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Kim Clement: The Lord Says, "I Have No Choice But to Restore this Nation"

by Kim Clement
Nov 10, 2010

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

My dear friend Kim Clement is one of the most accurate prophets I have ever known. God is always unfolding new revelations. This is one of the reasons the Scriptures say that we "know in part and prophesy in part." I heartily endorse what you are about to read because it will encourage you.

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Prophetic Alert!

Prophesied on November 1, 2010 from The Den:

"Conquest" is the word I hear. Crusaders have endeavored to come in to take away and steal from this nation and steal from this land. Men that were once strong and stood as great men in a battlefield are now shaking in fear and trembling, saying, "What has happened and where is our nation going?" I watched them go from mighty men and warriors to men of fear, and they say, "Could it be one man that could bring us down?"

"It is true that this could happen," says the Lord, "but because I have chosen you before the foundation of the world, America, because I chose you to be a nation to proclaim the Gospel to the nations, I have chosen you and I will not allow this. Do not fear. Only be strong and courageous. Do not fear," says the Lord. "For there will be a great victory."

The following was prophesied on October 27, 2010 in Munster, IN (5pm service):

"I Have Stood With You Through Every Storm"

"I've been your friend. I've stood with you," says the Lord. "I've been your friend. I've stood with you. I've been your Shepherd. I've stood in storms. I've stood with you," says the Lord, "and I'll stand again."

The Spirit of God says, "I have stood with you through every storm. I have stood with you in the rain. I have stood with you in the wilderness. I have stood with you on the heavenly, high mountain tops. I have stood with you when the sun has not smitten you by day nor the moon by night. I have been your keeper. I have not slept. I have not slumbered. I have watched over you," says the Lord. "Therefore I say to you now as this wind comes over Illinois and Indiana, I shall breathe a wind upon you and I shall bring resurrection and I will multiply; I will bring the increase." And God said, "You shall say, We are debt free for the Lord has worked it out," says the Lord!

"This storm that has come to you, has been sent by Me," says the Lord. "The winds that howl as the prophet advanced to Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, for I spoke of a wind that would come and a wind that would go on, so unusual that men would begin to say, This wind, these storms, these tornadoes, we have not seen like this. For what reason? Captives of darkness have stood and watched over the Midwest and say, We must disrupt, for the growth and the increase and the acceleration, and the multiplication shall bring and raise a standard in the nation, shall raise a standard in the nation.

"And they shall say, What has come out of Munster? They shall say, We will rename you 'Monster.' The powers of Hell have looked and inquired; angels have gazed into. They have said, How can the Lord work in the whirlwind? How can the Lord work in the tornado? How can the Lord work in the storm?" But God said, "Nahum, My prophet, spoke out; and today, as Nahum said, so say I. The Lord excels in the whirlwind. The Lord excels in the storm. The Lord excels."

"A Banner is Being Raised Up, a Sound that Shall Supersede Every Great Move, Including the Azusa Street Revival"

(Kim overhearing the voices of the enemy): "What shall we do?" they say. "A people are gathered and they are one. How shall we cause a retreat?" saith the powers of darkness from the dungeons. "There are men and women of God that are being prepared for a sound that we have not heard since the 17th century. We know that if they do claim the promise that was spoken through the servants of yesterday, this that shall erupt from the wind, shall cause such a growth that even in your next phase you shall say, 'We have to multiply the services again,' and they shall say, 'This phenomena.' Powers of Hell, what shall we do, where shall we go, for we are being expelled from the Midwest."

"A banner is being raised up, a sound that shall supersede every great move, including the Azusa Street revival," says the Lord. "A baptism like you have never seen before shall display My magnificence," says the Lord of Hosts! Fall, fall, disappearance of darkness.

(Kim says in song): "I hear the sound, the sound comes to Me from the souls of men made free. I hear the sound coming from the ground, prayers that have been prayed that were never seen to unfold, prayers of mothers and fathers that have gone in the wind, to the One Who made them pray. And as they prayed, I heard their prayers each day. They shall arise. Their prayers shall be heard. I hear a sound coming from the souls of men," says the Lord. "Tonight I receive the sacrifice of praise giving thanks to My name."

Can you believe that God has no other choice but America? Yes, I believe that God has no other choice but America!

You say, Kim, that's pretty arrogant. Arrogant? When I heard it, I rebuked my flesh, I rebuked my mind, my desires. And the Spirit of the Lord said to me, "I will say it one more time," because I know His voice but I could make a mistake. So I said, I want You to say it again but I want You to give me a sign. And He said, "You're going to Chicago, you're going to Illinois. You are going to land in Chicago and you're going to come to Indiana. You are going to stand on a platform that I have chosen and sanctified to speak out what is about to happen with the changing of the guard."

He said, "I have no other choice but to restore America because I chose this land to be the nation and the land to spread the good news throughout the earth. There are other nations that will do it. There are other nations and countries that will do it, but I chose this nation to be a nation to spread the Gospel and I will restore it back to its former glory and give it even a double portion of My Spirit. I'm sending a baptism of the Holy Spirit like never before," says the Lord!

And then He spoke to me twice and said, "A very strange wind will blow over Illinois and Indiana," and He said, "When that happens I will place you there." And I had no clue this was going to happen when I flew in. And He said, "And when the time comes, I will send this wind, and then from that point onwards, I shall bring about such change."

The following was prophesied on October 27, 2010 in Munster, IN (7pm service):

"The Midwest is About to Burst – to Overflow"

The Prince of Persia and forces that have reigned in the Middle East have looked upon this nation and said, We will come and we will take this nation. We will change the name of America. We will change the flag and we shall put Allah. But God said, "There's a commotion, angels everywhere. They're listening to the sound. They're listening for the sound of praises, of triumph, of warriors. Warriors, lift your voice!"

There is a battle going on in the heavenlies, and tonight the Spirit of God says, "As the wind has come and blown over the states, the Midwest is about to erupt. The Midwest is about to burst – to overflow. You, your families, the people of America, God's people will drive back the forces that are coming to your shores." And God says, "For the angels are listening for the sounds of the warriors of the most high God."

He says, "There is wind blowing throughout your state. I have sent this wind," says the Lord, "for there will be a bursting forth as you have never seen before. I am about to destroy the very one that has come against your nation, against your shore," says the Lord. "There are angels everywhere. They want to hear the voice of triumph. There are demons surrounding this place and they don't know what to do; they don't know what to do. All they are doing is trembling as they hear the people of God lift their voice with a voice of triumph and begin to shout."

God says, "You have built Me a mountain, therefore what you have built here and what is about to burst forth," says the Lord, "shall bring about the most unusual manifestations that the earth has ever seen. You have entered into a season and already started where unusual miracles will take place."

But God said, "Will you always praise Me? Will you always praise Me? Will you promise to praise Me? Will you always pray and pray and pray and pray? Will you always love Me? Will you place Me first in your life? And when you eat of the fruit of the land will you remember Me? Will you remember Me? When your prosperity comes, will you remember Me? When I pour out abundance will you remember Me? Will you? I'm searching, I'm searching for somebody. I'm searching, I believe I found it."

The Spirit is moving throughout this place in a very unusual manner. God is not just singing you a song, my dear friends, He has sent a prophet to release something. You have entered the fall, the season has changed. "This is not temporary. This is a permanent thing," says the Lord. That's why God says, "Just like David, when he was desperate, he always worshiped Me. And when he became the King he said, I never want You to go away, I never want You to leave me, so I built You a mountain so that I would remember."

"You are About to Come to the Place that You've Been Fighting For"

"You are about to come into a place, a land that has been promised to you. You are about to come into the place that you've been fighting for. Believe it or not, you are about to come into the place that you've dreamed about, I promise you. You are about to come into that place, I promise you."

God says, "You are about to come to the place. You are about to come to the place that you've been fighting for. You are about to put your feet on the ground. You are about to put your feet on the ground. (I'm prophesying, I'm not singing to you.) You are about to put your feet on the ground, the ground of promise."

Now listen to what God says:

"In the presence of your enemies, I am building a house.
In the presence of your enemies, I will give you joy.
In the presence of your enemies, I will anoint you, wipe your debt clean.

"And they will say of you, We are provoked, like they were provoked with Isaac. We are provoked, for you have multiplied in your blessing; you have multiplied in your fields; you have multiplied with your stock. You have multiplied with your favor. I am taking it out of their hands and placing it in yours," says the Lord.

"Will you remember Me? Will you remember Me? When you taste of prosperity, will you do what David did? He built a memorial," says the Lord, "so you will never forget these days. You will never forget these days; they were hard." God says, "They are here, they have come."

"I Have No Choice But to Restore this Nation..."

We so take for granted what we have. America, the Spirit of the Lord says to you, "I have been expelled from every constitution, institution, the Constitution." But God has watched as He has chastised you and said, "This is what you asked for. Now the taxation, the punishment, the power from government has taken its toll. Now I have listened and from all over this nation the cries are coming, they are saying, Enough, we want You back."

I stood before the Lord and cried for this nation for the last seven months, three times a day, and I said, Is there another that You have chosen? And what He said shocked me: "I have no other, I have no choice. I have no choice but to restore this nation because I chose it to be the soil, to be the voice to the nations of the earth to spread My good news. I have not changed My mind, I have no choice." And I said to the Lord, Maybe I'm speaking out of my own desire. And He said, "I will take you to a house and to a city where you have the freedom to prophesy this – and a prophecy that you gave in 2007 and 2009 that a strange wind will blow – over that place I will begin the explosion in the Midwest."

I flew in yesterday; the plane was so badly knocked around by the wind, and they said that this is the worst they have ever seen in 70 years. And the Spirit spoke to me and He said, "This is the beginning. This is the beginning!"

"There Will Be Rapid Cures"

I'm under His complete control right now. Ovarian cancer is being healed as we speak. Gladys (speaking to someone at meeting), you are being completely delivered right now and in this next season that you go in, God says, "There will be rapid cures. Diabetes will be a sickness of the past." And even right now, this very minute, God said, "I will borrow from that future and give it to you tonight." And diabetes at this very, very point in time, the Spirit of this miracle comes upon you. Every person with diabetes begin to shout, begin to raise your hands and shout! It's happening right now. I want the manifestation of unusual miracles to begin tonight. I want it to happen tonight. I want it to happen this very minute.

In this next season of these unusual miracles, cancer will be a disease of the past. Yes. God says, "Because there is a fragrance coming from you tonight and there are people watching all over the world right now, I'm going to take from the future and disperse it in this building and to whoever is listening tonight." Everyone that has cancer, family members with cancer, begin to wave your hand and begin to shout right now! Cancer, you have no power, I rebuke you. I command you to leave right now!

He told me this clearly. He said within these 18 months, and I'm talking about up to the 30th of September, the beginning of the Jewish New Year, those who will believe this, those that will say, Yes, "I will make a deliverance possible to where you will be debt free," says the Lord!

"How precious, how precious, how precious, how precious is this altar," says the Lord. "How precious is this altar to Me." The Spirit of God says, "There shall always, no matter where the altar is built, there will always be souls of mankind dedicating themselves to Me. How pleasing it is as they come; how pleasing it is as they bow," says the Lord.

"Your families will not go without tasting of the salvation of the Lord, no matter whether they are in prison, a runaway, I shall find them."

"There Shall Be a Series of Unusual Manifestations that Shall Be Recorded"

"The wind that has come," says the Lord, "is not a normal wind. The tornadoes that have come are not normal. But I have promised where the wind would blow, from that place and from that city and state will come an eruption, a bursting forth, not only from this house but from the houses of those who have partnered and said yes." The Spirit of God says, "Now I have delivered unto you that which was in My prophet's heart." God loves to hear the altar is sanctified, your homes are sanctified.

Beginning tonight, and it shall go on and on and on, a strong wind shall blow of the Spirit. And God said, "I will not pass over you. I will come, and there shall be a series of unusual manifestations that shall be recorded. And these testimonies, as they are repeated, shall then begin to happen again. As testimonies are given, every time there is an unusual manifestation, giving a testimony means that I must repeat it somewhere else. For this is Jesus Christ, the spirit of prophecy. The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. Whenever you speak what I have done, I will then do it again, for it shall be a prediction of that which has happened to you, and shall happen again and again and again and again. Every time you open your mouth and you give the testimony of Jesus, I shall do it again," says the Lord!

"A series of one miracle, unusual. This is not the mundane, this is not the redundant. This shall be," says the Lord, "something that shall be an order of the day. And they shall say, Shall we build a tabernacle here, another over there? And you shall look back to Matthew 17 and say, Do not be silly. This will not be contained. It shall not be called a revival. This shall be something of an unusual happening that shall take place on a daily basis, and the people of this house shall begin this eruption and they shall burst forth and they shall say, Let us go to that place, for even as they sing, unusual things take place. Even as they shout, unusual miracles take place. I shall do it," says the Lord of Hosts!

Liver disease, cancers...this is happening everywhere. And I am not a miracle worker, I'm a prophet, but there are miracles happening and they shall be spoken about, for this night is the beginning of the launch.

Kim Clement
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Kim Clement's Itinerary:

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November 11, 2010 (7pm)
HOLLAND - The Netherlands
Congrescentrum Het Forum
Elmpterweg 50

November 14, 2010 (10:30am)
Charisma Christian Church
7 Rue Isaac Newton
93150 Le Blanc-Mesnil

November 14, 2010 (4:30pm)
Charisma Christian Church
15 Bld. De La Liberation
St. Denis

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