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Kim Clement Prophesies From the Lord: I Have Sent Nine Angels that Have Stood with the Greatest of Warriors...In March, Everything's Gonna Be Turned Upside Down!

by Kim Clement
Mar 25, 2010

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This word (or should I say, "set" of words) through Kim Clement has a bit of everything in it. It's like a huge riddle! It's dramatic. In other places, it's very specific. It will have you watching and praying. It certainly will have that effect on me!

One thing you may notice. I often post words—from various prophets—which don't necessarily or seemingly agree with each other. My point: My MISSION is to get prophetic voices to prophesy as they discern, and let you learn as we watch it unfold. The puzzle pieces WILL come together.

I just want to say, this is a most amazing SET of prophecies where both the location and dates are documented. Some of this set is from MICHIGAN. Others are prophesied while in Texas.



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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Kim Clement

Prophesied on February 27, 2010 in Detroit, Michigan

The Spirit of the Lord says, "All I need is somebody to agree with the prophet. Beginning in the month of March everything's gonna be turned upside down.

"The prophet warned you that there would be earthquakes even greater and worse than what took place in Haiti. The reason is your enemy wants America; your enemy wants the United States of America, he wants to shake the ground, he wants to destroy you again. But," God said, "he will not touch this land."

You see, the earth shall shake, but God said the people of the Lord shall survive. Yeshua, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, has saved the people. The Spirit of the Lord says, "The ground has shaken, but the powers of Hell have been buried. Their powers will not control nor manipulate what takes place in the house of the Living God, because in My house there will be a shaking of another kind—I said, a shaking of another kind. There will be a shaking of another kind, and I will shake sickness and I will shake poverty. I will shake witchcraft, I will shake negativity. I will shake poverty. I will shake Jezebel. I will shake religion and I will shake Hell!"

Song: Shake, shake, shake the powers of Hell!

I will shake poverty and I will shake witchcraft, I will shake religion and I will shake Hell itself.

I will shake darkness, I will shake sickness.
I will shake passivity and I will shake Jezebel!

Shake, shake, shake the power of religion!
Shake. Shake, shake the power of sickness!

"I Have Sent Nine Angels that Have Stood with the Greatest of Warriors"

Every mountain that is on the earth has been placed there to possess. There is no mountain that cannot be possessed. Caleb said, "I want the mountain with the giants." God says, "There are mountains that have stood before you, mountains that have been waiting to be possessed; darkness has filled them. Now these mountains and those that have possessed them must be dispossessed."

The Spirit of God says for me to tell you tonight, "There are mountains that seem as if they will never be taken because you have listened to the voice of majority, 'We cannot go to the mountain, we cannot take this land, because the land is filled with giants.' Ha! Is there, is there, is there a Joshua, is there a Caleb who will say, "Give me this mountain"? I said, is there a Joshua?" The Spirit of God says, "There are kingdoms that must be possessed. I have found the people that will take them, warriors scattered throughout the earth, waiting not to be taken away, nor are they waiting for the strong hand of the Lord to deliver them. They have been given the command.

"The land is yours, the land is yours." The Spirit of God says, "The land is yours to take. And in 2010 I have given the command to nine angels; one of them fought for Daniel, the other fought for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Another one fought for Jacob to become Israel. The other one stood with Paul. The other one was with Peter to get out of the prison. The other angel was with Moses.

"Every one of these I have sent for this time on the planet Earth—nine angels that are acquainted with warriors; angels that have stood and watched Daniel in a lions' den, the angel that stood in the fire with Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. That angel is standing here. That same angel is standing here and he says, 'I want Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego shouting in the fire! Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego shouting in the fire, "There's a fourth man standing in the fire! There's a fourth man standing in the fire!"'"

God says, "Think it not light that that same angel is watching the plans that are trying to consume the servants of the Most High God by a prince of Babylon—the same prince that tried to destroy Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego; the Messiah; the same one that tried to destroy Daniel. That same prince of the East has come to this nation to take captive those who declare the name of the Most Holy of Gods." But God said, "He will hear the same sound of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego praising in the fire; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego shouting in the fire, 'There's a fourth man standing in the fire! There's a fourth man standing the fire!'"

The Spirit of God said, "I have sent nine angels, and you know your prophet doesn't speak lightly of angels. I have sent nine angels that have stood with the greatest of warriors. They have come, and they will come in March. They have come for the distinct purpose of fighting for you, fighting for America, fighting for those that declare the name of Christ. They will war at your words. They will go to war with your words. They will go to war with your praise. They will go to war with your words. They will go to war with your shouts!

"A great and mighty army is being raised up in 2010, the likes that the earth has never seen. Never in the history of mankind, am I raising up America, South America, Central America. I am raising up a band of warriors the likes that the earth has never seen. They shall not be afraid of the lions' den, of the '666,' they will not be afraid to storm the gates of Hell. They are you and your children. The Spirit of Elijah is upon this generation for the fathers and the sons to be one voice, and all that I am raising up, the likes that the earth has never, ever seen before!" says the Lord.

In 2010: Mountains Will be Taken, Kingdoms Possessed, Demonic Strongholds Dispossessed, a Movement Amongst Children

"I will raise up bass guitarists like this; they will touch one note, and the kingdom where they are standing—arts, entertainment—shall saturate with the sound of the Holy Spirit through the sounds of their instruments.

"There shall be a movement amongst the gays. The gays, many of them will come out and say, 'We lost our father, we lost our image, we lost our manhood, but we have found Abba, Abba Father, therefore we shall arise!'"

Beginning in the March of this year, of the decade of 2010, mountains will be taken, kingdoms will be possessed, demonic strongholds with be dispossessed, and a movement amongst children likened unto Samuel shall begin to transpire. Once again, the great cloud of witnesses will hear the same sound that they heard. That's right, they hear the sound of Daniel lifting up his hands while surrounded by death. They hear the sound of David—David as he danced before the Lord as he shouted in Zion. They'll hear the sound again, the sound they long to hear coming from us.

America will release the strong grip of secular humanism, and the power of controlling, organized religion. They will say, "How can we abandon the Ten Commandments? These were the laws that God gave to protect us." Groups shall be raised up that once protested and said, "Away with the Ten Commandments, away with Christ's words in the schools." God says, "A movement shall be raised up by these and they shall win. They will say, 'We tried to keep Him out of the schools, we tried to keep Him out of education, out of the legal system, but He came anyway.'"

God says, "America, once again I walk your streets. Don't take this lightly. I will take the lion nations, and they will roar. Africa will not be stopped. It shall be like the roaring lion that shall be after the prey, being the power of darkness that has brought them to poverty and violence.

"Europe, Asia and Africa shall join forces in a movement that shall bring salvation to many millions of lives.

"China will endeavor to try and come and rise up against this land and against Israel with a pact that they wish to make with Iran, but there shall be betrayal from Russia that shall make them angry and they shall withdraw. For there shall be another time, and time and a half of time, and again a time.

"It shall be given to the Saints of the Most High God; a judgment shall be made from the Supreme Justice in favor of the Saints of the Most High God to not only possess, to not only receive, but to possess the Kingdom of Almighty God."

"I Have Brought You into a Time of Reformation"

Prophesied on March 5, 2010 in Humble, Texas

The Spirit of the Lord says, "I have brought you into a time of reformation. I have brought you into a time of reformation. Throughout the previous decade there were events that shaped; every event shaped this nation to bring you to this decade to live to see the dreams of the forefathers. You have been brought to this time to live to see what Abraham saw, what the great cloud of witnesses saw. A season of reformation has begun. Reformers are performers."

God says, "I will now bring about a multitude of changes where the entire earth shall know My name because of the technology that is going to advance, and advance, and accelerate to where every home in the world will know the Gospel of the Kingdom, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This did not come about without labor, without tears, without warfare, agony and sorrow. They labored and they fought for this day.

"Therefore, a generation is being raised up that will not come before the Lord only to declare their needs but to declare His deeds. This is a period of time where your enemies shall become your footstool," says the Lord. "For there are those who fought for this day: a period of reformation, restoration and reconciliation. For," God says, "reconciliation is the bringing together of two opposing forces. In this decade I will take the people, the youth of the Middle East and the people of the West; the youth will combine and a sound will emerge as the earth has never heard before. This is a time and a season of reformation, restoration and reconciliation."

I would suggest to you tonight by the Holy Spirit that we are alive on this earth, no matter what position we have attained, no matter what authority we have attained, for one purpose and one purpose only—to bring something for a generation, to birth something. We know it's not a "something," it's a "Someone." That authority has been given to you.

"Pray for Your President"

The Spirit of the Lord says, "I have given to you Presidents from this State (Texas). I have given unto you the cream of the crop from this State, and I have raised up Presidents who would reign with righteousness." God says, "There's no reign in this present Administration, there is pain. But it is your duty to pray for your President. For," God says, "in so doing, I will bring about a change in the summer of this year."

Now these are the plans of the Lord. He says there will be many, many changes in the high office. "As the prophet stands in Texas once again, I will raise up a President from this State once again." The Spirit of God says, "I will raise up a President from this State. A President who has been informed, a President that has been enlightened, a President who has had a taste of the good things that are to come in the Kingdom of God; a President who will pray silently every night and every morning just like Daniel did. I speak the name 'Daniel' to you."

"For," God says, "a President shall come to you from this State again, and this President shall rule with righteousness. He shall not be one who will stand back." God says, "Your enemies will be subdued in a way, in a fashion, as never before. For this one will sing the song 'Amazing Grace.' This one will say, 'The Lord is His name.' This one will not be afraid." Once again God says, "Texas, I thank you for what you have given to Me. I will take again from your hands and I will bless this nation and the nations of the earth with a President that shall rule and be Spirit filled, and shall love the Lord God Most High," says the Lord.

God said the American dollar will never crash—they've tried it once, they tried it twice, they've tried it a third time now, and their attempt is to bring down the American dollar, the U.S. dollar. The Spirit of the Lord says, "It shall not take place." In fact, God says that, "Within a few years it will be the strongest that it has ever been before, because this is My nation and this nation shall call My name only."

"You Shall Triumph in this Decade"

Prophesied on March 6, 2010 in Humble, Texas

God said, "I've sanctified My altar, there is no dust; there is no stain of flesh, for you see, the spirit of Eli that has rested upon this place, the spirit of Eli that has come and endeavored to take the sons of the Kingdom and corrupt them in their service for the Lord, is about to be annihilated by the emergence of the spirit of Samuel. The children, this generation, will destroy the power of the spirit of Eli and the corruption that he has brought into the temple of the Most High God." God says, "Won't you rejoice with Me tonight and love on Me tonight? For I will give you something that you've never had before! I will give you something that you've never had before!" says the Lord.

Your soldiers have died on the battlefield, so few realizing—so few realizing—that wherever you set your feet, God has given it to you. The wars that you have waged were not in vain. Now you will hear the sounds of triumph. will report and say, "There is great evil." But the Spirit of God said, "There is great evil everywhere. You shall hear of triumph. You shall hear of great victories.

"This nation has come to a place to give birth to that one thing that was dreamed about, prophesied about, and preached about—which is the greatest, greatest shaking the planet has ever felt in the history of humanity. This shaking is of the Spirit of the Lord." And the Lord says, "Beginning the month of March, for the decade that is ahead of you," God says, "the Heavens have been torn open to pour out a new, fresh rain upon this nation. And your house and your children shall triumph in this decade," says the Lord!

"Are you hearing what the Spirit is saying to this nation and to the nations of the earth? I created you, therefore I own you, for," the Lord says, "what I created I own. And therefore, I am taking back what is rightfully mine!" says the Lord.

Prophesy Over Your Country: "You're Beginning to March into Your Destiny"

Many of you watching all over the world are saying, "What about my country?" I'm singing about America. We are prophesying to our nation. America, America, you are the light of the earth. America, America, you are the salt of the earth. You can sing it for your country as well. Africa, Africa, you are the light of the world.

You see dead bones, I see an army. Prophesy over your country. Prophesy over your family. Prophesy over your business.

America, America, you are the light of the world. America, America, you are the salt of the earth. Africa, Africa, you are the light of the world. Africa, Africa, you are the salt of the earth.

There's a breakthrough that is coming. You've waited. There's been one breakthrough after the other, but not like this one. The Spirit of the Lord says, "Hear Me, O people of God, and be not afraid to enter in the cloud that is presently in this place." All over the world the Spirit of the Lord says, "There are clouds of My glory coming—clouds that contain My voice, clouds that will affirm the Son of the Living God. This is no small thing. You have broken through from the previous decade. You have broken away from war. You have broken away from poverty. You have broken away from sickness. You have broken away from curses. You have broken away from religion. You have entered into a new decade; therefore, take what I have for you tonight," says the Lord!

I want you to know something by the Spirit of the Lord tonight, you have stepped into the month of March; you are going to begin to march right now. God says, "You are beginning to march, because you are marching into a destiny that is greater than you've ever had before," says the Spirit of the Lord.

God says His prophet has been welcomed into Houston so many times, "Therefore I have raised up one of the greatest works in the world. I wish to do this all over the earth, to raise up centers where young people can come and dance. They can come and dance and lift up their hands, and they can shout and they can be free; where children don't have to stand for hours and hours hearing nothing." The Lord says, "I'm going to build My house, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it," says the Lord.

Therefore tonight, let the Spirit of God seal this word. Now, Lord, I pray, as you told me the month of March is the beginning of the new decade. From this month onward, the changes that You have predicted and spoken of in the previous decade, we are entering into it now.

You may be saying, "This is very difficult to receive, because we've had promises like this before." I have had them and I've received them. This is far greater than what we've ever thought about. This is a new decade. This is a decade of reformation. This is a decade of reconciliation and a decade of restoration.

"Man has Tried to Bring Back What has Died—Which Alone Belongs to the Lord God Almighty"

Some people dress a corpse. It's not alive; it may look alright, but it's not the same as bringing it back to life. I saw a corpse, I saw a dead body, that still had flesh and people were taking it and they were dressing it and making it look as if it were alive. And God said to me, "This is what man does when a movement has died, when the revival has come to an end; they endeavor to dress it up, prop it up, but they cannot bring it back to life. That alone belongs to the Lord God Almighty. This alone belongs to the Lord God." And if God resurrects something that has died, it comes back with a greater portion. When Jesus Christ was resurrected they didn't recognize Him. One of His closest said, "It's the gardener." Others did not recognize Him, because when God resurrects and brings it back to life, it has only an appearance of what it looked like; it is in a different fashion and a different form.

This is what the Spirit of the Lord said to me: "Man has tried to bring back what has died and said, 'This is the move of God,' and men have died in the process. They tried to take the Ark of the Covenant, place it upon a cart that was built by man, and they've celebrated and danced around it. And suddenly the cart began to stumble." And the Spirit of the Lord says, "Men said, 'We cannot let this fall,' and they tried to stop it and died." This is not always physical death. This means the death of someone in their business, home or whatever, because they endeavored to stop something that was supposed to fall.

God said, "There has been a false movement that's taken place; something that has not represented what I wanted." God said, "They tried to dress it, and those that tried to dress it, raise it up to look like something that was alive, they have fallen to the ground. Now," God says, "this which I am about to do shall not rest upon one man, but it shall rest upon the shoulders of the Levites and the priests of the Most High God, the apostles, the prophets and those that are truly called with an ascension gift ministry. They shall carry the glory of the Ark. They shall carry the glory of this next great thing that I do."

And the Spirit of the Lord says, "In this next thing that is now being brought to life, I will bring every single move that I have given to the earth; I will package it in one, and there shall be everything in one manifested to one generation, and it shall go on and on and on until the coming of the Lord," says the Lord of Hosts!

Kim Clement
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