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"TODD BENTLEY and BOB JONES: 'The Third Wave is Here!' 12 Places for Healing and Revival to Start are Mentioned--but THIS TIME IT'S GLOBAL"

By Todd Bentley and Bob Jones
Apr 23, 2008

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

As I write this, an unusual "wind" is blowing quite hard today in the Northwest. I find this fascinating after reading this report below by Todd Bentley and Bob Jones from Monday night. It mentions the "wind" as a sign in the Northwest--of the coming Healing and Revival headed our way. This report was sent in by our own Linda Dodson, who attends Albany Vineyard Christian Fellowship, our local church here in Albany. I know Linda and trust her report. Of course, I SAW most of this meeting myself online.

For those of you who don't know, The ElijahList is located in Albany, Oregon, the community that Todd mentions as one of the 12 places where healing will break out. A Healing Revival broke out here in Albany, Oregon in 1999-2000 with Todd Bentley in our local Vineyard Church with Denny Cline pastoring (it's mentioned in Todd's first book.) As I've said before, Denny is like a spiritual father to Todd and The ElijahList did much of the reporting on that healing revival here in Albany, in those two years. Of course, our heart is for the healing and revival of entire towns, the entire region, ALL THE CHURCHES, the entire Northwest, and the entire USA and beyond!

Oregon and the Northwest seem to be on the radar of God, as a launching point (along with these other cities mentioned below). Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets came here to Albany, to announce that Oregon would be involved in taking down a spirit of Jezebel through prayer in this place--the place being both Albany and also the whole state of Oregon. Some of you may have even heard that off the coast of Oregon this last week or so, we've had unusual and unprecedented earthquake activity that simulates the kind of activity preceding a volcano, yet there is not a volcano where the earthquakes underwater are clustering. Over 600 earthquakes off the coast have been recorded. When Kim Clement came here, he saw an "angel of glory" here. When Paul Keith Davis came here, he saw a "gathering angel."

By the way, each night you can watch Todd in Florida, beginning at 7 PM (EST) on the internet at: or on (available online and also on TV by satellite and perhaps some cable networks). In the last few nights I've been watching Todd online and I must tell you, two nights in a row, the Spirit of God overcame me and a spirit of HEAVINESS lifted off of me as I watched the meetings with Todd--even though I was only watching on the Internet. You can "attend" (so to speak) without even going there to Lakeland, Florida, where this new healing revival just broke out a couple weeks ago. Many are getting healed by ONLY watching on TV or the Internet. Others are getting healed by GOING THERE!

In Dennis Cramer's E-Book, The Next 100 Years (which you can purchase as a download), Dennis Cramer gave this prophecy on page 19 about a healing breaking out in the Northwest--in small towns...towns such as Albany. He mentions by the way, many other towns, cities, states, and countries in his prophecies, including North and South Korea, etc.

Here's an excerpt from Dennis Cramer's E-Book from pages 18-19:

"Many out-of-the-way places--will be powerfully blessed by God's provision of supernatural healing for chronic, incurable, deadly disorders. These small to medium size towns and villages will not necessarily be easily accessible by the masses, but this will not stop the flood of desperately ill people looking for physical relief and wholeness. God will not disappoint them.

For example, several coastal cities in the Pacific Northwest of the United States and some cities, towns, and villages slightly inland will see many mighty miracles of this kind--a real visitation from Heaven!

Although some of these places will not even have airports, mile after mile of cars and buses will find their way there! A mighty healing revival will break out, gaining the attention of the unsaved population of this region. The churches will not be able to handle the great influx of new converts--the result of this outpouring of undeniable, supernatural power."

To order this E-Book to print or just read on your computer click here.

With all that said, you need to tune in or GO to Lakeland, Florida, as early as tonight! Grab all the healing and anointing you can get. And when it comes to Albany, Oregon, come here too! We are already seeing many healings weekly here--NOW! And remember, both Bob Jones and Todd Bentley are saying that this time, this Revival is going GLOBAL--not only to the 12 places mentioned!

Stay Tuned!


Marinating - Pickling in God's Presence"
by Todd Bentley
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Fundamentals of Spiritual Warfare


The Next 100 Years
The Next 100 Years
by Dennis Cramer
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Steve Shultz


Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The ElijahList & ElijahRain magazine


"TODD BENTLEY and BOB JONES: 'The Third Wave is Here!' 12 Places for Healing and Revival to Start are Mentioned--but THIS TIME IT'S GLOBAL"

Ministry Report from Lakeland, Florida:

Below is a ministry report written by Linda Dodson, a church member of Albany Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Albany, Oregon. Linda is attending the revival meetings in Lakeland, Florida and sent us the following report of what happened on Monday, April 21, 2008:

Greetings from sunny Florida! The glory of God is growing. There is a tangible presence all over town. Are you feeling "the wind" of the Spirit blowing where you are? The "winds of change" angel appeared to Todd Bentley in Florida, and simultaneously to Bob Jones. I have some encouraging news for all of you, which come from the prophets who released it on Monday night at Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida. Bob Jones gave Todd Bentley the "green light" to release every bit of this prophetic word. I took notes quickly, so I may have missed a few details, but in general, you are surely to be blessed by this word.

Todd BentleyTodd Bentley called Bob Jones an elder prophet and talked with him for about an hour about the "Florida outpouring" here in Lakeland. Here are notes about their phone conversation:

On New Year's Eve, for 2008, God told Bob Jones that "the third wave was coming." Todd asked Bob what the third wave was. He said that Toronto was wave #1, Pensacola was wave #2, and the third wave is the "Winds of Change"--this move of God. This move will be a global move, traveling with signs and wonders all over the world! The third wave is here!

Bob JonesAs a sign that this wave would be released from the Northwest, Bob shared that God said in the natural world, there would be extreme "winds and storms" out of Canada and the Northwest this year. (We had these storms in the Northwest this past winter and winds even now!) These natural winds would be followed by the winds of change. There would then be a move of the Holy Ghost, where entire towns would be shut down by the power of the Spirit. Revival will come as a Northwest wind.

It was also mentioned to "set up your sail"--the "Winds of Change" are blowing! There are 12 places specifically mentioned where revival will hit first (listed in the order mentioned):

Des Moines, Iowa; Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska; Kansas City, Missouri; Denver, Colorado; Nashville, Tennessee; Lakeland, Florida; Ohio; Charlotte, North Carolina; Albany, Oregon; Washington; and Redding, California. Of course, I did quite a bit of shouting when Todd named "Albany, Oregon." We have known for some time that Revival was on the way to Albany, and yet when I heard it declared by the prophets, it was a glorious moment. So for Albany and Oregonians, rejoice and get your hearts ready! Also mentioned were countries where it is moving first--England, Australia and New Zealand.

June 22 to July 22 will be a significant time in the spirit. (Todd didn't elaborate on this period.) This Revival will NOT be stopped.

There are several "clarion trumpets" (people God uses to deliver His word) and John Kilpatrick, former pastor of the Brownsville Assembly of God Church, where the Pensacola Revival took place, "probably has one of the clearest trumpets." Todd wanted to honor John Kilpatrick by naming him as Bob had spoken.

The third wave has begun! This wave promotes, prepares, purifies, pierces and inspires. We can expect to be changed by this move of God. The year 2008 will be the best of years for Christians and the worst of years for unbelievers, mainly due to their fear about the economy. There are doors now open in the spirit that will not shut!

The "Voice of Healing" move of the Spirit of years ago is here for a second time and it won't be stopped. This was a major healing move. This current move can be carried to other cities and countries. Wherever people move and who are carriers of this glory, it will move, like the ark was moved from place to place.

There will be one main thing required to see this outpouring continue: COMMITMENT--it will cost a lot to see it happen. (Todd has said twice now, that if this move requires him to lay down his own ministry, he will do it!) An invasion of glory for the hungry is on the way for you and your whole family!

I felt happy to be able to respond to the altar call as someone from Oregon to come and receive the "anointing and impartation" from Todd Bentley for Revival for Albany, Oregon. I was with others from the places mentioned above. I have been very hungry and contending for many years for Revival. I have gone wherever God has called me to experience His glory and to grow deeper in Him. So I am very encouraged by Monday night's word! The glory of God is coming to your town, too!


Reported by Linda Dodson
(attending from Albany Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church)


Todd Bentley's Itinerary:


April 24-27, 2008
Auburndale Life Church: 7PM EST
581 Berkley Road
Auburndale, FL.
Church phone: (863) 594-1740
This new facility will enable more people to fit in the building and it is only about 10 minutes away from the Ignited Church.

These meetings have been extended to Sunday, May 4 (10am & 7pm daily). Todd will be ministering every evening at 7pm EST. You can watch LIVE at 7PM EST online at


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