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Cindy McGill: "God is Financing What He Builds – His Plan, His Church, His Harvest"

by Cindy McGill
Oct 1, 2015

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

When I want to know what's going on "outside" the church, I look to Cindy McGill's articles and ministry. I've said many, many times that Cindy is the "real deal" and has enormous experience out in the highways and byways... she knows how to successfully reach the unreachable. Cindy and her teams hold outreaches in events like the Burning Man and go to Porn events, physic fairs and more to minister the LOVE of Christ.

You'll "learn" a great deal from Cindy's article...

"God's got this. He knows what He is doing, how He wants it done, and He is trying to instruct us in something new that we have never done before. This is HIS plan, HIS Church, HIS harvest and we are in a 'learning curve' like never before. It's exciting and stretching for us, but the results are above and beyond what we can think up or ask for."

...AND for those in our neck of the woods here in Oregon, Cindy McGill is coming later this month to Salem, Oregon at Life Church for an Invading the Darkness with Love (one-day training) to teach others who would like to learn just HOW to minister to those outside the Church. Just click here for more info.

Are you up for the challenge to Learn and to Love?

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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Times and Seasons

It's time for change. It has to happen. God is driving. The Lord is building His house where we will not labor in vain to build it. New structures and expressions are being birthed to contain THIS harvest during the greatest outpouring from Heaven. The world has changed and so must the Church. We are not in the 70s anymore. Our world is sinking into deep darkness and we have been called to be the lights that illuminate the way in this hour.

Jesus spent most of His time out and about with people who were not even close to coming to a temple. His whole passion was to heal ALL who were oppressed by the devil. He not only healed their bodies but also their hearts, minds, and spirits. Those who were forgiven much loved much more.

God Gives the Plan

In 2003, I was doing a dream interpretation school on an Indian reservation in Idaho. That night I had a dream with clear instruction on how to compel today's seekers to receive the Lord. In the dream, God spoke to me about a menu board with items on it to "scratch the itch" of the seekers and to create "prophetic healing circles" of no more than three people. The menu board had language on it like "organic spiritual alignment," "original root recovery," "spiritual cleansing and re-definement." (Photo via Pixabay)

In between the small circles, I saw intercessors. God told me to call them "spiritual connectors," as they are the ones to pray during the encounters. When I awoke, I knew it was a new blueprint for reaching this generation who were turned off by church. When I got home, I told my husband about the dream and we set off to our local park to try it out. Literally, within minutes, we were swarmed with young people from the local drum circle, who were desperate for a life change with a God they could relate to, who met them at the point of their need.

The next year, I went with a team to the Burning Man festival in Nevada, where tens of thousands of people gather for a week-long lifestyle of radical self-expression. We gave great room for the Holy Spirit to move, and again we were swarmed with seekers from every walk of life.

Two years later, I branched off with the concepts God had given me in the dream to create another camp and expand a Jesus-presence at this popular festival.

Report From the Desert

For our outreach teams, this was our 11th year in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada at the Burning Man event. Our ministry theme camp, Freedom Lounge, was once again PACKED out with seekers who would never, ever, ever darken the door of a church. These are the creative ones, the spiritual ones, who wander out in the highways and byways. Their mindset and lifestyles are expressed in every form of twisted mindsets based on today's influences, but Jesus doesn't seem to mind that. He ALWAYS, ALWAYS looks on the hearts of men. He sees the ones He made, knows their journey, and is passionate to bring them out of destructive lifestyles into hope and a future. (Photo of Freedom Lounge via Cindy McGill)

A welcome mat is placed at the door of our tent for those whom the Father draws so they can freely "taste and see" for once in their lives that the Lord is GOOD. There is no condemnation, shaming, or judgement allowed, only unconditional love and acceptance. As a result of doing things God's way, our tent remains full for the whole week, as those who feel His love go and get their friends to have the same experience. It's like the woman at the well who went into the village after an encounter with the Jesus who didn't judge her, and told all of her friends to come and meet Him, too.

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If We Don't Follow Jesus, Our Efforts Will Fail

God KNOWS where the fish are and the timing. Peter had fished all night using the methods he knew about and caught nothing, but when Jesus showed up, He told Peter where to cast his net, and the catch was so full the net started to break. In order to effectively reach THIS HARVEST, we will have to be teachable, moldable, and let Him instruct us. Being TEACHABLE is huge. God sees the beginning from the end and is well aware of His strategy and plan.

Jesus was really clear on how to fish men. He said, "FOLLOW ME (LISTEN TO ME)...and I'll MAKE you fishers of men." He did not say, "Follow trends, other people, your own thoughts, your old ways, your talking points." Instead, He said to pay attention and He will teach us about His compelling that love draws even the most bruised, hurting, and traumatized heart into a loving transformation with the One who made them, and their lives are forever changed. (Photo via Pixabay)

Every person has their own journey we are not aware of. Their hunger and thirst is, for that one moment, where unconditional love and acceptance is not only felt but embraced, resulting in receiving the One who has never left their side, but they did not know He was there.

Be Wise as Serpents, Harmless as Doves

Have you ever watched a serpent approach its prey? The serpent doesn't announce his presence but lays low, undetected, and waits for the right moment to make its move. We seek God's wisdom for these days and the days ahead. Our thoughts are not God's thoughts and our ways are not His. He is communicating a strong message to us, and we MUST be teachable to His instruction and warnings.

God's got this. He knows what He is doing, how He wants it done, and He is trying to instruct us in something new that we have never done before. This is HIS plan, HIS Church, HIS harvest and we are in a learning curve like never before. It's exciting and stretching for us, but the results are above and beyond what we can think up or ask for.

God is Financing What He Builds

We have been hearing about an outpouring of finances amidst the world's voice of economic collapse. God OWNS it all, and the finances He is releasing is for the work of the ministry, preparation for the days ahead, and for relief of debts in this Jubilee year. God is building HIS Church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it. When finances are poured out, it is wisdom not to set our hearts on the money, but that we use it for the intended purpose. There are faith-based films emerging filled with hope and promise, new spiritual communities where the Holy Spirit is honored and given free expression and creativity from Heaven that we have never, ever seen before. (Photo via Pixabay)

Our best days are ahead, and God is driving. Let Him tear down old structures that don't work and build new ones according to His blueprint and plan. When we allow the GENERAL Contractor to build according to His vision, people will beat the door down to come to meet Him.

Cindy McGill
Hope for the Harvest Ministries


Cindy McGill's passion to help people find their lives' purpose, receive healing from life's trauma and live their lives to the fullest. She travels internationally, teaching on the subject of dreams and dream interpretation. She also leads "dream teams" using innovative methods to help others discover the hidden meanings behind their dreams and give them a chance to find hope and truth at their point of need. Since 1979, she and her husband Tim have given their lives to helping people redefine their lives and find healing and direction. They have two grown daughters and four grandchildren.

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October 17, 2015 (9:30am-5:30pm)
Invading the Darkness with Love (one-day training)
Life Church Salem
255 College Dr NW, Salem, OR
Contact: 503-362-0362 or click here

November 14-15, 2015
Joyland Church
10605 Green Mountain Falls Rd., Green Mountain Falls, CO
Contact: 719-684-9418 or

December 6-8, 2015
Hope City Church
6135 Lakeside Drive, Unit 137, Reno, NV 89509
Contact: click here

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