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Eileen Fisher: "A Fresh Anointing for His Bride"

By Eileen Fisher
Jul 3, 2008

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

This is an AWESOME word for the Bride of Christ. Whether you are about to be a literal bride (so you can relate to this), or the real BRIDE OF CHRIST, you are going to be SO encouraged by this word.

Here is just a little piece of this word:

"There is going to come a new blending over My Bride, and it will be the blending of the promise of the engagement ring and the wedding ring." ?Eileen Fisher

The above quote is just to whet your appetite.

"The 2008 Summer of Weddings," is what I keep hearing from the LORD - not just because we tend to see more weddings in the Summer, but----because THIS SUMMER, God is calling His Church, His Bride, to The 2008 SUMMER OF WEDDINGS - both in the spiritual and the natural!

If you enjoy this word, you're going to love these books by Eileen Fisher!

Embracing the Prophetic
by Eileen Fisher
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Embraced By the Holy Spirit
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Steve Shultz

Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The ElijahList & ElijahRain magazine


Bridal Testimony from an ElijahList Reader:

"I just wanted to be an encourager to many by telling my story. Two years ago I had a prophecy given to me from a friend who runs a Christian bookshop in Wells, England. I didn't really know her at the time and was sitting in her coffee shop when she gave me the End-Time Marriages (Ruth and Boaz) prophecy from the ElijahList (click here to view). I hadn't heard of the ElijahList up until this point.

I was 33 at the time and really aware of being single and getting older. That summer I went on an Oakhall holiday (Christian holiday) to Austria. Within three days of spending intimate time with God and sharing good fellowship with my two best friends that I went with, I met my husband. He is 31 now and we had no previous sexual partners before we got married. We have been married for nearly a year now and we are expecting our first child in October.

I know that God had plans for me, but it was hard to believe for such a long time that this meant a marriage partner. I knew I could be single if that is what God required of me, but I also knew that I wanted to be married. God often wakes me in the middle of the night to show me things and talk to me about stuff, I think I should have listened more closely. I am impatient to see what the Harvest brings and know that more people will enter the Kingdom through awesome signs and wonders that become the norm - not the unusual.

Thanks for all the work that you do. Be encouraged and bless you."

Sent in by Jo from the U.K.


Eileen Fisher:
"A Fresh Anointing for His Bride"

Fullness of Joy

"Can you hear the new sound in the Spirit?" said the Spirit of the Lord. He said, "For this coming year there will be a new sound. It will be the sigh of relief coming from My Bride that is heavily burdened, because she has carried weariness and disappointment." But, He said, "This will be the year where I will be taking off of her shoulders all the things that appear to cause her to walk bent over and in tiredness."

He said, "There is going to come a new, fresh anointing upon My Bride this year. It will be the Bride who will carry the anointing upon her that will be the fresh oil of My Presence. In My Presence, there is a fullness of joy. This fullness of joy is going to fall over and it's going to spill like a cup that has been poured out to overflowing. It will spill upon the Body. It will spill upon the weary. It will spill upon those who have been faithful and faithful, but also have been having the fruit of longsuffering worked out in their life," said the Spirit of the Lord.

Authority of the Bride

For He said, "There is going to come a change. And in that change will be the hour where the Bride will know the authority that I have given her to walk in." For He said, "My own have gotten weary because they have laid aside, unknowingly, the authority that I have given them to walk in, to carry, and to command, according to My written Word."

He said, "There is going to come a new blending over My Bride, and it will be the blending of the promise of the engagement ring and the wedding ring." And He said, "It will be very evident for those I am calling to walk in a separate walk." For He said, "There is going to come a separation, even in My Body," said the Lord.

"It will be a separation of those who are hungry for My Presence and for those who are content sitting very slothfully by as they have not entered in to run the race. They will be ones who will choose to sit on the curb and watch My other ones - even though they be weary and bruised - continue to run the race."

"There will be a calling out of those who have been weary in season. They will be called out and have put upon their shoulders a new responsibility. There will come a new alignment," says the Spirit of the Lord, "for those who I will put on their finger, the engagement ring with the wedding ring - the anointing will come with the authority of the wedding ring and the position of the presence of the authority of My Believers," says the Lord your God.

She Confidently Walks

He said, "For the hour of awakening is coming upon My people. It will come first to My people, stronger and stronger. They will look back and say, 'It has been a year of refreshment.'" For He said, "They will see My Bride throw her head back, and she will throw her head back with joy and confidence, knowing that I have come and that I have answered the long-awaited time where she has been crying out."

He said, "I have heard the weeping of My Bride. She has gone through a time of experiencing My presence, but she has not experienced the joy of My presence, because she has not experienced the privilege of the wedding, but only has been walking in the potential promise of the wedding." And the Lord said, "I have called you My Bride and My Beloved."

And He said, "The Bride is one who has full understanding of what she carries. The Bride is the one who has full understanding of what she is going to walk in. The Bride is the one who knows the position, and the responsibility, and the authority of her Husband, so she simply walks in what is given to her because of the name-change over her."

The Lord said, "This will be the year where those who have been protesting, saying I am a God of smallness, will know not only am I the God of the tiniest babe, but I am also the God of the ancient saints," says the Lord your God. He said, "For I have heard the cries of My people, but I say unto you, that the hour of authority is about to be released upon My people, and it will be that they no longer are desolate, or have the appearance of desolation.

"For My Bride who feels as though she has been disabled, is changing. And I will not have a disabled Bride, but instead I will have a Wife, who will learn to rule and reign in Christ Jesus, from sitting in Heavenly places in My position," said the Lord.

"There will be a time where you will see some people who will cause their faces to be hung in shame and embarrassment because they have been living a life, not as a betrothed, not one of married, but have chosen both to gather to their chest," says the Lord their God.

Pearls of Great Revelation and Discernment

"There is going to come, also, a string of pearls to be put upon My Bride, and it will be the necklace of pearls that will bring forth greater revelation, and will bring forth greater and greater discernment." And He said, "These pearls will be of great value and she will immediately start to gain strength. The strength will show through her tired eyes, because her eyes will really become the windows of the soul, and will no longer carry tiredness, but they will become the discerning eyes that will stomp down and break down the lies that the Bride has believed."

He said, "The Bride is being awakened." And, He said, "There is coming forth over the Bride, a full realization of who she is in Christ Jesus. This is going to be the hour where she is going to come to understand My Presence, and the accuracy and the power of My Word."

He said, "There will come a demanding upon My people this year. Those who come under My influence will become freer than they have ever, ever been free in their entire life. It will be coming - the hour of knowing the true heart of the Bride and the Father. And during the hour of knowing the authority of the Father of the Bride, there is going to come a full realization of the Father's love again." He said He is going to give His own rhema insight into the depths and the authority, into the powerfulness of the security that comes from knowing the Father.

"There will be a great awakening among the youth," He said, "but the fire will spread ablaze in the hearts also of those who have walked for years and years in My Presence, crying for a fresh touch of My Presence," says the Lord your God, "For I am calling those who have already walked in the power of My Spirit, to look back and take on others who are hungry for My Spirit. My presence of My anointing is going to be falling upon My people."

"Wisdom and discernment will guard the minds and the hearts of the youth. Some of the seeds that have been scattered among the youth - the pitfalls where they have misunderstood volume rather than knowing and recognizing the presence of My anointing is going to be brought under submission by My Spirit," says the Lord.

A Battle Cry

"There will be a battle cry. Why will there be a battle cry? It will be a battle cry that will bring forth a pure move filled with My pure power that needs to be revelation in a deeper way in order to guard the walk of peace and power that is going to be poured out on My people."

The Lord said, "I am not looking for a 'goosebump few' that seek after goosebumps, but instead, I am looking for those who will obey My Word. I long for intimacy, but on a pure level, on the truth - with obedience."

He said, "Many bring Me praise, yet withhold their wills - not willing to daily pick up their cross and follow Me. I hunger and thirst for those who seek after My righteousness alone."

He said, "In the natural, it would grieve the about-to-be-married groom if he were to look at his approaching bride walking down the aisle toward him, waiting to pledge her life to him, and him alone - and at the same time, she flirts with other men as she glances to and fro upon those who are there to attend the wedding."

Rediscovery of Who You Are

He said, "It would appear that her heart was not settled. So it will be with My own. Those that have an innocent heart - I am about to give them not only a half-heart full of love, but they are going to move into a Heart that has not been half given, but fully given. And in the fullness of giving a heart to Me, there is going to come a rediscovery of who they are and Who they belong to."

The Lord said, "This will be the year of captivating wholeheartedly the hearts of My people. It is the hour - the same hour as in Peter's life - when I asked him three times, 'Peter, do you love Me?' I didn't need to know because I already knew Peter's heart, but Peter needed to know. So this will be the year of checking into the hearts of My people to where they will cry out and say, 'Lord, how long have we been with You?'"

He said, "This will be a season for those who are holding on to Me, who will let go of some of the pain, and some of the guilt, and some of the shame - and they will put it at the foot of the Cross and know and realize it has been paid for - and they will declare, once again, that Jesus Christ is Lord. They will make a far, far, fuller and deeper commitment to Me. And they are about to encounter the kisses, and experience the understanding that I am a jealous God that is about to scatter His people with kisses, which means the favorable answers to prayer."

I saw a Bride, and as she was sitting there on her bed, waking up slowly - coming fully awake, little did she realize as she was stretching, her arms were upward, and the Father's hand of favor was reaching downward, granting her her heart's desire.

"This will be the year of fulfillment," said the Lord. "The Bride, who is weary from the battle she's been fighting, will be refreshed as she places her feet on the floor. And as she's looking for her combat boots, she will not find her combat boots. Instead, she will find her shoes - pure, white and ready - that will match her bridal gown," says the Lord.

Two Angels Attending the Bride

Then I saw two angels and this beautiful Bride was surprised at receiving such royal treatment. The Bride asked each angel their name. Both angels had serious expressions on their faces and they both said, "Our names are unimportant, but what we do is what is important, for it is all about His business."

One angel was so full of confidence, placing the shoe on the Bride. And suddenly, as the shoe was placed upon the Bride's foot, she began to know - without any understanding of her own - the revelation of who she was in Christ Jesus, the power of her prayers, and how they were answered. The result of the first shoe was the transfer of confidence into the Bride's heart - immediately she felt safe, loved and totally secure.

The second angel picked up the other shoe, and as he was waiting to put it on the Bride's foot, again the Bride wanted to know his name. And he smiled and looked only upward, as though he was listening for Heaven's command. Suddenly, without feeling anything, the Bride realized both shoes were on her feet and she immediately felt the desire to run the race that she had once run.

It seemed for a moment the Bride was about to open a door, but instead of the door leading outside to the world, she was led to a room which was called, "The Sanctuary," where she was being rested and where she was being restored. In the Spirit, I could hear something that was about to change.

The Bride stood still, as though she was waiting for instructions. Both angels simultaneously looked at the small table by the Bride's bed, and they stared intensely at the Bible laying on top of it, next to the Bride. The Bride picked up the Bible and it began to dissolve and melt, changing into the wedding band upon the Bride's finger.

Just like before, both of the angels were staring at a Scripture that was framed on the wall. It had words that said, "And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us." Then I saw the Bride, and as she picked up that Scripture, she began to understand with deeper understanding that the Word of God had dissolved into her flesh. All of a sudden, she began to output the Word of God. Then I heard the Spirit of God say, "I watch over My own Word to perform it."

And her word was so entwined with the Flesh that they become one. Then the Bride began to bend down in worship and adoration, for she began to realize who she was in Christ Jesus.

Eileen Fisher
Eileen Fisher Ministries

Email: click here

About Eileen: Eileen Fisher, author of Embraced by the Holy Spirit, and her new book, Embracing the Prophetic, has worked in radio and international television, and for eleven years hosted her own television show. She now travels extensively, ministering by the Spirit of the Lord to bring healing, hope, and encouragement to the Body of Christ. Eileen and her husband, Fred, live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Eileen Fisher's Itinerary:

July 10-13, 2008
"Suited For Success" Conference
Agape Word Church
6837 Lakeville Rd. Orlando, FL
Contact: 407-814-0250

July 31-August 2, 2008
Women of Covenant Conference
Reliant Crowne Plaza
8686 Kirby Drive Houston, TX
Contact: 713-432-0690

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