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Cindy McGill: Presence Breathes Life into the Promise

by Cindy McGill
May 20, 2013

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

When you begin to feel that your Promises from God are starting to come alive again – it's important to grasp that it is GOD HIMSELF who is BREATHING on those very promises...ON PURPOSE.

Read Cindy McGill's word here. Many may not know the "credentials" Cindy holds and what I mean by that is this...Cindy is yearly being called into some of the darkest of the dark places on earth – to rescue many who are trapped by the enemy.

Cindy brings the love of God into the places few are willing to go. She is truly Jesus' arms of love to a hurting world. I've watched some private videos and marveled at her successful ministry to a "forgotten" world; but then, they are not forgotten because God sends CINDY as HIS ambassador to rescue the perishing. She knows firsthand of what she speaks.


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In 2 Kings 4:8-36, the Shunammite woman who had no son, took action to prepare a place for Elisha to come and rest on his frequent journeys Shunam. Others in the town had the same opportunity, but she wasn't going to miss it by being casual about making room for the "presence". Her act of faith and expectancy didn't go unnoticed by God.

She was given a son as a result of her kindness but the son suddenly died. She went out to find Elisha and did not involve anyone else in her quest to get before the "one" who could do something about her situation. Her determination and unwillingness to let her "promise" die, fueled her to action.

Then she found Elisha, she compelled him to come back to her house and do something about this perceived problem. When they arrived back at the house, she laid her "dead promise" on the bed of "presence" and it was resurrected and lived to fulfill his destiny.

It's time for Our Dead Promises to Live - Where the Presence Is - There is Life

What were the personal promises you received from God? Find them, present them before God, do not back off from demanding them to live, and God will take action to "overshadow" them, and breathe life into them again.

We are created for a purpose and God has given us a job to do on this earth. Jesus, who IS life is in the business of swallowing up death. Life and death cannot live in the same arena. Remember back to what you have been asked of God to do. What was His instruction to you? Our greatest days are ahead. Death is never final when Jesus is around.

Living in His Presence Will Get Us Back in the Saddle

Whatever has caused you to throw in the towel was only an attempt to get you discouraged. It is just a temporary setback. God's not falling off of His throne because of our excuses or missed opportunities. When we "re-enlist" in Kingdom building and living, we are positioned for Him to use us in ways we have not even imagined.

There will always be people who tell you "no" and try and discourage you from doing what God has asked you to do, but God didn't give them the assignment. He gave it to YOU.

Where God guides, He provides, and His presence is the place for instruction and power. Consider the tenacity of the Shunammite woman and model it. She refused to blab on and on to everyone about her seemingly hopeless situation. She was determined to see her promise live.

Discouragement Always Seems the Strongest Just Before Breakthrough

It's always the darkest just before the dawn. This is not a time to quit, it's a time to see the bigger picture. Eyes of faith know how to see the unseen realm. Nothing is impossible to those who believe. God doesn't give a promise to you that He is not committed to fulfill. Just because it's been a long time doesn't mean it won't happen. Brush off discouragement and get yourself back in the game.

Prison Doors Are Open and Gateways of Hope Are Appearing

Doors are open now to go into some of the darkest places and take the "light". Up until now, these arenas were contested and closed to us, but we are now equipped with an authority from Heaven as carriers of the "'light" to dispel darkness. This "love" fueled fire will give us the tools needed to remove chains from the prisoners of darkness and make them prisoners of hope.

The key is to follow Jesus into those places and allow Him to show us how to effectively reach those we are being sent to rescue. Using our own understanding or past methods will only backfire on us and frustrate the efforts. If we are willing to listen and do it His way, then He will open more opportunities for us. The Holy Spirit is the "Spirit of Truth" and He knows how to instruct us in bringing someone out of prison and into freedom.

Breathe Life Into the Children

The woman's son had a purpose, a calling, and this woman was not about to let his voice and purpose die. She determined to get him connected to the "presence". Our investment in the children is one of the most important things we can do. People are looking for family values and investing in our kids is investing in our future. They are the leaders who are created by God to bring reformation to our nation and world. They are resilient and designed to usher in God's Kingdom.

The kids of today will host one of the greatest moves from Heaven that the earth has ever seen. They are champions, world changers, tenacious and gifted. The "Herod" spirit of murder through abortion and abduction, will only be dwarfed by the strong heavenly anointing God is placing on this next generation. The war is strong because of what God is getting ready to do. Revival is coming on these young ones that will confound the wise. They have beaten death and are living to declare the goodness of God with signs, wonders, miracles, authority and power.

Something's Stirring

Hope and BlessingWe all feel it. God is preparing the stage for a huge move from Heaven. Reformation and revival are on the way. Creative words rest in our mouths.

Life words will defeat dead works. When we speak life into dangerous situations, we can actually see the transformation and situations can turn around in a moment of time.

Our position is to make a place for His presence and get into His presence and stay there. That is where power and authority are given. It's where we have access to the strategy room in Heaven and get our assignments. In His presence, we are hidden from the enemy and can complete every assignment we are given to do.

Cindy McGill
Hope for the Harvest


Cindy McGill is founder of "Hope for the Harvest Ministries" and currently co-pastors a Foursquare church in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband Tim. They have been involved in pastoring, evangelism, and church planting since 1975. Cindy recently authored a book called, "What your dreams are telling you, unlocking solutions while you sleep" and has been published by Chosen/Baker Publishers for a September release. She has taught at various Bible schools and been on numerous TV talk shows and radio programs and travels nationally and internationally, helping churches raise up evangelism teams, teaching on Godly character, ministering in prophecy, dream interpretation, and word of knowledge. Her passion is leading teams of ordinary people who love Jesus into the streets, hospitals, pubs, new age arenas and anywhere the Lord directs. She has hosted and led nation-wide outreach events such as the Olympics, Sundance Film Festival, Burning man Festival, Las Vegas, Maui, Hawaii, Ireland, England and Scotland. Using dream interpretation and prophetic evangelism, the door has been opened to share the Gospel to multitudes of people, who might not otherwise have heard the message.

Cindy McGill's Itinerary:

Note: Events are subject to change at the ministry's discretion. We suggest you always check first with the event contact listed here and/or directly visit their website for latest updates on each event.

July 13-15, 2013
Carson City event with Bob Johnson

August 24-31, 2013
Burning Man Outreach
Black Rock City, Nevada

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