divine alignment. God is focused on His global purpose. Yes, you are a part of His end-time global purpose. Connecting and demonstrating your gift gathers you as a team with others spiritually, all over the globe.

The timing and anointing for you to enter your destiny purpose is NOW. Releasing your demonstration will blend with others in God's divine orchestration of purpose. Like an orchestra is put together with independent instruments, you have a part to play. When the Body of Christ is releasing their destiny, they are also connected to God's global purpose—His end-time army. You are in His army NOW!

Clearly hearing the Holy Spirit about your destiny alignment will bring you into sync with Heaven. This alignment results in whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven and whatsoever you bind in Heaven will be bound in earth. Alignment with the will and heart of God will bring a vision-demonstration of Heaven on earth. Without this "divine alignment" your ability to understand the purposes of God will remain fuzzy. God will align you by His Spirit, and your path will reflect His footprints and the touch of His hand.

A strengthening within your heart will cause an impartation of boldness. Like a persevering army, you will have the power to press through resistance when normally you would have wanted to give up. Welcome the strength of the Lord. This strength will impart a determination that will cause you to persevere through the enemy's attack. Perseverance is the quality in the ministry which will consistently connect you to breakthrough. Consistent perseverance will result in a daily ease of determination. Yes, you will win the battles, which will lead to winning the war that has been waged against you to prevent your destiny.

Testimony will break through hopelessness in the hearts of many. A gentle, warm touch from God will begin to transform a hardness from disappointment that has hindered dreams for the future. The love of God is strong and mighty to encourage the future vision in your heart. Put your trust in God and watch the level of anticipation in your plans for tomorrow begin to arise. We will see the goodness of the Lord arise within the land of the living.

Walking into your new path will be met with a resurrection anointing, bringing life and ability that you didn't know was there. Your first steps into the new territory will be met with a specific resurrection anointing to reproduce and establish. Facing "the new" sometimes challenges people, and their reaction is fear. Open your heart to the ability of God to make up the difference from your lack. The more you step out, the more your confidence will grow in your ability to trust Him. Welcome the resurrection anointing in your life. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Bill Lackie
Frontline International


Bill Lackie: The ministry of Bill Lackie has been cultivated through 45 years of position in the local Church ministry and travel. By calling, he is an apostle-prophet to the local Church Body and to the nations. Traveling nationally and internationally, Bill has established churches, been a keynote speaker at conferences, and prophetically ministered to heads of state and political officials. He has authored books and materials releasing saints in present truth ministry. He presently resides in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, with his wife, LaRue. He is an ordained and established minister under the oversight and covering of Christian International Network of Ministries. Frontline International, birthed by Bill Lackie, is a ministry established under the Christian International Apostolic Network. He currently serves on staff at Vision Church @ Christian International and he and his wife are elders in the local Church Body.

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