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Jodie Hughes: "Harvest, October & Pumpkins: Choose Your Pumpkins Well!"

Jodie Hughes
Oct 12, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This article from Jodie Hughes of Australia is full...and I mean full of revelation for the current month and season we are in.

When I read "Choose your pumpkins well" in the title, it surely got my interest...and I'm sure you're intrigued too as to what it all means...

Jodie opens up with this about a pumpkin dream she recently had:

It was really important which pumpkins the people chose to pick up and keep. This month of October kept being highlighted to me as extremely significant for the Bride, as it is a kick-start for a new wave of increased harvest.

Read on to find out the importance of choosing your pumpkins well and what God has in-store for you even this month and into this new season. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Pumpkin Dream

I had a significant dream early this month (October 4th) that released harvest wisdom keys. In this dream, I saw many pumpkins delivered outside people's houses by their mailboxes. The pumpkins were huge and just sat by the mailboxes waiting to see if the house owner would pick them up with the mail and take them into their home.

It was really important which pumpkins the people chose to pick up and keep. This month of October kept being highlighted to me as extremely significant for the Bride, as it is a kick-start for a new wave of increased harvest.

Significance of Pumpkins

Pumpkins are unique and can be symbolic of representing both cursing or blessing. They can mean harvest, fruitfulness and thanksgiving, or cursing, disappointment and dark arts. Pumpkins are also very much associated with a calendar month, confirming this dream is speaking to us now.

Pumpkins most commonly represent HARVEST and are used to decorate for fall and harvest festivals (and also Thanksgiving in America). They are also widely known throughout the world to represent all things Halloween, considering they are used as Jack O'lanterns.

As many would be aware, this current season in our calendar is full of all things pumpkin! Similarly, this season will be full of all things "pumpkin" with much going on spiritually, but overarching everything is a grace for abundant harvest. It's harvest time!

Prepare to Steward Harvest, Not Lack!

"What other "promises" have your name on them, waiting to be picked up again? Pick up your promises again."

Get prepared; get excited. In my dream, pumpkins were literally everywhere, signifying bountiful harvest. Fresh passion for evangelism is arising. Souls will be saved in mass numbers. Also, sudden harvest of seeds sown in past seasons will occur, which will astound and encourage many.

Harvest will breakout and there's a divine invitation to steward this season well by making room for harvest. Throw off disappointment, and make room in your planning and visioneering for increase. We will see sudden birthing of heavenly directives, new projects, plans, ministries, creative endeavors and new mantles, as positioning takes place to steward abundant harvest instead of lack.

This will require a mindset shift for some. You will govern over harvest more than you govern over lack in this next season, so dream big. Rather than resist the stretching, embrace this as harvest preparation so you can steward and carry well all that is about it happen.

Choose Your Pumpkins Well

In the dream many different pumpkins were being sent to people, and the choice was theirs in which ones to pick up and take into their home. Just as pumpkins can represent "blessing or cursing", the spiritual atmosphere is charged and is pregnant with possibility right now. Step through God's doors only, and don't be influenced by distractions.

Your choices carry unusual weight in the Kingdom in this hyper-hectic season. It's important which "pumpkins" you choose (blessing or cursing), so choose your pumpkins well. Much is "flying around spiritually" at the moment and this is particularly challenging to navigate as prophetic feelers, seers and discerners. However, use your discernment and lean into God's presence and immediately discard anything that doesn't carry God's heart.

The key to stewarding this season well is to formulate your decisions in His presence and weigh them against His promises to you. Resist being led by fear or the background noise of enemy interference.

James 4:7 says, "Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you."

If what comes at you is not from God's heart, don't meditate on it. If an atmosphere is inducing fear or dishonor, resist it. Resist the enemy and he will flee! (Photo via Unsplash)

Actively RESIST, courageous ones... and don't entertain the lies of the enemy or hold onto fear-inducing thoughts. Resist destiny-stealing imaginations that release anxiety and a spirit of foreboding disaster.

Resist lukewarmness. Resist anything that says there is no hope! Resist disappointment and don't marinate in offense or anger. Resist the lure of the enemy to stunt your journey in fear. Instead, actively pursue His presence and Word. We cancel every assignment of the enemy sent your way in Jesus' name.

Choose to Only Meditate on What God Says

The enemy is scared of the coming harvest, so he is trying to control and contain the Bride with fear. I encourage you to only meditate, think, imagine and take into your heart what God is saying right now; NOT what the enemy is threatening. This is the key to overcoming this assignment of fear and intimidation released in the nations right now. Hold tightly to God's words to you! This is choosing your pumpkins well; for what you believe and decree will guard your heart and set you up for harvest.

If You Believe Harvest is Upon You, You Will See It!

"Did I not say to you, IF YOU would BELIEVE, you would see the glory of God?" (John 11:40 emphasis mine.) Jesus said this in the Gospel of John. Then He raised Lazarus from the dead! "If you" is a powerful invitation that echoes poignantly into our now season!

If you believe harvest is upon you, you will see the harvest. If you believe God's promises, you will act accordingly. We are invited to believe again the very great desires that the good Father has for us and this world, and partner with Him for harvest.

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Double Portion Harvest Will Mark A Fearless Church

The dream made it clear there was no need to fear the enemy's schemes. Instead, the Church was empowered with prophetic foreknowledge to decree his weapons useless and broken. Prophetic discernment is being upgraded. An emboldened Church will arise into double portion harvest as they run fearlessly into victories only imagined before.

A courageous and discerning Bride is arising that will cause nations to take notice and turn the tide! She will not even entertain thoughts that don't come from God's presence. This Bride understands the battleground is in the mind right now and understands her royal identity empowers her to decree truth and shift regions and nations.

Don't Let Fear Keep You From Embracing Your Harvest

Be cautious to not give fear the power to inhibit you from embracing all God is doing in this pivotal moment. The tumultuous season many have walked through has caused hearts to be battle-weary and retreat. In your battle-weary state, the Father embraces you and is calling you to dream again.

It is the enemy who releases fear, not God. The Father is calling you to embrace hope as He lavishly restores and strengthens you. Many half-completed promises will be brought to completion.

There's a Pumpkin With Your Name on It

"You will govern over harvest more than you govern over lack in this next season so dream big."

There's a pumpkin with your name on it waiting to be picked up again! It says, "'For I know the plans I have for YOU,' says the Lord. 'They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give YOU a future and a hope" (Jeremiah 29:11 emphasis mine).

What other "promises" have your name on them, waiting to be picked up again? Pick up your promises again!

Choose Thanksgiving: Wisdom From a Pumpkin

It's interesting to note that a pumpkin is used for Thanksgiving and Halloween. I don't wish to discuss one's involvement in these holidays, but I do want to make the point...the same pumpkin can be used to encourage thanksgiving or to incite fear. The only difference is what someone chooses to do with it...what to use the pumpkin for. In the same way, we can choose to let our circumstances cause us to live in fear or live in thankfulness. Choose thanksgiving.

Accelerated Re-Construction

As God resets, reestablishes and revives, things can often look chaotic and confusing before new order is observable. Much is shifting quickly right now as God is preparing and positioning the Kingdom for great harvest.

Remember this is not punishment, this is God shifting things and setting you up for great increase. Don't focus on the shifting circumstances or you will feel overwhelmed. Focus on the promises of God. The truth is that this is a season of accelerated re-construction that is setting you up for a great harvest.

Reside and Decide

I keep hearing in my spirit, "Choose well!" It's imperative that you make decisions that take you into destiny and that you choose to believe what God is saying to you. There's unusual weight on our decisions as they are setting us up for significant harvest now and in years to come.

It's important to "reside and decide" in the glory like never before, hearing God's heart concerning your promises—not the enemy's. Many doors are opening for effectual ministry, promotion and breakthrough. Walk boldly through the doors God is opening and allow Him to shut the doors that are no longer necessary. Resist any fear or confusion the enemy is trying to cast over your coming year and stepping into upgrade. Find His peace and reside there in your heart. Every decision that is before you, reside in His presence and decide from His peace.

Harvest Angels for Families

Harvest angels are being released. It is interesting to note that in my dream, harvest pumpkins were sent to every home. I understood there were angels on assignment to bring blessing and harvest specifically to homes and families! (Photo via Unsplash)

God is calling in your family and the loved ones you have been praying for. Family, marriage and long-held promises are on the heart of the Lord. Expect harvest! Angelic assignments to bring in a harvest are being dispatched even now to your family. Partner with Heaven and decree salvation encounters for your family in October.

Pray! A Double Portion Harvest Requires Double Portion of Workers

Pray for the harvesters! Call in the workers! DECREE the workers are coming in. The disappointed, the hidden, the indecisive, the called and the ready to run...they will all choose God now! Pray blessing, honor and protection over the harvesters already working in the field.

There is an urgent call to pray for both the harvest and the harvesters. The harvest requires the harvesters. Therefore pray, decree and intercede for harvesters as plentiful as the coming harvest.

Finally, It's Harvest Festival Season: Get Happy!

Let childlike joy come back to the Kingdom. The only way to enjoy a harvest festival in the natural is to be like a little child and enjoy the adventure. The Father would have His Bride dream again, laugh again and enjoy the Kingdom He made for us. Harvest is fun...get happy!

Be blessed and refreshed with His joy today, and know God believes in you. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)

Jodie Hughes
Pour It Out Ministries
Pour It Out Church | Sunshine Coast

Jodie Hughes and her husband Ben live on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, along with their daughter Keely. They are Revivalists and Founders of Pour It Out Ministries. They are also Senior Leaders of Pour It Out Church and Pour It Out School of Revival. Jodie and Ben have ministered revival extensively throughout Australia, the United States and the nations. Her heart is marked by Revival and Pour It Out has been experiencing extended revival meetings known as the Pineapple Revival on the Sunshine Coast. She is a strong communicator, known for her prophetic voice sharing the heart of God in a real and disarming fashion, releasing healing, breakthrough, signs and wonders, and freedom.

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