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Jamie Rohrbaugh: "Hidden Ones, Arise Into the Isaiah 49 Mandate!"

Jamie Rohrbaugh
Jan 21, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

More and more prophetic voices are speaking about the "Hidden Ones" coming out! Yes, you've been hidden for a reason, and God has allowed you to be rooted deeply in Him and to be trained up for great things. For those who've been hidden...this word is for you!

Jamie Rohrbaugh shares this about the hidden ones:

So many times, you've wanted out of that hidden place. You've known you could function on the outside just as well as others around you. However, Father wants you to know that you weren't made to be like the people around you; He needs YOU to go higher in order to increase His government on the earth. And the best things take the longest to cook.

God is a Master Chef. He's been cooking you a long time; but now He's ready to pull you out of His quiver and shoot you into your destiny.

I concur...hidden ones—you are about to be catapulted into your divine destiny! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Many of God's soldiers have been hidden. You've known that you were made for more, but you can't seem to get out from behind the curtain of hiddenness. But now, hidden ones, it's time to arise into the Isaiah 49 mandate!

The Isaiah 49 mandate is a set of 11 prophetic charges and reassurances originally given to Christ. However, they apply equally to Christ's Body at this time. If you've been yearning to accomplish the great exploits you know God has called you to, here are the 11 charges and reassurances that God is speaking to you right now:

The Isaiah 49 Mandate

1. Isaiah 49:1: The Lord wants to reassure you that He has called you from the womb.

Father God wants you to remember that He has always known you, and He has always known your name. He has known you from eternity past, and you are neither overlooked nor forgotten. He threw you on the womb of your mother for such a time as this.

Your life has purpose. The timing of your life is all-important. And Father God knows exactly where you are, who you are, and everything that's going on in your life, right now.

2. Isaiah 49:2: Yet, many of you have been feeling hidden and passed over; feeling that no one sees you or values you.

In most cases, it's not "all in your head." People truly have not seen you with spirit eyes or valued you like they should. However, it's crucial for you to realize that you aren't the only one who has felt that way. Jesus Himself, about whom this passage was originally written, felt hidden...because He was hidden.

Jesus was hidden like an arrow in the quiver of God. God hid His own Son in His quiver and kept Him there, unseen by men, until the right time. And at the appointed time, Father took Jesus out of His quiver and shot Him like an arrow into His destiny.

You've Been Hidden As Well

Being hidden has been frustrating, and you've felt like this hiddenness has been unjust. However, Father God wants you to know that He cooks the best things the longest.

Which is better: Eating from a pot of chili that has been cooking an hour, or eating from a pot of chili that has been simmering for three days? The three-day chili is better, of course; it has been cooking long enough for the flavors to have marinated together into one cohesive whole. In the same way, you've been cooking in God's slow cooker for many years. (Photo via Pexels)

So many times, you've wanted out of that hidden place. You've known you could function on the outside just as well as others around you. However, Father wants you to know that you weren't made to be like the people around you; He needs YOU to go higher in order to increase His government on the earth. And the best things take the longest to cook.

God is a Master Chef. He's been cooking you a long time; but now He's ready to pull you out of His quiver and shoot you into your destiny.

3. Isaiah 49:3-4: Father also wants you to know that He claims you as His servant. He is reassuring you right now that He will be glorified in you.

You have often felt that your work has been for nothing. You've anguished in your heart that you've spent your strength for God, but have nothing to show for it. Nevertheless, you've clung steadfastly to the Lord. You've trusted and believed Him for harvest, even when you have seen no harvest with your natural eyes.

But beloved, Father honors your steadfastness. He sees your faithfulness. And today, He wants to reassure you: your work has not been for nothing. He WILL be glorified in you, and He cherishes you. You are His beloved child, and you are a valuable, profitable servant to Him. He honors you and appreciates your service.

God is Upgrading Your Assignment

4. Isaiah 49:5-6: Because of your faithfulness, God is upgrading your assignment.

Papa has always intended to use you to bring His people back to Him. His hand has always been on you.

However, you previously thought you would reach one people group. But now, Father says that your first assignment is too small. You didn't know it, but He's had better things in store for you all along, and He is releasing you into the bigger assignment. (Photo via Flickr)

Your divine upgrade extends now to the ends of the earth!

In the coming days, you will find your horizon widening. This increase in spiritual vision is from the Lord. You will find that your prior limits have been removed and the former boundaries erased. Your testimony and your witness will now extend to the ends of the earth, and you will demonstrate God's salvation—His Yeshua, Jesus—around the globe.

Psalm 2:8: "Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for Your possession."

5. Isaiah 49:7: The days of being despised and abhorred are over.

People have failed to see you with Spirit-led perspective. They have seen only in the natural, failing to look at you with God's eyes. Nevertheless, you have continued to serve those in authority over you. You have faithfully served someone else's greater vision, as is fitting in the Kingdom.

Father wants you to know today that it is His way to honor you. In your new assignment, those in authority will listen to you because Father's anointing and glory on you will be so obvious. Father will honor you with influence for the sake of His Christ. His stamp of approval will be obvious to all who see you.

You Are Becoming a Spiritual Father or Mother

6. Isaiah 49:8-9a: Now God is giving you as a gift to His people. You are to become a spiritual father or mother.

Father has heard your cry, and He is now giving you, personally, as a gift to the people. You may think that is a prideful thing to imagine, but it's not. Abba Father has crafted you in His hands all this time specifically to be a gift to His people.

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And as God's gift, His covenant, to His people, you have four assignments:

• To bring restoration over all the earth;

• To hand out spiritual inheritances that have lain desolate and unused—causing those inheritances to be picked up and used again;

• To command those who are bound in darkness to come into the light, freedom, and abundance that Christ died to give us; and

• To help those who have been hiding to RISE UP and put their hands to the plow, fully occupying themselves with God's call.

All these things are what spiritual fathers and mothers do. Isaiah 49:8-9 is a description of making disciples like Jesus did, which is fathering (and mothering).

YOU are now to become a spiritual father or mother. YOU are to raise up every person you can into his or her spiritual inheritance. You are to encourage, equip, and build up God's people to walk in the light. This is YOUR assignment. (Photo via Free Great Pictures)

7. Isaiah 49:9b-12: As you go about fulfilling your assignment, be assured of God's provision.

As you go about the work of raising people up into their inheritances, Father is going to provide good pasture for you and yours. He will feed you in high places. You will have all the safety and provision you need; for Jesus Himself, that great Shepherd of the sheep, will lead you and guide you. And as Father leads you along His high roads, you will find others following you from places you never expected.

God's Mercy and Covenant

8. Isaiah 49:13-16: You are about to see the manifestation of God's mercy and covenant in your life.

Beloved, you have seen much hardship and tribulation in years past. Now, we are moving into a season where, because of the covenant God has made with us His people, we will see manifestations and demonstrations of His mercy instead.

Psalm 106:44-46: "Nevertheless He regarded their affliction, when He heard their cry; and for their sake He remembered His covenant, and relented according to the multitude of His mercies. He also made them to be pitied by all those who carried them away captive" (emphases mine).

As Apostle Dutch Sheets has been teaching the Body that covenant and mercy go together. And we, God's people, are not like other people who do not have a covenant. Because we have been grafted into God's covenant with Abraham through Christ, we have access to all the power, provision, protection, and mercy that that covenant carries.

So rejoice! Let rejoicing and singing break forth from your heart and life, and call on God's mercy by virtue of His covenant.

9. The Lord will never give up on us, and we should never give up on others either.

As you walk through this process of becoming a spiritual father or mother, you may wonder sometimes if you should give up on people or situations. The answer? No.

The Word of God says that He will never forget us, for we are His children. We are inscribed on the palms of His hands. In the same way, since we are to become like Christ in all things, we are never to give up on anybody. We are never to forget even "the least of these." Well-meaning people may try to convince you to walk away from certain people, but don't listen.

Believe in your sons and daughters unflinchingly. Love them enduringly and unconditionally. Such is the heart of God for us, and this must be our heart of love for others as well.

Your Children Are Coming Home!

10. Isaiah 49:17-23: Many of you have wandering children (natural or spiritual), and you've been wondering if they will ever come back.

It's not that you're doubting God's ability to bring them back. Rather, you have been asking yourselves: "Will my children ever choose to get right with God? Will I ever reap the love and relationship into which I have sown all these years?" (Photo via Flickr)

And the answer to those questions is: YES.

Isaiah 49 says that all the forces that laid you waste are fleeing from you right now. Look up! Your children are coming home. Yes, you shall have your children back. Destruction is fleeing from you, and your children are going to return to honor you. It may take time; God's work in your children is a process. But Isaiah 49:20 guarantees that the children you thought were lost to you will return to you. They will actually ask you to make room for them in your life again.

When they do, be sure to answer with love and grace. Put your ring on that child's finger. Place your best robe on their back. Throw a party in their honor. Your child that was lost will be found again. The children you thought left you bereaved will again be the children of your inheritance. Beloved, your babies are coming back.

11. Isaiah 49:24-26: You're going to be safe in this new assignment.

Mighty men can be defeated, but the Lord God of Heaven cannot. In this season, know that God Himself will contend with him who contends with you. He's not only saving your children, but He's perfecting everything else that concerns you too. The God of angel armies is on your side, and He has something to prove.

You Are Not Alone

Father Himself has promised that He will protect and defend you so powerfully that ALL flesh shall know that He is your Savior—your personal Savior—who shows Himself mighty on your behalf.

Beloved, if you've been hidden, you have a powerful new assignment.

You are to become a spiritual father or mother, raising people up into their lost inheritances. Your influence is to extend over all the earth if you will ask for nations. Father will perfect all things that concern you as you do His work, and you don't have to fear any part of His mandate on your life.

Will you accept the challenge? (To Subscribe to the Elijah List go here.)

Jamie Rohrbaugh
From His Presence

Jamie Rohrbaugh is an author, speaker, and presence-seeker whose heart is for the local church. Called to intercession and prophetic ministry, her passion is to see sons and daughters transformed by the love of Abba Father. Jamie blogs for a global readership at, where she writes about prayer, personal revival, and the supernatural lifestyle and she has written for various ministry outlets. She holds a Master's in Biblical Studies from Berea Seminary and is a grateful member of the Redbud Writers Guild. Jamie serves as a domestic missionary in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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