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Cindy Jacobs
Aug 12, 2000

***Note from Steve Shultz, THE ELIJAH LIST***

No prophet or prophetic voice is without error when they give specific prophecies. However some have developed more credibility over time, with a track record of Words that have come true. Cindy Jacobs is one in whom who I have a high degree of confidence in her hearing ear. We parents need to let our growing children follow the calling of the LORD-- not just what WE think the Lord would want for them.

For I would say to you, My children there is a page turning in the heavenlies, and at the top of this page I have one word, and it's "revolution." And I am getting ready to write a new page of history among the believers of this nation.


For there is a radical sound that I have issued--there is a sound that has come from heaven, and it even now has come to earth. And the Lord says, these are going to be days where I am going to trouble the enemy through you. These are going to be different days than you have ever known, and I am going to require sacrifice of you that you cannot imagine. I am going to require a sacrifice of your children, says the Lord. And the Lord says, I'm going to shake everything that can be shaken.


For there are powers in this nation, such as the ACLU, who have thought that they have ruled, and they have controlled this nation. But God says, I the Judge of Heaven am going to dethrone. I'm going to dethrone the ACLU, and I'm going to move in Congress. I'm going to move in a way that you cannot imagine, that you have only longed to see. For I would say to you, my children, you are going to come out of the wilderness. And I have found a Caleb generation, says the Lord, who say we are well able to take the mountain, we are well able to take those strongholds that have been built in the nearly 40 years in this nation, since prayer has been taken out of school.


There are churches that will be command posts for revolution, and to these command posts I would say, I am going to bring a revolution. Look and see; I am calling radical revolutionaries to the church.

There is a sound going forth from heaven, says the Lord. I am calling from the north and the south and the east and the west. They're going to move, they're going to change universities to come to these command posts. They're going to change jobs. I'm going to bring the 18, 19, 20, 21 year olds, and they're going to mentor the generation under them. And then the high schoolers are going to mentor the generations under them.


And I would say, these youth are going to put the adults to shame. Because they re going to be full of holy passion, a fiery passion for the Lord. So the Lord says, get ready for I have said many things over the church, and I have made many promises. With some of you, hope deferred has made the heart grow sick. But I have found the way for the church and for this youth, says the Lord. And the Lord says, there is going to be a day when there are as many youth as adults in these command post churches, for I am going to move--I would not pass you by.

And the Lord says I'm going to put the gift of evangelism in the youth of these churches. I'm going to cause them to bring souls, and souls and souls. They're going to invade the high school campuses. They're going to invade the universities of their cities.

And the Lord says, I am calling for an invasion from these churches, from my command posts. And the Lord says get ready, get ready, get ready, for it begins today.

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