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Bob Jones, Rick Joyner
Sep 9, 1998

Note from Steve Shultz-Moderator: September 8, 1998--I originally sent this word out in March of this year, 1998. It was GIVEN on New Year's Eve of this year. Because of several requests for me to put this word on the list again---here is it (with my original comments below). I also heard Rick Joyner on tape several months AFTER the below-word---play that word down a bit. In fact, in that tape, Rick Joyner said that if God was calling you TO Los Angeles, you ought not to be anywhere else. Better to be in God's will in the heart of a city under Judgment--than to be outside His will--and outside of a judged city. To order the full tapes, you can contact morningstar directly and ask them for the Tapes about Los Angeles/Califonia and Rick Joyner's update on that word several months later. They can be contacted at:>


[original] March, 1998 --IMPORTANT NOTE FROM STEVE SHULTZ, MODERATOR: I've listened to the full cassette tape on this word. It will be controversial for many of you and/or us. After receiving some counsel on this word, this is what I'd like to say. ALL PROPHECY REGARDING JUDGMENTS-- IS CONDITIONAL UPON PRAYER AND REPENTANCE --AT LEAST THE SEVERITY OF A JUDGMENT CAN BE AFFECTED BY PRAYER AND REPENTANCE. You should share this word with those in authority over you in the church and seek their wisdom as well. It is my belief that if this word, which is related to destruction in California, etc--- is true, we should begin to also get confirmation of it from respected prophetic voices who are IN CALIFORNIA. The concept in scipture is that by the mouth of two or three witnesses (in this case I would expect any confirmation to come from two or three different STREAMS within the church). . . . is everything confirmed---or NOT confirmed. I understand that significant members of the body of Christ are forming intercession groups to pray for California. I take that to mean that some significant intercessors are taking this word seriously. In any case, California, from which comes numerous values and trends for the nations---can ALWAYS use more intercessory prayer from the entire body of Christ. If you learn of IMPORTANT ministries IN CALIFORNIA who are taking this word seriously-- please forward details to me for this list. Blessings to you. Steve Shultz, Moderator, PROPHETIC WORD LIST. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------

Words For The Coming Times by Bob Jones & Rick Joyner

Transcribed from the Prophetic tape of the month by Josiah Friberg, shortened by Robert I Holmes: March 1998. This prophetic word was given during a New Year's Eve service on December 31, 1997. Copyright MorningStar Ministries.



Husbands, love your wives. Quit taking your wives for granted. Your first priority is the Lord, and the second is your mate. Husbands, give your wives some time. Get rid of all anger and bitterness. Those who have this right will be used as marriage counselors in the church. Anger by itself is flesh, but if you let it get a root in you, it becomes spirit, and you become defiled. Because of your anger, the enemy can lead you into all kinds of immorality through the access he gets through your mind, your anger. Do warfare with that anger. Get rid of it. Don't hide it any more. If you're angry, it's your sin, not your mate's. It's because you haven't forgiven. Husbands are so busy that they tend to leave out their mate. Delegate personal time with and for her every week. The Lord is warning husbands about this because they can so quickly lose it all. Deal with that anger. Forgive. Bring it out into the open.


Prophets stand in a window and see what will happen in the world. But now, the Lord has told Bob to step out of the window "into" it. The vision that he has received over many years is not going to delay any longer. Keith has got a message that we have about 9 months of preparation, of putting on Christ for what is about to happen. I don't think we have until 2,000. I think we've got about 9 months. Some of these things, like Mammoth Lake, are going to happen before that. The trembling and things are going to happen. Some of the major things aren't going to happen for 9 months.


The "white horse" in Revelation that Jim B. was talking about. When did he start running? The book of Revelation is a love letter to the bride. He's dealing with sin there. And He's purifying for Himself a bride. He wants your children, and He wants you so that you'll raise them right. In 1975 God told me what the white horse was. Satan is on him and he is riding him. He is heroine, crack cocaine, drugs, pharmacia, sorcery, the magical arts. He went forth conquering; he didn't need a sword. Heroine is called "white horse." When did he start to run. He justified all kinds of immorality where people could get high and do whatever their evil heart desired. God also told him in 1975 that there would be a venereal disease among homosexuals [AIDS] that could not be cured. And we've said that it would mutate over and over, and now it is muting into the third stage which is much more violent. God told me to tell the body of Christ: If you don't want AIDS, then don't be a partaker of the sin of it. If you don't want these new venereal diseases, then don't be a partaker of the sins involved in these things. Stay out of immorality. God is going to begin the greatest healing that you have ever dreamed of because you are going to need it to live. God is going to move tremendously and supernaturally by healings. Doctors and lawyers and the dollar bill have become our gods. The Lord is a God of healing. God has waited for a people who will line up with his cause, his side, and his will.


When our cities are leveled. I don't like this thought, but I'm not the only one having these visions. We're going to have entire cities leveled. I know of a city that is going to be leveled by a storm. I know of a lot of Midwest cities that are going to get five feet of rain just like that. Do you have any idea what will happen to a city that is used to getting 24-36 inches of rain in a year, if they get five foot of it in two or three days? I was told that Hurricane Danny (which He revealed to us right before it happened exactly how it was going to move) was a parable that He was trying to show to the prophets. That whole hurricane was a warning to the United States, and if they want it, they can have it. I'm telling you, when people of old cried out, "God, we are not able to stand it." Holy people and holy prophets cried out and they stood in the gap, God relented of the judgment. Now there are going to be cities leveled that can't be stopped. But they can be warned; and only those who want to be there can be there. I can't stop the leveling of it, but I can tell you this: God will warn. He will warn those cities. I'VE BEEN TELLING PEOPLE FOR A YEAR TO GET OUT OF LOS ANGELES. They tell me that they're really brave out there. (sigh) I'm not that brave. Because that bravery is against God. IF I LIVED IN LOS ANGELES, I'D GET OUT. I want to tell you something. The EARTHQUAKE is not the only thing you got to worry about in Los Angeles, and I'm not sure it will be first. In a vision, I saw suitcases being smuggled in by terrorists into California. They had NUCLEAR BOMBS in them. Two days after I brought this in Nashville, a Baptist man came and brought the same word, only he didn't bring it as a prophecy; he brought it as a reality. He had been in Russia, and he knew one of Yeltsin's right hand men who told him: "There are 126 SUITCASE ATOMIC BOMBS MISSING from our arsenal. And we know they have been sold to terrorists, and we believe they are trying to get them into the United States and Israel." I don't believe we've got to 2,000. I've been asking the church to begin to intercede that these suitcases be caught; that these terrorists be caught. Because Satan intends to start the THIRD WORLD WAR ahead of time. We are going to have a third world war. It's going to happen. But I'm sure it's not going to happen before the timing that has been set. [If] one of those explode in San Francisco, we'd have bombers immediately on their way with atomic warheads and we'd be in a Third World War. By the way, all of your money would be worthless then. And everything that you live by would be worthless. What would you do for WATER? That would be blown up; you wouldn't have any water. AND THAT'S [WATER] THE MAIN DANGER IN CALIFORNIA. Those things are going to happen. Do you know what's around Mammoth Lake and some of those places? All the water flumes would break to Los Angeles. There's a dam there called Hoover. When that thing breaks, have you any idea of how many? There's 25 million people it would affect. When that thing breaks, I saw underneath the Salton Sea, and I've spoke that the real trembling and everything would begin around the Salton Sea, and that the next warning would come around the Salton Sea. Well, it did. Joshua Tree and Landers, is where this last one came, which was a warning! I believe the next one is getting ready to happen when this volcano will erupt when the plates can't take the pressure anymore. And I believe the pressure are melting the plates down there to where this has got to be vented, and these earthquakes are just a sign of what is getting ready to happen. It's getting ready to blow! When it does, it will break loose all the way to the Sea of Cortez [the Gulf of California], right up the Los Angeles river. And that plate in there will separate from the United States, and you can drive a boat up that river. You can go from the Gulf of Cortez to the Pacific Ocean [Bob mistakenly said the "Atlantic" ocean]. And Death Valley will be a great inland sea. And we aren't far from that. I really expect though, something Jim Bakker said, even before this happens, OUR ECONOMY GETS DESTROYED WITH A GREAT EARTHQUAKE IN JAPAN. TOKYO. Some of those around; it's already started. And they pull all of our money out, and our stock market plummets (and it's in the Shepherd's Rod). So all these things are ready. They aren't....This isn't something we're trying to scare you with. It's something we're trying to prepare you to SURVIVE. For one of the worst things that is going to happen to many of you at that time is FEARING OF FEAR. It's running around like a chicken with his head cut off. It's time for you to get grounded in your faith. You're going to have to put on Christ to survive. You're going to have to take off the old man and the unregenerated nature, and put on Christ.


So what I encourage you to do it to go to your prayer closet. I believe the main thing He's talking about is: "Bob, step out of seeing it, INTO IT." And I think the main thing He's talking to all of you about is HEARING AND SEEING. Our job, I think it's coming to an end of hearing and seeing for you, now preparing you to hear and see for yourselves. If you hear from God...And I believe there's coming an awesome famine of "hearing" of the Word of God, not that there's coming a famine of the Word of God or of the revelation, but the church has got dull ears. And the Charismatics have gotten so used to saying, "Thus saith the Lord...Thus saith the Lord. There's your Cadillac. There's your million dollars. Or you're going to have five wives instead of just marrying one." That has dulled our ears. And I've noticed recently when I've gone to some churches, the Holy Spirit is still speaking. But just as fast as He speaks and brings a word, somebody else jumps up with a second prophecy, and it's different. And they don't remember the first one that the Lord said. I'm telling you, the Lord don't speak two ways. Hearing we better listen. And when we hear a prophecy, we'd better candle it. If God is speaking (and I believe we've heard Him speak tonight through Jim Bakker)...if He is speaking, then we become accountable for hearing. And by hearing, we better candle the word of God by the Logos. And when we go to the Logos, and we say, "yea, that was God", we don't need another word until we run that one down. We're saturated with these words, and none of them are meaning anything to us. We need to HEAR, REALLY HEAR. And when we go to the Word, and we candle it with the Word, we get a vision of what God is saying. In this Word, when you go, you not only hear, you see. And when you get the vision (My people perish for lack of vision), you get God's vision, then you know what to do. And I believe He's speaking to you people, and we're trying to get the dullness out of your ears, and trying to get your eyes to see - so that what you get, you can turn it back to God and say, "do it Lord." If the Lord gives you His Word, it's so you intercessors can return it to Him and give Him permission to do it. And then He becomes accountable for it. God becomes accountable for what He speaks. His Word will not return to Him void because any time He speaks a word, He sends enough power to accomplish it. And so when these other words come that are distracting, it's dulling your ears. Anything that you hear, and see what He's really saying on, and you say, "do it Lord", He becomes accountable and He'll do it. But if you hear the Word of the Lord and say, "let's get another one. I need to run to a prophet for another word." No you don't! You need to run to God for the Word! And let the prophet come and confirm it to you. You've been babies long enough; grow up! Get the Word for yourselves, and let us get up here and explain it to you. It's time for the body of Christ to hear for themselves and to put on Christ. Quit chasing prophets! And start treating them like human beings like the rest of you. That's what we are. We can't function if you treat us like that. Fifty years ago Israel came into being. First comes the natural, then comes the spiritual. He is bringing forth the spiritual Israel of God right a covenant wedding. Your eyes mustn't be on the gifts any more, but on the Giver. Your eyes mustn't be on things any more, but on the Creator. This is a Jubilee year! It's been 50 years. And it's time that you get out of jail. I believe you have been in prison in your dependency upon man. And God is saying "Start depending upon Me." "I'm bringing My bride forth now, but she's going to have to depend on Me; I'm the Husband. And whatever she needs, I'll furnish it." "I'm going to give you My heart. I'm now going to begin to DO My Word. I have given My Word.' Since 1975, when the white horse began to run, and the red horse has been running ever since Anwar Sadat was killed. There's been war in the world. It's going to keep increasing. What's your job? FEAR NOT, BE OF GREAT COURAGE! You're going to cross this time as they crossed the Jordan. Be courageous; be strong in the Lord! Get acquainted with Him. Get to know Him, as a wife knows her husband. That's what He's called you to. That's why He's saying, "Get your marriages right." How can you get right with Him if your own marriage at home isn't right? Get relationship right. Work on that immediately, because He's coming.


I've been around and seen a lot of things happen. Bob, out of anyone that I know, has the most accurate ministry in predicting such things as earthquakes, but other events as well. Predicting their date, even the San Francisco earthquake. He predicted the time of it. He predicted that it would be 7 on the Richter scale, and a number of other things that all happened. One thing we never understood until it happened was that he said the whole world would witness that quake. Of course, we couldn't figure that out, but the whole world was tuned into the "world" series when that quake took place, and many other things. But the Lord is revealing THIS IS A VERY SOBER TIME; this really is a sober time; there is a change going on. There's a shifting; there's a different way these things are being spoken tonight, a different anointing, because THESE THINGS REALLY ARE ABOUT TO COME TO PASS. We do have SOME TIME TO GET READY. If we repent and obey the Lord, it doesn't matter how messed up we are and how far out of whack we are, how joined to the world we are. With the Lord a day is as a 1,000 years, and a 1,000 years is as a day. And He can do in us in one day what we think could take years and years and years.

But I tell you, we are about to experience, the world is about to experience greater darkness! We are coming to the fulfillment of Isaiah 60:1,2 when He says, "Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the GLORY of the LORD has risen upon you, for behold DARKNESS will cover the earth and DEEP DARKNESS the peoples, but HIS GLORY will rise upon you, and HIS GLORY will appear upon you." This is our finest hour! This is the finest hour. This is the time that all of the prophets that were looking into these things ahead; they all desired to see. The angels desired to look into these days. We've been chosen to live in these times. And I believe our children are the forefront; they are that generation. Our children are a chosen generation. He's looking for Joshua's and Caleb's, from our generation, to help lead them in. God is calling; God is speaking.

One thing they did in New Zealand when I was down there. They came and interviewed me one time [I didn't want this to happen but] I was coming down there one time as a prophet to the nation. I don't like that kind of advertisement, but, so the newspapers were there to interview me. And they said, "Did the Lord show you anything?" And the Lord showed me a lot of things when I was on the airplane to New Zealand. One of the things He showed me was that there was going to be an attempt to overthrow their government, to bring their government down. And they thought that was ridiculous; nothing like that had ever happened. So they printed that: "Prophet comes to New Zealand", front-page, and all of this, and the guy was pretty respectful, but you know, some of these things were made to look pretty ridiculous. The only thing is, they happened that day! And it got people's attention.

The next time I was there, they went into a serious depression after the 1987 Stock Market crash. We had a recession, they had a depression; they didn't recover for years. I was down there, and I witnessed the greatest offering I've ever seen ever taken up anywhere for missions. People were taking their shoes off, their rings, etc, anything of value because they were so touched by the need to reach souls. And I got up then and I prophesied. I said: "Your depression is over for this whole nation because of this offering." And that looked ridiculous at the time. Two years later when I was down there the papers had marked the end of their depression from the week I prophesied that because of that. God has used us in this way in a lot of places; He's never done it a lot here. I asked the Lord, "Why didn't that make the Wall Street Journal?" It would have looked ridiculous then, maybe for a few years, but then they could have gone back and had referenced me saying all of that.

He said, "If they had done that..." He said, "When they do that, when they start printing it, it's going to be because ECONOMIC JUDGMENT IS IMMINENT. He said that the Wall Street Journal will print those things, and warn them, because God even wants to warn Wall Street. He wants to warn people. His warning is going out everywhere. Have you noticed that movies are far more prophetic than even the body of Christ today? And it's been that way for years. And I take responsibility for this as much as anything. And it's because God has not had a credible prophetic ministry that He could speak through. There's so much flakiness. We have prophesied so many time, so many things from our own minds and from our own hearts. And I know people who really are seeing these things right now.

At the same time, the true warnings are going out. There will be an abundance of warnings that are from the enemy. Did you ever wonder why Paul was so upset by that demonic girl following him around, saying, "These are servants of the Most High God who have come to proclaim to you the way of salvation"? Because no one will come to the Lord because of the enemy's voice. They can only come when the Father draws them. And the enemy was just trying to "muddy the waters" of salvation. And listen, you're going to hear all kinds of cults and New Age groups and everybody else prophesying these same things. And they're trying to muddy the waters. But I tell you, THESE ARE SOBER TIMES, BUT IT'S ALSO THE TIMES OF THE DEEPEST DARKNESS WHEN WE ARE GOING TO SEE THE GREATEST GLORY.

So, whatever He gives us right now, DO NOT DELAY ANY LONGER! GET YOUR HOUSES IN ORDER! GET YOUR FAMILIES IN ORDER! KNOW GOD! KNOW HIS VOICE! HAVE YOUR TRUST IN HIM! HAVE YOUR SECURITY IN HIM! KNOW HIM. WE MUST KNOW HIM AS OUR HEALER! As Dr. Craig shared with us, a pediatrician in this church, antibiotics are not going to work any longer. We're at the very verge. The next mutation. Not only are the antibiotics not going to work because the diseases, the viruses have been getting stronger and stronger, so the antibiotics had to get stronger and stronger to deal with them, now we're getting to the point where we can't do it any more. And the next virus, we're not going to be able to deal with. And not only that, because we've been using antibiotics, our own bodies have not been developing their own immune systems. We are on the verge of unbelievable catastrophes if we don't know Jesus as our Healer! We've got to know Him. Start going to Him first. Don't be under condemnation if you do have to get medicine, if you do have to go to the doctors. Don't do things crazy and dangerous if you don't have the faith now. But determine that you are going to grow in faith. Turn to God first; pray first. Start looking for Him to heal first, and then look to other help. And determine you're going to grow in that.

Start praying over your families. Lay hands on them. I try to lay hands on my kids once every day to say, even if it's a brief prayer, whatever, to say some prayer over them every day. We've got to cover our families and each other, and we've got to know Jesus as our Healer! Pretty soon we're not going to be able to turn to medicine any more. That time is coming. And we're going to have to know Him as our Provider in every way. Don't wait. As it says in Psalms 32, "Seek the Lord in a time when He can be found. For in a flood of great waters they shall not reach Him." Don't wait until the flood comes to try to reach Him. Find the Lord now.

We believe the Lord has shown us that we do have until at least November before the real serious stuff starts to break out. There's going to be some serious stuff, but I mean the REALLY BAD STUFF. And then, He may even say, "Okay, you've got until next year." We don't know. But we believe that He said this year, okay, I'm giving you this year. I'm not going to waste it. We don't want to waste it. And I'm not saying we need to run and hoard, and do things like that...that's not what He's talking about. He's talking about KNOW GOD, SEEK THE LORD. Get so passionate for God, for His Word, for His Scriptures, that you become contagious, that you infect everyone around you. We've got to do it folks.

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