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Johnny Enlow: The California Gold Rush, Part II

by Johnny Enlow
Jul 30, 2013

Steve Shultzfrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

I've been fascinated with the GOLD words by Johnny Enlow and others because – as early as 1981, when I lived in California – the Lord began to put in my spirit the picture of one day bending down and simply picking up gold on the land in California. I never wrote about it because I was uncertain as to the definiteness or literalness of the revelation.

Then as I read this word by Johnny Enlow, my decades-ago revelation came to me again.

Johnny's word is about two things: 1) Literal GOLD discoveries about to be made; and 2) the revelation about the precious-as-gold souls that are about to be mined so that they too can come into the Kingdom.

For the Kingdom's sake, many of the discoveries to be revealed in precious resources within the land – will teach the Church many "how-to's" about the harvesting of souls. In some cases, soul harvesting will be as easy as bending down and picking up gold from the dirt.

This word by Johnny Enlow mentions what is known as the 120-mile "Mother Lode" area. You can research some of what was written about this literal area by going to this 2012 article (click here), or you can see a general area on this map (click here).


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This is a second posting – a Part II of a word Johnny Enlow received about a Gold Rush in California. To read the first part (click here).

As we arrived to our new home in Valencia, California, where gold was first discovered in the State, I began to dialogue with the Lord as to His promises over California. In my spirit this is what I heard Him say...

"I hear the questions many of you in California are asking. You are saying, 'How can there be another Gold Rush? Even if the gold is there, it is now too cost prohibitive to go after it. Environmental restrictions make it too economically unviable to even attempt to mine the gold.' Some of you think either there is no more gold or it can't be accessed, I tell you that I, THE LORD, am the ultimate expert on these matters and you are wrong on both of these.

"The Golden State is still full of Gold AND I am going to make it worth your mining effort. I am going to entice you into treasure hunting with Me. As I told you in the Scripture, "The Kingdom of God is like a treasure hid in the field" (Matthew 13:44) – the objective of advancing MY Kingdom is all about experiencing a proper treasure hunting dynamic. I am going to teach you by what I do in California. The field there has treasure, and if you will join in My adventurous ways, you will be invited to experience joyful discoveries of secret treasures.

An Underground "Fort Knox"

Dream"There is an underground "Fort Knox" in California that is worth trillions of dollars. It is in the 120-mile long section called 'The Mother Lode.' There is a vein of gold so thick and solid that the treasure does not need to come 'out of the field' to be valuable. My Kingdom is like a treasure hid IN THE FIELD. It does not need to be separated from the field to be made valuable.

"Even as you, My golden sons and daughters, do not need to be separated from your 'field of dirt' and challenges to be valuable, even so, there is a new way of discovering and classifying this gold that is to lead to a new economic reality for California, for America, and even the world. This gold does not need to be mined to be considered an asset. It is an asset whether you separate it from the rock and soil or not. I have released the technology so that this gold vein's existence can conclusively be identified. It is as if there were an underground Fort Knox and it is so secure that you don't have to worry about guarding it.

"As a state and as a nation, under present economic precepts, you are permitted to print money that is backed by that asset. I am a real and practical God. There are Josephs that I am giving the plan to on how to move this forward contractually. It doesn't need to be complicated. Your age of restoration is upon you and I will not allow the enemy to destroy the world economy. Yes, of course, he is always trying to do this and yes, he uses wicked and selfish men. He comes to steal, kill and destroy. I come as the Desire of the nations and Mine is the silver and Mine is the gold. I always have a plan to trump what the enemy would desire.

"My children, I ask you to cease focusing on his conspiracies and turn your attention to Me and what I make available to you. You can either be driven to immobilizing fear – by attention to the wicked and their conspiracies – or you can ask of Me the nations as your inheritance. You choose. My treasure, My Kingdom, is everywhere, and I will make an example in California that will testify to every tongue, tribe, and nation. I am bigger than your giants and I will stun you and the nations with My goodness."

Multiple Levels of Gold: Shallow, Mid-level, and Deep Gold

"Furthermore, I am releasing gold at multiple levels even in California. I have shallow gold, mid-level gold, and deep gold. You will hear of discoveries in all depths. Rivers will flood and reveal new gold rushing possibilities. It will be in the water, it will be in the sand, it will be in the rocks, it will be in the mountains, it will be – Men will dig in their back yards and discover gold nuggets.

Dream"Gold will be discovered in your sand that you will better know how to separate and extract. I will release 'gold equivalent' in your sands and in your deserts. There are 7 'golds' that are already in your sands and in your deserts. These are 'gold equivalents' whose name would not mean much to you at this point. Gold will be found everywhere. It will be in the water, it will be in the sand, it will be in the rocks, it will be in the mountains, it will be hiding in plain sight, it will be hidden in not so plain sight.

"California, it is time to play Treasure Hunt with Me. I am inviting you on an exhilarating wild adventure that will be full of ME. I will make you again the Golden State and it will speak to you and all – the reality, that I have undiscovered treasures everywhere. I am going to develop in you treasure hunting skills so you can discover what I have hidden in nations, in cities, in families, and in individuals. I am inviting you to find ME, the Pearl of great price, everywhere you go. Cease to be distracted by the field and know the treasure is IN THE FIELD.

"The whole earth is already filled with My glory/treasures, and I need a people who can joyfully find and reveal this glory. Again, I tell you, that I am Who the nations desire and the silver and the gold is Mine. So are the cures for every major illness. So are the new energy forms. So are the new better ways of doing everything. My ways are treasures to be discovered and they are the better way of doing everything. You can find Me in government, in education, in media, in arts and in all of life. It is a treasure I have to offer the nations and you must begin to seek for these at this time and cease to analyze and validate the giants in the land.

"ALL giants are designed to be bread for you, but you must carry a treasure hunting-spirit rather than a giant-hunting spirit. Whichever you look for you will find. Did I not cause for even gold dust and specks to manifest in your meetings and on your hands and on your faces when you searched for it while enjoying My Presence? I am asking you to expand that same dynamic into society itself. I can make gold show up anywhere – even if it wasn't there before. That is the lesson I taught you in your Glory Meetings. Now look for it and experience it everywhere."


"And I am asking to you to do this joyfully. I am asking for My army of Pollyannas to arise. I am asking you to carry a contagious GLAD spirit. This is the kind of GLADiator I am looking for in this day. Your mortal enemy is hopelessness, anxiety, and fear. Be anxious for nothing. Fear nothing. Be My golden gladiators. You be My treasure that is hidden in the field of the nations of the world.

"In turn, you then discover even new hidden treasures in what you assumed was all dirt. I have a treasure to be desired in every nation, every city, every family, and every person. I am asking you to TREASURE HUNT WITH ME. I am going to turn around California, the forerunner state, and you will know that I can do this anywhere and everywhere."

Johnny Enlow

Johnny Enlow is a social reformer, international speaker, spiritual mentor, and author of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, and Rainbow God. He and his wife Elizabeth are focused on awakening individuals to their call to provide practical solutions from the heart of God for every problem in society- until the real God of all of life is displayed in the 7 primary areas of culture in all nations: Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education.

Johnny Enlow's Itinerary:

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August 12-17, 2013
Apostolic Conference with Femi & Remi Ogunrinde
Speakers: Dr. John Benefiel, Bobby Conner, Randy Demain, Johnny Enlow and Barbara Wentroble
Lighthouse To All Nations
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August 30-31, 2013
Living in the Supernatural Kingdom Leadership Institute
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September 1-3, 2013
KLI Inauguration
Bogota, Colombia

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