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Phyllis Ford: "Make the Climb to Your Promise!"

by Phyllis Ford
Sep 28, 2016

September 28, 2016

"Make the Climb to Your Promise!"
by Phyllis Ford, Arlington, TX

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:

Steve ShultzIn this dream by Phyllis Ford, Phyllis shares what God is teaching her and all of us on how to proceed with the challenges that arise before us as we walk out our lives.

Sometimes the Lord gives "visuals" to help us "see" what it is that HE wants to convey. Part of the message is, "Don't seek the easy path" but seek the "right" path.

We will all have challenges. What is important is how we handle those challenges with the Lord.


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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


"Make the Climb to Your Promise!"
by Phyllis Ford, Arlington, TX

Dream: Climb to the Promise

I want to be transparent with you because I believe it may help someone.

I dreamt the other morning that I was driving along a pathway that ended where there was no longer any traffic; in fact, if I was to proceed I would have to walk it out. So I got out of the vehicle and began to walk. I looked ahead and saw a tunnel that was dark in appearance and I could not really determine what I was seeing, but I could see a light within this place. I kept going and I entered into a circular narrow place, but the light was bright at the top.

All the while, I knew I would have to climb upward, so I started to climb. As I climbed, I was thinking, "How would I be able to reach the top?" Then I saw I had a cloak that I was carrying. I hollered up to the light and asked if I could throw my cloak up. No one replied. But while I was climbing I became suddenly aware of the fact that it wasn't as difficult as it seemed.

When I finally reached the top, I was helped up by those who were already there. To the left was the promise of those things that the Lord told me He would do. But to the right I couldn't see clearly just yet, but I knew it was greater than the things that were visible.

Dream Interpretation: Make the Climb!

The Lord gave me my dream interpretation... and I am not usually the one to get the dream interpretations.

The Lord told me while we are traveling along the path to our destined lives, we reach a place where the vehicle that we are in will only take us so far. So we must advance by taking steps (definition of walking). Then we reach a point where we are to enter into the most significant part of our journey.

Watch the psychological warfare, because in reality things are not as difficult as we think. These are only "perceptions" of those things that will try to hinder us if we let them. Make the climb.

The cloak was the mantle that has graced my life. Trying to carrying it was not the issue. If it is ours we can shoulder it. It is a process of the climb. Reaching the top of that particular path was a goal set before us all. But also there was a fulfillment of that which He has promised. But at our right hand were even greater things (as we navigate along our paths through His presence).

Keep on going because even at that point there is more - for there is a path that is beyond the path that is visible! Blessings upon your own journey in the precious name of the Lord Jesus.

In words prior, I have always liked to remind people, that, because we are intercessors between Earth and Heaven, remember to continue to pray for our families, communities and the nations.

Phyllis Ford
Phyllis Ford Ministries


Phyllis Ford has been called by God's grace to be a prophetic vessel. For the last 30 years she has been active in women's ministry and carries a strong emphasis toward prayer and intercession. She travels internationally and has released the Word of the Lord on the Internet for the past 10 years. She has conducted training in spiritual warfare, prophetic schools, and deliverance workshops, and also worked with abused and addicted women in secular settings for the State of Illinois. Phyllis lives in the DFW area in Texas and has three sons and one daughter.


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