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Historic Prophesied Healing Revival MOVES to Joker Marchant Stadium in Florida Friday Night (and Saturday and Sunday) with Todd Bentley

from the ElijahList
Apr 30, 2008

Steve Shultz
From the desk of Steve Shultz:
Todd Bentley
Todd Bentley

I received a call from Todd Bentley today. He was so excited about what God is doing in this Healing Revival.

He asked if I'd help you to know that starting Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the meetings will be held at the "JOKER MARCHANT stadium" (also known as Tiger Stadium) which is in Lakeland, FL.

With each passing meeting, in the last four weeks, the anointing keeps increasing! I watch almost every night and I continue to be blown away with the miracles...


Todd is a friend. I first met and watched Todd Bentley here in Albany, Oregon in 1999-2000 and reported often as healing broke out here. It was amazing. Beyond anything I'd seen up to that point.

But it was NOTHING like what I'm now witnessing, on http://www.God.TV (or via the internet or on DirecTV by satellite).

In addition, you can watch on the internet at Todd's to see it streamed live via the internet.

Rick Joyner Rick Joyner
And as you do, (or before or after), don't forget to go to our http://www.Prophetic.TV site to watch the videos Rick Joyner sent to us as the revival has also moved (or been infected) from Florida into South Carolina. The youth revival going on there is beyond anything I've EVER seen. You can watch by going to:

John Kilpatrick John Kilpatrick
Steve Hill
Steve Hill

The other evening, Steve Hill and John Kilpatrick came to bless this revival. As you will recall, they were part of the initial revival that broke out in Pensacola, FL, and Brownsville. The revival starts on God.TV or on the internet at: every night Eastern time at 7pm--that's 4pm Pacific Time.

Rory and Wendy Alec
Melanie Brooks
Melanie Brooks

Last night as I watched on Wendy and Rory Alec's http://www.God.TV (and we thank them for running this revival so long at their cost and we thank the donors who have helped them to do so), I saw CBS affiliate's Channel 10, Melanie Brooks, who was there to cover the story, but who testified of having a horrible migraine (such that she had thrown up in the restroom)?.I watched her testify of her own healing. Much of what she reported later on the air is at this link (click here).

The current and soon-to-be-locations are:

For Wednesday and Thursday THIS WEEK, the healing revival meetings, led by Todd Bentley will still be at the 8,000 seat arena.

(for Wed/Thur April 30-May1)
701 West Lime Street, Lakeland, Florida 33815 --
For details click here to go to Fresh Fire's website.

Joker Marchant Stadium
Joker Marchant Stadium
Joker Marchant Stadium
Joker Marchant Stadium
Joker Marchant Stadium

(However, for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

It's a funny name for a stadium but it's called:

Joker Marchant Stadium (also known as Tiger Stadium)
2301 Lakeland Hills Blvd.
Lakeland, FL. 33805
For details click here to go to Fresh Fire's website.

Please, please, please forward this to everyone you know. If you want further reports in the future, be sure to go to: and subscribe to either only The ElijahList (at the top) or BREAKING CHRISTIAN NEWS (same place) or both!


Steve L. Shultz

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