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Keith Luker: "We Are Now in a Prophetic Convergence that is Pointing to the Great 'No Ebb' Revival"

by Keith Luker
Apr 29, 2016

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Revival and awakening are on the heart of God in this day and hour! So much prophetic revelation is coming in about what God IS doing...and we get to cooperate with Him and all of Heaven to release His glory across the earth.

Keith shares here:

Another wave of revival is breaking in North America and I want to encourage everyone to jump on the bandwagon of what Holy Spirit is doing right now! Ask the Lord what your response should be and then RESPOND to Him with all your might!

Now that's EVERYONE as Keith we all get to partake and be a part of what the Holy Spirit is releasing!

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News

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History of Arthur Burt and the No Ebb Prophecy

Arthur Burt was born in 1912 in the United Kingdom. Bob Jones was born in 1930. A few short years later in 1934, Arthur was a young man of about 22 years when he heard a young man prophesy in a meeting with several others:

God said: "It shall come as a breath, and the breath shall bring the wind, and the wind shall bring the rain...and there shall be floods and floods and floods, and torrents and torrents and torrents. Souls shall be saved like falling leaves from the mighty oaks, swept by a hurricane. Arms and legs will come down from Heaven...and there shall be no ebb."

These words so moved Arthur that he grabbed a hold of them and Arthur carried this prophecy in his spirit his entire life and spoke it in private and in public countless times.

Sixty-four years later, Kathie Walters called Bob Jones and asked him if he had anything for Wales. Bob said no, but that he did have a word for an old man in Wales that Kathie had just been with. She had just been with Arthur Burt! Bob continued, "This man received a prophetic word a very long time ago. He was with a group of people when the word came, and all those people have died, and he is the only one left alive of that group. Tell him he will see the word." (Photo: Arthur Burt via

Prophetic Signs and Meeting Arthur Burt

I made my annual ministry trip to the U.K. in 2012, the year the summer Olympics were in England. Beni Johnson and Kathie Walters had released a prophetic word about the bells ringing in England for revival. Beni said that bells would ring that had not been rung in a long time. After this, Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee occurred from June 2-5, and bells were rung on a "floating belfry" on the River Thames and many church bells were rung. Also, another plan was in place for the all the bells in the country to be rung at the same time for three minutes starting at 8:12 AM on July 27 to welcome the nations to England for the Olympics.

Many prophetic people realized that the Queen was unknowingly commanding the entire kingdom to engage in a prophetic act and that we were in fact welcoming the nations of the world to England for revival! It was my honor to help ring the bell that day at St. Luke's Cathedral in Newcastle. This grand old Anglican Church was in disrepair and had recently been given to a wonderful, spirit-filled Vicar to restore. As we went outside and listened, it was an awesome sound to hear ALL the bells ringing across the entire kingdom!

Later, on that same trip, I was standing in Pastor Alan Dickinson's church in Whitley Bay, England, and he was telling me a story. He said one day he was in his church building and Arthur Burt walked in and was looking around inside. Alan asked him, "May I help you?" Arthur said, "This used to be my house. In fact, I was born in this house!" Alan was stunned and amazed. As Alan and I stood there together in his church, he began to tell me about the "no ebb" prophecy that Arthur had told him and how Bob Jones had confirmed that Arthur would see this word come to pass in his lifetime.

This is where it gets crazy. While Alan was telling me this story, Arthur Burt walked in the door and Alan said to me, "Well, there he is right there!" Arthur was 100 years old and came shuffling in the door at that very moment! I immediately ran over to this dear general and knelt down in front of him and asked him to pray for me. (Photo: Arthur Burt and Keith Luker)

All I could think about was this revival with no ebb and the prophetic timing of Arthur walking in while we were talking about it and laying hands on me 78 years later in the house where he was born! I didn't tell Arthur what to pray, but he asked the Lord to do something through me that was so unusual that it would be unusually seen! He also asked God to give me that one thing that my heart desired more than anything else. You can guess what that one thing was...revival!

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A National Awakening

On Valentine's Day (2/14/14) Bob Jones went home to be with the Lord. Arthur Burt joined him in Heaven a few months later at the age of 102.

The fruit of catching that mantle that Arthur Burt gave me has been astounding these last four years. I have seen extended meetings and unprecedented power with signs and wonders break out in Oklahoma (6 months); Denver; England; Germany; Salzburg, Austria; Birmingham, Alabama; Arizona (2 months); Albuquerque and Abilene, Texas (2 months); and Richmond, Virginia (5 weeks).

I have been announcing that we are now in the beginning stages of a national awakening since 2012. I have personally seen more hunger to pursue the Lord intensely in the past four years than ever before. And God has been answering the cry of His children for MORE of Him!

Now is the time! The billion soul harvest that Bob Jones saw has begun. The stadium vision that Paul Cain had is starting to be fulfilled. The "no ebb" revival has come as a "breath," and it will increase more and more without subsiding until the coming of the Lord.

After the AzusaNow gathering in Los Angeles, and the outbreak of the Holy Spirit in San Diego and Seattle, the West Coast Rumble prophecy of James Goll is in full swing. Another wave of revival is breaking in North America and I want to encourage everyone to jump on the bandwagon of what Holy Spirit is doing right now! Ask the Lord what your response should be and then RESPOND to Him with all your might! (Photo: Azusa Now April 9, 2016)

The spectator era of the Church is over. There is an army rising up, empowered by God Himself to take territory for the Kingdom of Heaven. Great acceleration and expansion is here for the taking. I saw 100 fires burning all over America! This is the beginning of the greatest revival of the Church and awakening of the world this planet has ever seen. What are you going to do with this engraved invitation from Jesus? Maranatha!

Side Note: I am a fourth generation revivalist going back to my great great grandfather John Wesley Luker who was a Methodist circuit rider. My dad was also born in 1930 (same year as Bob Jones) and the ringing of the bells in England happened on his birthday, July 27!

Keith Luker
Outpouring Ministries


Keith and Sanna Luker are prophetic worship revivalists who are chasing God as hard as they can and are completely desperate for the presence and power of God at all costs! They are the founders of Outpouring Ministries, a prophetic worship and revival ministry dedicated to seeing the tabernacle of David restored in this generation and the fire of revival spread to every corner of the globe. The Lukers have been in the ministry as worship leaders, missionaries, church planters, pastors, and revivalists for more than 30 years. Since 1989 they have recorded nine albums of their music and have produced more than a dozen projects for other artists. They live in Redding, California, with their son John Samuel and their daughters, MaCasilyn Rose and Anna Justice.

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