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Bob and Bonnie Jones and Jeff Jansen: "New Apostolic Government in Place by 2012" and "God is Not Disappointed in You"

by Bob and Bonnie Jones and Jeff Jansen
Sep 18, 2008

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This is a powerful, revelatory word by Bob and Bonnie Jones and Jeff Jansen. It includes insight about the coming elections, to new apostolic government being put in place, and letting go of our past disappointments and receiving our fruitful future.

Don't just keep this word to yourself, pass it on to all your friends and family too...believe me, it will encourage many!

We've also included a couple of teachings by Bob Jones and Wesley Campbell just below.


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Steve Shultz

Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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Bob and Bonnie Jones and Jeff Jansen:
"New Apostolic Government in Place by 2012 and "God is Not Disappointed in You"

Jeff JansenThere has recently been a release and demonstration of God's mighty power in the earth. We have seen the sick healed, families restored, and the dead raised by means of the spoken word through television. We've witnessed all sorts of creative miracles: the blind can see, the deaf can hear, and tumors have dissolved.

There is a quick maturity and growth happening in the sons and daughters of God because of the extreme acceleration released in the glory of God. However, these powerful displays of the Kingdom are only "Previews of the Coming Attraction!"

Bonnie Jones' Dream

Bob and Bonnie JonesIn a recent dream, Bonnie Jones was visited by the Lord. In the dream, the Lord came to Bonnie and led her on a journey. The first place the Lord took Bonnie was a massive storehouse filled with organs and body parts. The Lord allowed Bonnie to put her right hand (faith) into this storehouse where she held all different types of organs and limbs. She felt He was teaching her to have the faith "of" God, not faith "in" God.

The Lord continued to escort Bonnie on the journey. The next place was on a bridge and then over railroad tracks. The bridge and the railroad tracks formed a cross, symbolizing "righteousness and justice."

Next they went to 22nd Street. The Lord was giving her the key of David out of Isaiah 22:22, "Then I will set the key of the house of David on His shoulder, when He opens no one will shut, when He shuts no one will open." She looked up and in the distance saw Lake Superior. The Lord is about to do something far superior to what we've recently witnessed.

Next she was holding a map. The instructions said, "When you come to 9th Street, take a hard right." When they took a right on 9th Street the dream ended.

Bonnie is from Ohio, so when she woke up she knew where Lake Erie was, but not exactly where the other Great Lakes were. She decided to check the atlas and found where she was in the dream while looking at Lake Superior. She was in the extreme northern point of Wisconsin in an unincorporated village named Cornucopia - which represents an "open portal and the blessings of God." Looking straight ahead at Lake Superior are the 22 Apostle Islands. Interestingly enough, there are 22 apostles recorded in the New Testament.

True Apostles are Being Released

What Bonnie saw in this visionary encounter with the Lord is parabolic of what God is bringing in this hour. In this season the Lord is restoring true apostles in the earth. As this apostolic government comes into view and is established, the Lord is releasing new keys - governmental keys of Kingdom authority that will be matched by no other generation.

Creative miracles, signs, and wonders will be witnessed in unparalleled ways as the Lord firmly establishes and confirms this new government. It will look nothing like what we've witnessed or heard of to date. There will be upheavals and shakings in the earth that will confirm what is happening in the spiritual - the natural proclaiming the spiritual.

What the Lord is about to do is far superior to anything He has done before. Creative miracles - arms, legs, body parts, and organs will come down from Heaven. There will be no ebb - no end! Your source is in Heaven, and this Heavenly warehouse is opening. Body parts will be issued to the Body, but there needs to be a government to do this. This will not be about a certain leader or leaders in particular, but an entire Church government and Body that will function in unity. This will be miraculous in itself.

A New Apostolic Government by 2012

In the last 30 years we've seen a restoration of the prophetic - true prophets have been restored to the Church. But now we are about to see a restoration of the apostolic - true apostles are arising. The prophets bring the revelation and the apostles bring the application.

These apostles will be men and women like Joshua - leaders that bring the rest into the Promised Land. These apostles will not be appointed by man, but by God. In fact, many of them will look extremely different from what we would call "apostolic." This new breed of apostolic order will not fear losing their reputation nor be concerned about what the newspapers are saying, but rather, they will speak what the real news is. The secular newspapers won't judge the Church; it will be the other way around.

You can't persecute the anointing and the glory of God or you'll miss it. These apostles will speak to nations and cause a shift in the natural and the spiritual. Revival will break out and new regions will be changed as the Lord establishes new governmental order. This is not a man thing…this is a God thing!

We will see an entirely new apostolic government in place by 2012. At this time, we will see the Church being put together and growing into a habitation for the Spirit of God: " whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit" (Ephesians 2:21-22).

The Coming Election and the Angel Named Union

Right now it is extremely important to pray for the coming election. The winds of change are blowing. We must pray for this Godly Vice President. September is the month that will make the difference - this is the month it begins. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, starts the night of September 29th.

Right now God is harvesting harvesters for the great harvest. By 2012 we will see a genuine apostolic government in place. From there we will see others come alongside and do what they are called to do.

We are in the middle of one of the greatest changes in history. These next eight years will be full of joy if the Church steps into authority and God's righteous people are elected. It's time to begin to bless instead of curse. The mind of Christ will be released to true followers with a fresh vision, new anointing, and plenty of provision.

We are going to see Roe vs. Wade overturned. It's time to bless the United States and not curse her. Bob Jones heard Kate Smith singing God Bless America. This is the United States of America. We are united by diversity, and the angel over this nation is named "Union" - we are united by diversity and strengthened by union.

Past Disappointments and Expectations

bob jonesIn a vision on August 31, 2008, Bob saw that many people were imprisoned by their lost expectations. What they expected out of their lives had not come to pass.

Past disappointments or expectations for our lives have imprisoned us. And when you look back to your past expectations, you have no vision for your future.

Your failures were steppingstones from your past; steppingstones into His presence and your future. It's time for you to flush your past and let it be gone from you. The Lord is commissioning you - giving you a mission; vision for the future.

There is a remnant left who remain; they really believe God and have kept their spirits and consciences clean. The Lord is not disappointed in them. However, they've become disappointed in themselves. But the Lord says to you that your disappointment was His opportunity.

So our past disappointments rob us from our future vision because God is saying:

"I'm not disappointed in you because of your failed expectations, for they were My opportunity to change your life for My purpose.

"Your disappointments or expectations were stepping stones to My presence and now - I'm going to demand that you flush them and look to the future - not the past, for those who look to the past have no future! I now have My Spirit in many of My people."

In the vision, Bob saw that many of God's saints' consciences (or their spirits) were clean, but their minds weren't. And the Holy Spirit is dealing with the mind of those who have not come to the place where they thought they should be.

God says, "Their conscience is clean and now I'm going to cleanse their soul, because I'm going to use their soul and their spirit to reveal My Kingdom. So now I begin a work of cleansing their soul, so their soul might be a partaker of My Divine Nature.

"You're actually ready in the spirit. Now I'm preparing your soul, for I'm going to use both soul and spirit. And the soul is what I'm preparing.

"I just want you to know that I'm not disappointed in you and I've brought you to the place where your future in Me shall be fruit." Amen.

Bob and Bonnie Jones
The Prophetic Ministry of Bob and Bonnie Jones

Email: click here

Jeff Jansen
Global Fire Ministries


Authors' Itinerary:

Bob Jones:
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MorningStar Worship and Warfare Conference
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September 24-27, 2008
Kingdom Outpouring and Miracle Impartation Nights
Knoxville Convention and Exhibition Center
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Jeff Jansen:
September 24-27, 2008

Supernatural Glory Invasion
New Life Center; Harrisburg, PA
Contact: 615-867-1124 or email

October 3-5, 2008
Open Bible Fellowship
1439 E 71st Street; Tulsa OK
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