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By Teresa Neumann and Rick Joyner
May 1, 2008


Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

I asked Teresa Neumann who also reports for our BREAKING CHRISTIAN NEWS list (to subscribe click here) to call, verify and write a story on this amazing report of healing at Todd Bentley's Healing Revival.

Please NOTE that Todd ( will not and does not claim credit for this healing revival. He gives all the GLORY to Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, God did begin this latest burst with a Todd Bentley meeting. So we are reporting on it from that perspective.

Beyond that, please read Rick Joyner's BREAKOUT BULLETIN regarding the revival which began at MorningStar Ministries' Heritage USA facilities after the healing moved from Florida to South Carolina.

What an amazing report!

Be sure to watch all the videos we now have from MorningStar. Watch them online at, which is our Non-Profit streaming television site. You can easily navigate from there to MorningStar Ministries which we link to from that streaming television site. That way you can get at all the information we are able to feed your way.

And by the way, I just got off the phone with Todd Bentley and he asked us to post NEW VENUE CHANGES at two different locations for the Lakeland, Florida meetings for tonight and through the weekend. They have simply outgrown the current facilities. Read the changes below:

May 1, 2008--TONIGHT--join in at the 8,000 seat arena at:

Jenkins Arena--Starts at 7pm (doors open at 5:30pm)
701 West Lime Street
Lakeland, FL. 33815
For full details click here to go to Fresh Fire's website.

May 2-4, 2008--this Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

JOKER MARCHANT STADIUM (also known as Tiger Stadium)
2301 Lakeland Hills Blvd.
Lakeland, FL. 33805
For full details click here to go to Fresh Fire's website.

While you're here, I wanted to mention Rick Joyner's newest book, When God Walked the Earth. I loved this book, written from the perspective of the angels who were involved. In addition, we've included a book by Frank Bartleman about the Azusa Street revival, just over 100 years ago. Are we seeing a new AZUSA Street Revival in Lakeland, FL?

when god walked the earth When God Walked the Earth
by Rick Joyner
(click here)


Azusa Street
by Frank Bartleman
Sale $7.86
(click here)




Steve Shultz


Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The ElijahList & ElijahRain magazine


By Teresa Neumann: An ElijahList and Breaking Christian News Exclusive:
"Young Girl Goes to Heavenly Surgery Room; Receives Healing From Crippling Diseases"

A desperate missionary family, unfamiliar with healing revivals, takes their daughter to Lakeland where she has an encounter with Jesus.
Written and reported by: Teresa Neumann from Breaking Christian News


(Lakeland, Florida)--Pastor Stephen Strader of Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida, where a massive revival has broken out, contacted Breaking Christian News about an amazing healing that took place there on Saturday, April 26, in which 14-year-old Kelsey Hays was healed from multiple autoimmune diseases.

I telephoned Kelsey's mother, Lesley, of Kansas City, Missouri, on Tuesday, April 29, to ask her for details of what happened. She and Kelsey were still in Lakeland, preparing to fly back to Kansas City where they attend the International House of Prayer (IHOP).

Some background on Kelsey and her family:

At the age of 9, Kelsey was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune related thyroid condition. Later she acquired Hepatitis C, which her mother says she "fought off," but in the process, it left her body weakened and subject to other immunological diseases.

Mr. and Mrs. Hays and their family have been missionaries in Mexico, and most recently, Ecuador for at least ten years. In September of last year, they had arrived back in the states for a furlough. Shortly thereafter in October, Kelsey fell victim to a variety of increasingly serious illnesses. She had her gallbladder removed and during surgery, doctors noticed that her liver was scarred and infected. Later, doctors believed inflammation from the infection had entered the lining of her stomach and was attacking her central nervous system. By April, Kelsey's parents and her baffled doctors were at their wit's end. She was in continual, intense, and severely crippling pain, taking up to 30 pills a day to try and manage it.

Then recently, someone at the Hays' church approached them with news of the revival in Lakeland and offered to pay the family's way there. Though they had never experienced meetings like the ones they were about to attend, the Hays were desperate. Also, Lesley said Kelsey had shared with their church a significant vision Kelsey had in March of this year, the Saturday before Easter Sunday. In the vision, Kelsey said she found herself connected to an IV, standing before the Throne of God. Jesus came down and cut the IV tube and then God the Father came down, removed the IV from her hand, took off her hospital gown and said, "It's done!"

"The day after the vision," noted Lesley, "was the worst day of pain Kelsey ever had."

Saturday, April 26, Lakeland, Florida:

By the time Kelsey and her parents arrived at the venue in Lakeland, it was 6:00pm. The lines of people stretching for blocks outside of the church told them that it was filled to capacity and they would not be able to get in. Standing in the crowd, the Hays' heard story after story of healings and miracles happening around the world, even to those not present in the meetings. Somehow, Lesley and Kelsey were finally able to get in (Lesley thought because they had helped another suffering couple to get in), but Mr. Hays remained outside.

Kelsey was in so much pain and so fatigued, she couldn't walk. Her mother literally dragged, and half-carried her up to the only space available in the balcony, where they began to cry and worship the Lord. "It's all we could do," she said. Standing next to them were a man and woman, complete strangers. The woman turned to Kelsey and said, "I believe God wants to give you new organs" (Kelsey's gallbladder had been removed). The man looked at Lesley and said, "I just saw you in a dream recently. I saw myself carrying your daughter down to the stage to get prayer."

Even though at the time, Todd Bentley was taking testimonies from people who had been healed, the man offered to help take Kelsey down to get prayer. Lesley, unfamiliar with the type of meeting she was in, was afraid of breaking protocol and hesitated. Moments later, Todd stopped the testimonies and said, "I see someone with an IV pain drip in their left arm. Who is that?" Remembering Kelsey's vision of standing before the Throne with her IV, her mother took up the man's offer. He carried Kelsey down to the stage. Todd prayed a simple prayer, touched Kelsey's forehead, and she fell out under the power of the Spirit for about 45 minutes, said Lesley.

What was happening to Kelsey during this time? According to her mother, Kelsey said while she was "out" she was taken to Heaven. She found herself in a celestial surgical room where Jesus stood next to her looking right down at her, directly face-to-face. He said to her, "Keep your eyes on Me, Kelsey. It'll be ok."

She saw angels all around her; she felt them kneading her stomach, doing deep massage on her entire body, especially her legs and arms which had been so weak. At one point while Kelsey was lying on the floor under the Spirit, her mother said Todd announced publicly: "Look! There's angels over her."

When Kelsey finally came to and stood up, Todd asked her how she felt. "I feel nothing," said Kelsey. "I feel NO PAIN!"

Kelsey has been in NO PAIN since she experienced God's extraordinary touch of healing! She's feeling just like a 14-year old girl should feel.

You can continue watching this extraordinary healing revival in Lakeland, Florida, and hear the testimonies that come out of it on or


Teresa Neumann, Reporter
Breaking Christian News


Rick Joyner:
"A BREAKOUT of the Holy Spirit at Heritage--Years of Preaching and Teaching Did Not Accomplish What Seems to Have Been Done with ONE TOUCH from God"

rick joyner An extraordinary move of God has broken out at our facilities at Heritage. We have experienced many great visitations of God in the past, but in some ways this one is more powerful and seems to be more enduring than anything we have known before.

rick joyner

This breakout began when something like a whirlwind came into the Bible class of our K-12 school. Hearing the noise, students came running from other classes. Then students from our School of Ministry and our staff joined in. Hours later, when parents came to pick up their children, they ended up on the floor, with nearly two hundred people remaining until after 1:00 a.m. (Photo: Youth at MorningStar Ministries during Holy Spirit Breakout)

The next night the number more than doubled, and the following night it doubled again. We had purposefully not promoted this, simply because we did not know how long it would last, but news of it is beginning to draw people from all over, and it does seem that what is happening will continue and even increase in intensity. Significant miracles and genuine deliverances are taking place. People are being radically impacted and changed. Some of our students who were of the most concern to us are leaders of the breakout. Their fellow students, teachers, and parents are in awe at the transformations, knowing that years of preaching and teaching did not accomplish what seems to have been done with one touch from God.

rick joyner

Though people of all ages are being touched, this breakout began with high school students, and the youth seem to have the primary anointing. We have therefore resolved to give oversight and direction as needed, but let the youth lead. When they do, the Holy Spirit seems to come in waves which have been so strong that even our leadership team has been gripped by fear at times. (Photo: Youth at MorningStar Ministries during Holy Spirit Breakout)

People who have been in some of the most powerful recent revivals have all said this is as strong or stronger than anything they have ever experienced.

We are not calling this a revival yet, and we do not know how long it will last. For over fifty years it has been prophesied that a revival will come to Charlotte that will touch the ends of the earth. Over the last twelve years we have experienced what we believe to be a pattern of spiritual birth pangs or contractions that will eventually give birth to a major revival. As we get closer to a birth, the more intense and frequent the contractions become, and what we have experienced has followed that pattern.

morningstar If what we are experiencing now is not the beginning of the expected revival, then it is the most intense spiritual contraction we have yet had by far and certainly indicates that the revival itself is very close. If this turns out to be just a contraction, the revival is obviously going to be something far beyond our previous expectations.

At the very least, we are experiencing a significant breakthrough, and we intend to continue with nightly meetings for as long as the Spirit is moving. We will be giving regular updates as Special Bulletins on our website. If you are planning to come, we suggest you come early because the facilities are starting to fill up. To reserve rooms at Heritage, just call 800-542-0278.

Rick Joyner
MorningStar Ministries
Contact: 800-542-0278


Watch the UPDATED MorningStar "Breakout" Videos!

Click here or click on image below to go directly to ElijahList Ministries Prophetic.TV webpage and watch the new MorningStar "Holy Spirit Breakout" videos which were recently posted.




Rick Joyner's Itinerary:

May 1-3, 2008
Business of the Kingdom Conference
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Heritage International Ministries
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May 19-21, 2008
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MorningStar Fellowship Church at
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