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Gina LaMorte: "Welcome to the 60's - Now is Your Time!"

Gina LaMorte
Feb 21, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

I love this word! Of course I do...I'm 62 years old! And God just won't allow me to have normal 60-year-old thinking! Many speak of retiring in their mid-60's. Not me!

I want to know what God has in store for us, who were young in the 1960's, but also who are now in their 60's in age. We saw parts of the Jesus Movement but many of us missed some of that, including me.

I'm ready for the next phase, aren't you?

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Recently one morning, I saw a vision of a couple locked arm in arm, standing side by side. They each had grey hair and beautiful well-worn sun-kissed skin. They were dressed in comfortable and colorful free-flowing clothes. They were clearly in their 60's, but their faces were lit up with so much joy that their youthful spirit shined brighter.

Suddenly, the picture went from this couple in their 60's to a vision of the Jesus Movement, and in an instant I heard the words, "Welcome to the 60's." As I heard this, I felt a strong impression that it was time for those who are in their 60's to see the greatest move of God they've ever experienced in their lives, and that everything they've worked for in their lifetime will now come alive.

Now is the Time for Those in Their 60's

The message was very clear, "Now is the time for those in their 60's." This vision was so powerful, and while I saw that in the natural, this generation may be looked upon as tired, worn out or perhaps they have believed their best days were behind them but in fact, it was the exact opposite. I saw a generation of warriors who were up for the challenge from Daddy God and equipped with more gear (wisdom) than ever in their lives. (Photo via Flickr)

This group was armed, ready and waiting to go in for the fight of their lives with fervor and excitement to take back for the Kingdom all that was ordained before the beginning of time. They had so much joy, energy and expectancy. They were literally standing on the edge of a line waiting for God to sound the alarm and give them the "yes" they've been waiting for to move forward and take back the territory they've been contending for, for decades.

They were waiting with sickles to reap the harvest, not just because they saw it there, but because they have simply been waiting on God for to Him to say, "Yes, it's time to move." Now is the time. Now is the time. I heard God very clearly say, "These are the years they've been dreaming about. These are the harvesters. These are the chosen ones. These are the ones who have paved the way. They were born for this."

I literally saw men and women joyfully jumping and dancing together with so much excitement that they couldn't contain it. All of them laughing and rejoicing together, arm in arm, ready to run the race to win and take back the territory and reap the harvest. They knew in their spirits "the time is now."

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John Paul Jackson - California Dreaming

When I pressed in for more of what the Lord was really saying, it was like seeing a collision of the Jesus Movement and people in their 60's. There was a crossover of some sort. I then saw the word "pioneers" written out along a dirt path with trees on both sides. However, at a beach, I saw John Paul Jackson leading the way for those in their 60's. It was as if he had paved their way and broken the ground for these chosen ones. And there were many alongside of him and behind him who were ready now to fulfill the rest of this vision.

It brought excitement to my spirit and tears to my eyes as I saw the greatest move of God begin to manifest. Everything, and I mean everything, that John Paul prophesied and declared everything that was woven in the hearts of men will take place in this now time and led by those in their 60's.

As John Paul walked forward and led this pioneer pathway, I saw him look back smiling with so much peace and joy, with the most beautiful and blinding twinkle in his eye upon all those he called "friends." It was like Jesus so glaring through him. It was a movement of what God had pioneered through John Paul. These wise ones (friends), which I believe symbolic of grey hair and were skin-kissed by the "Son" have their hearts so closely knitted to the Father that what flows out of them is just a natural OVERFLOW of what they have been basking in for decades. (Photo via Wikipedia)

With Hearts Ablaze

I saw their hearts on fire, ablaze even more in the glory than when they first caught on fire for Jesus. They had the fire for God and knew they were changing the world together. I saw this generation of people in their 60's literally locking arms like a bunch of long-lost friends, linked together through Jesus. They couldn't wait to finally all come together and do what each of them individually were doing all over the world alone; but now they were standing all together like they knew each other already in the spirit.

While in the natural, it may look like time may have weakened them, but instead it was like time was non-existent because experience and wisdom had strengthened them. It was as if Isaiah 40:31-2 came to life and was marked specifically for this generation. "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not get weary, they shall walk and not faint."

I saw them bringing sons and daughters under their wings and Millennials were flocking to them for their wisdom. They were asking, "How can I become a Revivalist?" It's the wisdom from their intimacy of all that time spent with Jesus in the secret place that will simply drip off of them like honey feeding a baby bird. These 60's children will be responsible for leading Millennials into their callings. This is a tandem Kingdom operation.

Welcome to the 60's. NOW is your time. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

In style and spirit,

Gina LaMorte

Gina La Morte is a prophetic speaker, author, celebrity fashion expert and social entrepreneur with a heart to set people free and unlock their God-given dreams; releasing them into their divine destiny, in both the ministry and marketplace. Gina's compassion for people and passion for the prophetic, led her to serve as a leader in NYC with Creative Kingdom Expression. She has served with Aaron Horton, Georgian & Winnie Banov and Bethel School. She has been lead to speak at Randy Clark's GSSM, and work with Doug Addison on dream interpretation and prophetic ministry.

Gina has been a celebrity fashion stylist for O, The Oprah magazine, People StyleWatch magazine, the Academy Awards, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Nelson Mandela Foundation and Mercy Multiplied. She had been featured on FOX, ABC, CBS, and the 700 Club to name a few. She was the founder of Boho magazine, a socially conscious magazine that was sold in 37 countries and at Whole Foods, Target and more, and won the AVEDA award for Best New Magazine of the Year. In January 2017, Gina launched TRADE by Gina La Morte, her fashion brand that trades fashion for freedom, a charity supporting women and children coming out of human trafficking. She authored a book titled, Designing Your Dream which you can find on her website.

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