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Chuck Pierce: Understanding Issachar: Interpreting the Times and Seasons!

by Chuck Pierce
Jun 24, 2010

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Chuck Pierce is doing a study and devotional on "Understanding Issachar." There's much to learn from Chuck, who himself is an "Issachar Prophet" which I've called him before, meaning he understands the times and seasons we are in.

As Chuck shares in his article, the Issachar tribe "understood time and could interpret the Word of God in time." We need the Issachar anointing for ourselves and from those who can interpret God's word and time in the hour, like Chuck Pierce.

Here are also a couple of books by Chuck Pierce I highly recommend that will also help you understand the times and seasons we are in:


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Understand Issachar!

Our God is a God of order and wisdom. In His covenant plan, He promised Abraham land, children, and prosperity. He determined the boundaries of that land, and then eventually changed the name of Abraham's grandson, Jacob, to Israel, the name of the land. Jacob had sons, who became twelve tribes who were each a part of the whole land of Israel. If we bless Israel, we are blessed with all the covenant blessings of the original promise to Abraham. Each tribe of Israel had a redemptive blessing.

When God brought this people out of slavery in Egypt to move toward the promised land, He brought them out by armies. Each tribe was a warring army with a redemptive gift. Without each tribe warring for their portion, the full plan of God for the land, called Israel, could not be fully manifested in the earth.

They moved toward their promise as the trumpet sounded and His presence, which was central, shifted them toward their destiny. Three of the twelve tribes moved together. Judah, the apostolic warring leadership tribe who understood sound, moved first. Then came Issachar, the Torah tribe, who would bear the burden for victory and wages. This tribe understood time and could interpret the Word of God in time. They were connected to Zebulun, the wealth tribe, because provision for the journey and the supply for victory were important.

Jesus, Yeshua, our Messiah was out of the tribe of Judah. His obedience of submission, brought about the fullness of Father's plan to redeem man. He became the Passover Lamb to bring all of mankind out of slavery and death. When Israel rejected Him as their Savior, He turned His heart toward the Gentiles. He grafted us into this glorious covenant that God made with Abraham. His plan, the New Covenant, allowed the redemptive quality of each tribe to come alive in us. This will allow us to see His plan for Israel fulfilled and His glory cover the whole earth. Through the Gentiles receiving grace and power to become sons of God, Israel is now becoming jealous and turning toward their Messiah. There will be no wall between Jew and Gentile in the future-they will be One.

THE TIME IS NOW! All nations in the earth can now become His inheritance. The time has come to harvest the nations, and develop One New Man, Jew and Gentile, as One. May the Issachar anointing to tell time become alive in you now!

God wants us to understand and interpret our times so we can prosper in every season and have wisdom to advance! God is beyond time, but because of His love for us He reaches down and intervenes in time. A big part of walking in God's blessing involves seeing time from God's perspective and how His cycles operate.

The pagan world saw time as endlessly repeated cycles leading nowhere. The Church has focused on time being linear, with a clear beginning and end. But in reality, both are part of God's plan. God is moving history to a clear destination, but in the process, He uses cycles to move us forward and draw us closer to Him.

God's Appointed Times: Breaking into His Cycles of Blessings!

When the power of grace enters into time, many situations are rearranged. There is not an understanding of the full concept of judgment in the Body of Christ. When God is ending one season and beginning another, or taking us through transition, He has to end or bring to death some old situations. This is why the tribe of Issachar could understand time. They knew how certain structures had to end so that the new season that God had would begin.

Issachar was the ninth son of Jacob and the fifth son of Leah. The tribe of Issachar was positioned strategically with Judah and Zebulun (Numbers 2:5; 10:14-15). Zebulun, the tenth son of Jacob and the sixth and last of Leah, meant "dwelling, habitation." Zebulun was the tribe of war, ships, and trade. Judah was the fourth son of Jacob and Leah. His name meant "may He [God] be praised." Judah prophetically was always destined to go first as the war tribe that would conquer.

You can see now why the famous Scripture from 1 Chronicles 12:32, "And of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs; and all their kinsmen were under their command" (Amplified version), had such significance at the time. The tribes were in a tremendous conflict and transition. The government was changing. They were moving from the government of the house of Saul to the government of the house of David. David was of Judah. Issachar could give great insight on how to make this shift. The Issachar tribe had several distinct characteristics in its DNA.

One that I want to discuss is Prosperity! "Now Reuben went at the time of wheat harvest and found some mandrakes (love apples) in the field and brought them to his mother Leah. Then Rachel said to Leah, 'Give me, I pray you, some of your son's mandrakes.' But [Leah] answered, 'Is it not enough that you have taken my husband without your taking away my son's mandrakes also?' And Rachel said, 'Jacob shall sleep with you tonight [in exchange] for your son's mandrakes.' And Jacob came out of the field in the evening, and Leah went out to meet him and said, 'You must sleep with me [tonight], for I have certainly paid your hire with my son's mandrakes.' So he slept with her that night. And God heeded Leah's [prayer], and she conceived and bore Jacob [her] fifth son. Leah said, 'God has given me my hire, because I have given my maid to my husband; and she called his name Issachar [hired]'" (Genesis 30:14-18, Amplified version).

The people of the tribe of Issachar would become servants to many, work for wages, and live a comfortable life. By understanding times, you will prosper!

Most Christians don't know that God has His own calendar. God's timetable is clearly revealed in the Bible! This calendar was followed by the Jews in the Old Testament, by Jesus, by the apostles in the New Testament, and the early Church for hundreds of years. During the Dark Ages, the Church turned from God's calendar and adapted the pagan Roman calendar. As a result, we lost many of the blessings of Heaven that God wanted to pour upon us in time.

The Good News is: God is restoring His appointed times! The appointed times of God are not some legalistic burden. As a Believer in Jesus, you are free to celebrate them or not. (Don't get legalistic!) But when we choose to align our lives with the appointed times of God, we enter His cycle of blessing! His times are built around the harvest feasts. Once we understand these times, we go from increase to increase.

The Third Day Church is Arising!

I wrote a chapter on the Third Day Church Arising in The Future War of the Church. Know the time and what to do! On the Third Day, He will raise us up!

I SAW an HOURGLASS! This concept is important because: You are becoming an hourglass! Our recent weekend of focusing on Dreams and Night Revelation was amazing! The presence of God was so evident and powerful, and there was an open Heaven where worship ascended and heavenly revelation descended. This was such a unique time of "Living in the Spirit of Revelation!" On Friday night, the Spirit of the Lord said through Anne Tate, "There are many narrow places that I AM sending you and some narrow ways that I'm calling you to go through. You're going to be cinched up till I can pull you through My eye, through the pupil of My eye to the other side.

"Many have been confused when they have seen My Body in the past but now they will look at you and tell the time they are living in. For you will reflect My time and My way. Those in the world will say, 'By them I am determining My day.' People say, 'What time is it?' But I say, 'Look at Me and you will see.'"

He is setting His watch, synchronizing the time tables of the earth!

LeAnn Squier and James Goll began to sing:

He's setting His clock.
He's setting His watch.
He's turning His hourglass.
The past, the present, the future all align.
We, the Body of Christ, are stepping in His time.
Just step into His time.
I'm going to squeeze you.
I'm going to take the regret out of you.
You've been wondering, what could there be?
What could there be?
I've been pushed on already so much, so long, so far.
But there's a pocket, a little place called regret hanging on you.
We say, no more regret.
We say, no more regret over the past.
You're free at last.
I want you to say, 'I'm free at last.
I'm free from the past.'
Now move, now move.
I'm going to move on you like you've never seen before.
I'm going to move you through a brand new door.
I'm going to push through a brand new door.

"I am straining every nerve in you to pull out a praise sound that I've not heard. My people have praise in their fibers and the enemy has captured their garment of triumph that I released from Heaven. Watch Me strain your nerve structure to produce a new garment of praise. You might say, 'I don't know if this praise fits me for I've been used to expressing myself another way.' Watch Me cinch you into this new way of expression. Before long you'll say, 'My, I've been transformed and now I look different.' I'm cinching you, girding your waist, so Truth and Spirit become One. I'm pressing every last valuable drop out of you. You think that you're empty but you're not quite empty yet. There's more in you to be poured out. You're going to have to dig deep. It's almost like putting on a compression garment that it so tight that it moves everything up higher."

THE THIRD DAY CHURCH! The Church was God's idea. It wasn't invented by a group of people. Jesus said, "I will build My Church!" Since the Church is God's idea, it must be built on God's foundation. Where God's "wineskin" is restored, the saints are equipped, and the Church is built up and grows to maturity, attaining all the fullness of Jesus. I encourage you to read through the book of Acts and see the early Church in action. God wants His Church to operate in that kind of power today! Warfare is shifting. This age needs God's warriors to arise in triumph.

One New Man: Understanding Our Jewish Roots!

There will be no dividing line between Jew and Gentile. When the Jews rejected their obedient, suffering Messiah, Yeshua, the door opened for the Gentile world to receive grace by faith and enter salvation. The Gentiles love for Father through His Son will cause all of Israel to become jealous and turn back to their Messiah. This dividing wall is growing thinner and weaker as He demonstrates His love through His children.

YOU HAVE AN INHERITANCE. God has given each of us an incredible inheritance. It's an inheritance of covenant blessing that He prepared for all who know Him. God spent 2000 years, from Abraham to Jesus, giving the Jews a revelation of Himself, and preparing a people who would understand how to walk in His blessing. That's an inheritance God intended His Church to share also.

Unfortunately, because of the root of anti-Semitism brought into the Church in Constantine's day, the Church rejected much of that blessing. The good news is, God is restoring what we lost! We learn how to restore the blessing of our lost Biblical inheritance when we embrace the Jewish roots of our Christian faith.

God is not calling Christians to try to be Jews, but He does want us to receive the blessings He gave through the Jews. That's true Christianity, the kind of Christianity the apostles knew. We have been grafted into this glorious covenant and have access to all the promises and blessings of the covenant.

Names of God!

One of my favorite studies in the Word of God is the study of His Name. I love to see where God revealed Himself to man. I love to analyze the situation in the Word that caused Him to show a different dimension of Himself to His covenant people. On Mount Moriah, He revealed Himself as Jehovah Jireh, the "One Who Sees." In the Wilderness, He revealed Himself as Rophe, and then Nissi. The people needed a Healer and they also needed a Banner of Deliverance to cover them. A name is linked to identity. He knit His name in us. The power of His name can change nations.

Robert Heidler writes the following: "God's names are a reflection of Who He is! When we understand His names, we will understand how He wants to relate to us, and what we can trust Him for! In English, we just have one name for 'deity,' we call Him 'God.' The Bible is filled with names that reveal who HE is! He is Elohim, the all powerful Creator-God. He is Yahweh, the God Who reveals Himself in covenant. He is El Shaddai, El Elyon, Yahweh Jaira and Yahweh Rapha. And most of all, He is JESUS (Yeshua), which is the name above all names!"

If we see the Names God used to describe Himself in the Bible, we gain a fresh appreciation of who He is!

God's Unfolding Battle Plan

War is conflict. When God brought out His people from Egypt, He brought them out by armies. We must understand that we are part of a collective group, known as the saints, that are called to triumph over the enemy. Jesus came to destroy the works of the enemy. In every generation, He has raised up a people who are willing to war. This issue is defining our war and helping us stay focused until we triumph.

I have written two prophetic books that describe the warfare for the future. The first was written in 2000 and released in May, 2001. This was before the day that we have come to know as our greatest terrorist attack, September 11, 2001 or just 911. The Future War of the Church described the warfare ahead from a prophetic/apostolic viewpoint. This book has proved to be a history book of what has happened prophetically in the first decade of this millennium. The book explains "The Ites in our Land", the Amalekite spirit, how militant Islam operates, and the New Apostolic wineskin. I have updated each chapter to record what the Lord has done to perform His word. We war to win!

God's Unfolding Battle Plan helps you understand the war of the "blood" and the "mind." My favorite chapter is "The Presence War." This book explains China's rising influence in the world. Also, it fully integrates an understanding of Isaac, Ishmael, and Esau. The spiritual war around us is unfolding. People without knowledge perish. Learn about the warfare we are presently fighting as well as what is ahead for us in the future so that you can stand in victory in these changing times.

Experiencing the Spirit

When Jesus ascended into Heaven, the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, came and dwelt in the earth. Holy Spirit still dwells in the earth. Spiritual life without the Holy Spirit would be like tasting the most beautiful meal and finding that meal to be flavorless. Holy Spirit is the resisting force against the enemy in the earth today. Holy Spirit teaches us and reveals to us the will of the Father. Holy Spirit points us to Jesus. Holy Spirit manifests His gifts in us. Holy Spirit gives us power.

Ask the Lord for you to experience the Holy Spirit today—just as in the day of Pentecost, only in a greater measure! Get ready for a new move of the Spirit of God in the Church.

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


Chuck Pierce's Itinerary:

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Mustering the Remnant Tour:

June 25, 2010 (10am)
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June 25, 2010 (7pm)
Faith Chapel
4113 West Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse, NY 13215
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June 26, 2010 (7pm)
Zion Fellowship
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Now they tell what has come to pass since the publication of The Future War of the Church and offer a fresh look into the future that will very soon become our present. In this revised and updated edition, the authors reveal that God is still calling His people to join together to do battle with the forces of evil in this world, empowered by the One whom death could not conquer.

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