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EXTRA BULLETIN: Chuck Pierce: Stare Eye to Eye Until Your Enemy Retreats

by Chuck Pierce
Nov 13, 2010

November 13 , 2010
EXTRA BULLETIN: Chuck Pierce: Stare Eye to Eye Until Your Enemy Retreats

From the desk of Steve Shultz:

We wanted to push out this extra word by Chuck Pierce as soon as possible. It is a time-sensitive word for us to NOT move out of our position with the Lord during the next several days. There's much God is doing in this hour and the enemy is trying his best to come in like a flood and have us take our eyes off of the Lord and what He is doing on our behalf. Don't let the wolves push you back, but instead "stare eye to eye" until the enemy retreats as Chuck shares below.

Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News


Chuck Pierce: Stare Eye to Eye Until Your enemy Retreats

Chuck D. Pierce

Dear Focused Friends:

Below is a powerful prophetic word that came forward on Wednesday night during our corporate "Breaking of the Hebraic Day" prayer watch.

Psalm 110 says, "The Lord said to my Lord, 'Sit at My right hand, till I make Your enemies Your footstool.' The Lord shall send the rod of Your strength out of Zion. Rule in the midst of Your enemies!"

The Lord says, "There is a victory coming through the Holy Spirit. Do not move out of your position with Me during the next several days. Stay positioned with Me. From that place of victory you will rule. For I will give you a scepter to rule over your enemies, and your enemies will not rule over you. I am bringing RULE with Me.

"Where the enemy told you, 'The Lord doesn't reign,' I say that I am seating you in heavenly places with Christ Jesus so that you can see where you reign through Him. Open your eyes and come up higher. You have been at too low of a level. I am opening the gates of encouragement. Look around you and see who is having trouble standing, and release encouragement to them! When one of the Body suffers, the whole Body suffers. When one prospers, the whole Body prospers."

Chris Hardy looses a vision: I saw battery cables. Somebody's battery was down, and you got a jolt to go just a bit further. When you took that battery cable off, the car started and the lights came on and everything began to move, and the tires began to roll. You went a little bit further and a little further because of the jolt that was received in the name of the Lord. Somebody does not know how to get jump started tomorrow. You are anxious over how you are going to get moving. The Lord says, "Rest in Me and you will be jumpstarted tomorrow; you will be going down the road I intended you to be on. Watch Me jumpstart all of your processes tomorrow so you begin to move forward at a different pace than what you did today."

"Stare Eye to Eye"

I then saw us going up and moving forward, but the way was guarded by wolves. All of a sudden, I heard the Lord say, "Stare eye to eye. Stare eye to eye. For those wolves have growled and pushed you back down from the place that you have gotten to in the past. But I say you must stare eye to eye! Focus in for once on your enemy. And as you focus in on your enemy, say, 'Retreat back to the lair or the den that you have come from. Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!' Stand still and watch as your voice has taken authority over the wolf and that ravenous thing that has been eating away at you. Say, 'Retreat, lie and be still, for I will proceed in the Lord.'

"Discouraging notes have been sounding around you. And they have had a melodious sound that has attempted to lull you into closing your eyes against what is the way, on your path. This is a time of awakening. The notes are changing. Your eyes are opening. You are not afraid to say, 'Back up!' You are not afraid to say, 'Retreat!' You don't have to totally annihilate the enemy; you just tell the ravenous portion of the enemy's plan that has been after you to retreat since you are going to a higher place to see. Say, 'Retreat ENEMY!'"

John Dickson sang:

Arise, arise and put on new strength.
Arise, oh mighty warrior.
Arise, arise and put on new strength, and run to the battle line!
For I have given strength and power to those little stones in your hand.
Oh, the giants are falling, mighty warrior,
The giants are falling today.
For I have put a mighty message in your voice.
A sound is arising, a sound is coming.
A sound is arising in you. Let it break forth.
Let it pierce the night. Let it bring the dawn to bare.
Arise, oh mighty warrior.
Arise with your stone in your sling.
I have put a new song within you to sing.

"The Light is the Healing"

Amber Pierce prophesied: "The light is the healing. The darkness is that spirit of infirmity that keeps you from moving forward. Every time you feel like you get to a point where you feel you are going to come up another level, that spirit of infirmity takes you out. But the light is burning that infirmity out of you. That light is the healing that will cause you to come up over that next level. Let your light spring forth. Let your light spring forth! Let the healing break as the day. Let it spring forth with the dawn. By noonday I can break through in this situation that you are in. And you can have peace and a direction. Let the light break forth and your healing spring forth like the new day light that will be there tomorrow."

The Spirit continued to stir and declare, "You cannot be afraid to face the wolf at the door. Don't let the fear paralyze you. When you get in fear and get paralyzed, sometimes somebody has to come and get you. Whatever is swarming around you that thinks you are dead. you tell it that you are not dead! Tell the vultures you are not dead and that they have to move on! Say, 'Vultures, I am not the meal you thought I was going to be!'"


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


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