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Chuck Pierce: A New Fire and Glory Realm is Falling. Burn the Fat! PLUS Days 15-21 Prayer Focus: SEE?The New is Beginning! You Will BE!

by Chuck Pierce
Feb 25, 2010

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

Again, another word on the FIRE of God coming. Not only have we included Chuck Pierce's next installment of prayer devotions, but also a fresh prophetic word he just received this past week from the Lord. The fire of God is falling and it will do many things like "burn the fat" as you'll read below.

I always look forward to reading Chuck's prayer devotions. I thought last week's devotion was better than the first week, and I'm saying this one is even better! Can't wait for next week's!

In Chuck's devotions, he also shares how God healed him from severe sickness in his body...his testimony is powerful! Chuck mentions dealing with "trauma" in his past as part of his healing coming. I highly recommend you order his teaching Trauma, Betrayal, and Brokenness - Breaking its Power for Your Better Future! It's available by CD or MP3.


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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Chuck Pierce

Go Beyond! A 'New Fire' and a 'New Glory Realm'

Dear Glory Seekers:

We are entering a new glory realm. This is such a key time and the Lord is calling us forth to "see His glory." We are developing a new identity in this new season. We wear the glory. Ask the Lord for a new prophetic release and a new level of supply. Wealth and glory go together. This past week the Lord has shown me some patterns to help us move forward. We must discern our present place and go beyond.

As we gathered this past week, the Lord spoke: "You will go beyond where you have been in the past. You had fire in one season, but now you will go beyond and BE fire for the next season. You will draw back the bow and shoot beyond where you have gone in the past. You will ford and eddy and you will go into that water, and yet you will not back up when the water deepens around you. You will go beyond!"

I see a picture. It's almost like you were lost in a snow storm and you've been pressing to find your way out. You are almost through the forest, but you feel like you need to lie down and sleep?that it is too hard to press on through. I hear the Lord say, "The fire is coming in you and melting away what is trying to cause you to slumber in this season. You have lost your 'soul press.' I am rekindling your soul, for there is an identity in you that is going to be fiery and will burn your way through this season. Momentum is coming through the fire gate. Catch the moment and you will create the event you've been watching for. You have said, 'The event is escaping me.' Catch the moment when I blow up through your soul and awaken the past deposits of My glory that have fallen asleep.

"Your soul has been dry and your soul has cried, but today there is a sound of rushing waters in your soul that is causing your soul not only to be healed, but to see. By seeing deep into your soul, your identity will be displayed. Allow the rivers flowing from My throne to flow in your soul so that your soul comes alive in Me with new energy to press forward. Your soul will now see! You have not seen your identity reflect the desires deep within you. I am causing a river to cause a reflection to come through you that you have not seen.

"The identities of My people in the earth are now changing and they will have a different identity as they cross into their future. Remove that which is not reflecting Me. Words have been spoken that stopped you from digesting My word in the past and stopped you with fear from branching out into places that I am calling you to branch out into. Those words are now being pushed out by the River and the Fire in you so that you will have a boldness to say, 'This is who I am in this season.'

"There is a smell of sacrifice that I am calling to arise from My people, because the fire that was once burning has been rekindled. You have smelled the burning from the past but have not seen the fire. Smell the burning and watch, for the fire will come alive. I am blowing on the fire. The smell of burning is on you, but now the fire will blaze in you. There must be a release of new fire through My people. Ask Me to open that fire gate and cause the smell of burning that has been purifying you in the last several months to turn to a new, blazing fire.

"The fat is going in the fire! You have been trying to lose weight on your own, in the flesh. You have been trying to get rid of weight?not just physically, but spiritual weights?and the fat is going in the fire. The fire gate of Heaven is opening and the fat is in the fire! You will move toward the river and go beyond the river and the depth you have been in in the past season."

LeAnn Squier shared: One of the things about fat is that all the toxins are stored there. It is so good of God to say for us just to throw all of the fat on the fire. I also thought about how Paul was bitten by the serpent and shook it off into the fire. The Lord is saying, "There is a lot of stuff in the fat of that past season that I am asking you to offer Me, because there are serpents in it. I'm asking you to shake it off and let Me consume it on My fire, on My altar.

"Bring a sacrifice to Me. Go forward beyond where you have been before. Bring a sacrifice of you to Me, and in your sacrificing to Me, what has been held up (brooding within you) now will begin to move out of you and deliverance will come. You will find yourself standing in the place that I have longed for you to stand. Deliverance now has been activated. The flood gate, the fire gate of deliverance, have now opened up and deliverance is moving through My people. They are sacrificing to Me in a new way. Watch Me set a fire within you!"


To view Days 1-7 of Chuck Pierce's prayer focus click here.
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Day 15: "Cycles of Infirmity Must GO!"

This is a time to break destructive cycles. A "cycle" is an interval during which a recurring sequence of events happens. A cycle can also be a periodically repeated sequence of events, something that happens over and over at a certain time. A cycle can be linked with a time or an event and orchestrated supernaturally so that a repeating wound or injustice occurs from generation to generation. Satan loves to keep us going around the same mountain or hold us in a cyclical pattern. But God has a remedy for iniquity. By embracing the Blood and redemptive sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, we can break out of any old pattern.

As we prepare for a new level of freedom we must deal with forces that wish to keep us captivated in an old season. We have looked at how poverty attempts to create a stronghold to keep us from seeing our prosperity. Now, let's look at how infirmity, from wars, tries to keep us from standing strong. Infirmity is a term that encompasses more than just sickness and disease. Infirmity is also related to suffering and sorrow. Matthew 8:16-17 states that Jesus "cast out the spirits with a word, and healed all who were sick, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying: 'He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses'" (see also Isaiah 53:4). Infirmity can also refer to a disability of one kind or another. Infirmity can occur as a result of moral or spiritual defects that cause our will to stray from God. Infirmity can be related to the influence of an evil spirit (see Luke 13:11).

Infirmity can also be linked to an overall weakness in our bodies or with anything that created the weakness, such as grief. Romans 15:1 states that those "who are strong ought to bear the weaknesses of those without strength" (NASB). This weakness is infirmity. Not only did Christ bear our weaknesses and infirmities, but we are also called to bear the weaknesses and infirmities of our brothers and sisters in the Lord. This is called intercession. Romans 8:26 says, "Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered" (KJV).

We have been called to intercede for the sick, which allows us to bring before the Lord someone weaker than ourselves. As we move into this season, we must start addressing those forces that have been sent by satan to hinder us from seeing our destiny manifest.

Read Luke 13, 18. Memorize Psalm 107:20. Meditate on Psalm 103:1-6.

Day 16: "A Generational Understanding!"

Infirmity can be a generational issue. I know in my life the Lord had to show me this by His Spirit. People are often confused about how generational iniquity works. In Possessing Your Inheritance, there is a great chapter on this. If you do not have that book, I strongly suggest you purchase it. I believe that a brief overview of this subject in the context of the cycle of infirmity might be helpful here.

To fully understand generational iniquity, we need to first understand how DNA makes the blueprint of our body. DNA causes traits from one generation to be passed on to the next generation. As the cells in an embryo divide and multiply, they do so according to the structure of the base pairs in the DNA. The combination of these base pairs provides the hereditary instructions for how each cell will be coded in order to accomplish that cell's specific purpose. As cells continue to multiply, groups of cells come together to form tissues. Tissues, in turn, form organs. Blood cells are pumped through the body, providing oxygen to each organ to enable it to survive. The cells in our stomachs work together in digestion. The cells in our brains work together as we study and pursue knowledge.

When the sperm and egg unite and a new life is formed, already programmed into the makeup of that person is God's redemptive plan. However, we must remember that we are born in iniquity, so the iniquitous inherited traits that will resist that plan from coming into fullness, is already programmed in us. But God!

Our blood begins to war with itself from the time of conception. Since cells are dynamic, an iniquitous pattern in a cell's DNA can affect our entire physical and mental makeup. If something is passed on in our DNA that has been "twisted" or linked with iniquity, that message is multiplied wrongly in our beings.

The Spirit of God can come into our lives so that we can become sons of God (see Galatians 3:26). As we submit and yield our lives to the Spirit's work, He flows through our blood and cleanses our consciences from the thought processes linked with the iniquitous patterns in our bloodlines. Hebrews 9:14 states, "How much more, then, will the Blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered Himself unblemished to God, cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death, so that we may serve the living God!" (NIV)

In my case, there was a generational weakness that had aligned itself with loss and trauma. But God! Once I began to see those weaknesses and define the losses that they were attached to, I could then pray and break a power that had me "bent over" and unable to stand fully. I confessed those patterns as sin. You might say, Well, I had nothing to do with these sins. However, we must understand that repentance is a gift and grace of God that causes us to turn from one way of thinking and be transformed to think like Christ. Once you repent, you renounce the power of its effect. In my own life, this set me on a new road to health.

I have had trusted doctors and praying friends who have helped me greatly in developing a new order in my life. Each doctor played his role in diagnosing my condition. However, it was the Spirit of God that had begun to change me greatly from the inside. He is there now to start revealing things to you and cause you to "see" how weakness and loss are related.

Read John 5. Read Mark 2.

Day 17: "Jesus Heals?Press Through and SEE His Power!"

I wish I could say that I have never been sick again since I started "seeing" how infirmity works with loss and trauma. However, since that time, a power to resist sickness has become resident within me. When the power of infirmity comes against me, I submit to God, resist the devil and watch him flee.

Jesus healed sick people. This was one of His major ministries. He dealt with many organic causes of illness and individuals affected by madness, birth defects and infections. The blind, the deaf, the lame and others who suffered approached Him for help. I especially love the story of the woman with the spirit of infirmity who "pressed through" in Mark 5:25-34. She is an incredible example of personal overcoming. She overcame the religious structure of the day, the reproach of being a woman and the stigma of being unclean. She pressed through to touch the Lord. This caused the Lord to release "virtue" (King James Version; "power" in the New King James Version) from His own body that healed her condition.

In the Hebraic culture of the day, most people believed that illness was the direct consequence of sin (see John 9:1-3). However, Jesus shifted this concept by healing a blind man who had been sick since birth. When Jesus' disciples asked, "Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?" Jesus answered that the sickness was not related to the man or his parents, "but that the works of God should be revealed in him" (John 9:3). Many wrong choices produce consequences that affect our body, but Jesus came to extend grace to bring us out from the bondage of the punishment of sin and into healing and wholeness. He had the power to both forgive sin and to heal (see Matthew 9:1-8; compare Mark 2:1-12; Luke 5:17-26).

On several occasions, Jesus used His own saliva as an ointment or anointing (see Mark 7:32-35; 8:22-25; John 9:6-7). I find this fascinating?one of the primary ways that DNA is collected for testing is through saliva samples. Jesus took His own saliva, placed it on the eyes of the blind and watched their eyes form. He also healed those who suffered from mental illnesses and epilepsy?sicknesses usually associated with demonic powers (see Mark 9:18). The Lord addressed issues of fever and dysentery (see Matthew 8:14-15). Sterility and barrenness were also major issues in Biblical times. Regardless of the cause of their distress, people found that Jesus could truly help.

He is there for you. Be like the woman above and "press through" all the structures stopping you from experiencing freedom and "seeing" a new wholeness and peace that is waiting for you.

Read Matthew 9. Read John 9.

Day 18: "Get Off Your Treadmill and Enter the Field of Prevention"

One key to overcoming any strategy of the enemy is discipline and prevention. Prevention was the most important dynamic of combating disease in Biblical times. Many of the laws that the Lord established in Biblical times actually aid in preventing and combating various illnesses. Diet is one of the most important facets of health, which is why we find a number of laws relating to diet (see Leviticus 11). Wine was also used to help stop problems and alleviate pain and discomfort (see 1 Timothy 5:23). We also find the use of ointments and salves in Biblical times that were used for healing (see Isaiah 1:6). James instructed the combined use of oil, confession of faults and spiritual authority to produce healing (see James 5:14).

In a world of chemical stimulation and overwhelming stress, it is a wonder that any of us remain healthy. Stress has such impact on our bodies?both physically and spiritually?that without the Lord as our strength, it would be impossible for us to live in this world. Jesus told us to be in the world, but not of it (see John 17:11, 14). Do we need doctors? Yes, we need anyone who has developed specialty in understanding. Doctors are trained to understand dynamics of the world that can give us wisdom on how to be in the world.

Most doctors understand cycles. If medical doctors begin to take a Biblical approach toward an individual?that of seeing the individual made whole?they will be able to find the root cause of that person's problem and not only help to heal that individual, but also help to prevent disease in the future. With doctoral skill in prevention and advances in medicine, individuals can better reverse deficiencies that have created paths of decay. Why do we need doctors? Because they can validate what God is doing in a skeptical world.

One of my favorite books is Dr. Gallagher's Guide to 21st Century Medicine: How to Get Off the Illness Treadmill and on to Optimum Health. In this book, Dr. Gallagher says, "The body is a miraculous system equipped with an innate ability to achieve balance and health. We have, within each of us, the ability to work with, and nourish, this God given gift." Dr. Gallagher suggests a healthier diet, nutritional and herbal supplements, identifying and eliminating hidden food allergies and chemical sensitivities, a simple detoxification program to get rid of harmful toxins in the body, chiropractic manipulation, and following sensible health rules.

He also gives instructions on how to break an old cycle, or "treadmill," which he defines as: Something that you run or walk on and get nowhere. An illness treadmill is something that snares you in an endless web of diagnoses, tests, prescriptions, and procedures and gets you nowhere, or even makes you sicker... Once you are on the treadmill, you may get some temporary relief from symptoms. But all too often the cause of your problem is ignored, so things just get worse. Meanwhile, the treatments used to suppress the symptoms often cause side effects and new symptoms. Dr. Gallagher suggests finding the root of the illness and breaking the cycle.

My prayer for each of us is that we get off any treadmill holding us captive. If we are on a "treadmill," we can only see from the perspective of the treadmill. I declare that we break old cycles and begin running and jumping in a wide, enlarged field of freedom.

Read Leviticus 11. Meditate on 1 Timothy 5:23. Memorize James 5:14.

Day 19: "Broken Spirits Can Be Healed!"

Illness and infirmity were a pattern in my life. Growing up with weakness and sickness was a way of life for me. Severe allergic reactions, bronchial asthma, stomach ulcers, and overwhelming migraines became the norm. Doctors tried many things. I was actually taking Valium by the time I was in the 4th grade. From the time I became filled with the Spirit, I had learned how to resist the power of sickness. Yet, I had never really overcome the power of infirmity in my life. In the early 1990s, I received some bad reports concerning my esophagus and colon?they were damaged and creating a very dangerous situation in my life. The Lord took me through a series of bad diagnoses from doctors. Then, because of my internal situation, my body began to reject anything that entered it and to treat it as an allergen. I began to experience anaphylactic shocks. I was miserable! At this point, I was very concerned about my future.

At the National School of the Prophets that was being held in Baltimore, Maryland, in 2001, Cindy Jacobs, a friend of mine, shared with me that she believed my sickness was related to the trauma I had experienced while growing up. She believed that my father's decaying leadership in our family and his premature death still held power over me. My first impression was, "How could this be? I have gone through so much deliverance. I have even written a book about overcoming the loss that had occurred in our family." I came home from Baltimore very ill and unable to digest any food. My brother, Keith, was teaching Sunday School and gave me a call after his class. He said, "While I was teaching my class, the Lord told me that the sickness that you are experiencing is related to the loss of our dad." I thought to myself, "Why isn't my brother ever sick? My dad was his dad also." So I asked him this question. He responded, "You had a different emotional tie with Daddy than I. His loss wounded and affected you in a way that it did not affect me."

This was an eye-opening statement for me. I fell before the Lord and began to ask Him how to break this generational iniquity of infirmity that was linked with the trauma of loss that I had experienced in my life. Since that time, the Lord has led me on a journey of understanding how trauma affects our DNA and weakens our spirit. One verse that has become a life verse for me is Proverbs 18:14: "The spirit of a man will sustain him in sickness, but who can bear a broken spirit?" A broken spirit occurs when life's difficulties crush our abilities to resist. Jesus came to heal our bodies. However, we find that His desire for us is to become whole in body, soul and spirit. When the Lord showed me the power of trauma, I could SEE how my past was continuing to hold this infirm spirit in place.

Whatever way you choose for healing as you follow God, find the root cause of your infirmity, and press through into the healing process. During my time of infirmity, I had to make a choice to follow the Lord to Nigeria. Dr. Peter Wagner was leading a gathering there with key apostolic leaders from the nation. I always serve Peter whenever he requests me to be somewhere, but the thought of traveling to Nigeria in my condition was difficult to reconcile. Yet Peter encouraged me to go. He even said, "Because of how the power of God is moving there, perhaps you will get healed." He was right. I overcame my fear of going to a foreign nation while I was ill. I went to Nigeria, and during a prayer meeting (of 10,000 people), the Spirit of God came. When communion was served, those who were sick were invited to come forward. I was the first in line. When I participated, I felt a curse of infirmity leave my body.

With all disorders, we must seek the help of the Holy Spirit for wisdom. There are times when a person is in such a state of depression or agitation that he or she is unable to receive ministry until medication is administered. I have dealt with people who refused medication because they believed it meant they didn't have faith. I have talked with ministers who refused to minister deliverance to someone who was on medication because it was mind altering. If it is altering the mind to be able to think coherently and focus, then they should be able to receive ministry. The good news is that there is help for people with emotional and mental problems. Look for the cycles and be prepared to break them. God can break through any structure and start mending your broken spirit. Let's ask Him to show us how trauma is affecting our ability to SEE the future!

Memorize Proverbs 18:14.

Day 20: "SEE?The New is Beginning! You Will BE!"

We have entered a time to see, gain sight and vision! Light comes! When light comes, we see! Light is truth and revelation that causes our destiny and the world around us to unfold. Once we enter into acceptance of the revelation that is coming, our path gets brighter and brighter! Light rises on you and causes you to get up! Glory and light align to cause you to rise above depression and oppression that have caused you to NOT SEE your new day form! Where despair was, hope springs forth! Hope leads to faith! Faith sees! Your conscience sees. Light floods your body! Faith overcomes!

The eye of the Lord is watching. This is a time of seeing eye to eye...face to face! This is a time to look again! Things become seeable! The Word is Aperture! There is a flash of light that causes your way to open. Like a camera, you capture God's vision for you. You see your identity as you were meant to be. The flash is quick, but you see for a moment and you see enough to grab the best you were created for!

From your new place of faith you walk forward! You enter the race! You press toward the mark! You cross the line to enter again! This becomes your cycle of life. This is how you keep operating in a new, fresh identity. You never grow old in the Spirit. Your spirit remains renewed.

This is a time to transform?to metamorphose. Where you could not SHOUT, now SHOUT GRACE at the top of your lungs. Grace becomes the key to your life. You are energized! This shout of grace addresses mountains that blocked you in the last season. You leap to the top of those mountains that blocked you, and you thresh them until they become a plain. You become!

Read Isaiah 41. Memorize Isaiah 41:15. Meditate on Zechariah 4.

Day 21: "I Will Surprise You as You Follow Me and Worship!"

"I will surprise you as I begin to manifest Myself in the month ahead. I will cause something that seems dead to begin to burn again. Turn and see. Turn away from your agreement with what you thought you were caught in, and TURN TO ME. I am burning again and you will be 'uncaught' and hear your next word from Me.

"You thought you were going to worship in one way, but I had to open a gate in Heaven to create a different way of worship in you. There is a sound in you. Let the sound rise to Me on a daily basis as I begin a new movement around you. This sound will create movement and you will SEE Me in a new way. If you had remained in last season's worship, you would have grown cold. Now, a new way of worship in Heaven is opening up and My people will worship Me in new ways with new sacrifices in the month ahead. You will shout, 'Let me GO that I might worship in a new way.' Throw your hands out, for I AM going to fill them in a new way. You were tied up one way, but I am beginning to let you go free. Follow Me and you will SEE!

"Listen carefully, for your rams are already positioned in the bush. Listen carefully, for you will sacrifice to Me differently. This is where you are held captive. You will sacrifice to Me in a new way. There is a trumpet blowing and announcing. Hear your ram in the bush. It will be the sound of your sacrifice. When you sacrifice the fat of a ram, and you begin to sacrifice what I bring to you, it will open up the sound and give you the trumpet that you need to speak to set your course in the Heavens for the future. Get ready, for the fire gate is now opening.

"As you take every assignment you've been given, you will begin to open up in a new way. Whatever I tell you to put your hand to, do that with all your heart. I will then add more and more for your hands to use.

"The pupil of your eye is opening so it can receive more light. The way you were seeing is opening so you see more light, rightly dividing to see what you did not see before. I AM is opening your eyes so you see the doors and entryways that were hidden in the last season. Your eyesight is adjusting now. What you need to see is already caught and waiting on you. Your eyesight is adjusting. Things have narrowed your vision and you have not seen or ordered things to move on you the way I want to move. Because you are going to worship Me in a new way and bring the fat to the altar, when you still your heart and emotions, I will allow you to hear the new sound that is waiting for you. I will allow you to see and hear the supply that is caught up in the bush. Bring the fat to the altar and the supply in the bush will come alive and rattle. Bring the fat to the altar and that which is in the bush will come alive."

Read Genesis 22 (again). Read Exodus 2, 3, and 6. Memorize Hebrews 4:12.

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries


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March 9-14, 2010
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