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Kim Clement: I Speak these Words that I Hear Bellowing, "Whoever had a Grip on You, and Walked on Your Territory--AMPUTATION!"

by Kim Clement
Feb 18, 2008

kim clementJanuary 26, 2008--Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Spirit of the Lord says, "I am on a campaign to turn things that look the right side up the other way around. And things that they have declared are right when they are wrong, I will turn upside down. I am on a campaign," says the Lord, "to make things right, to make things right." God said, "I am on a trail to fix things up, for this is a wonderful moment of restoration. There will be times of refreshing that shall come from the presence of the Lord." And God said, "People will say, 'It seemed to be going in the wrong direction.'" But God said, "I will turn it upside down. Every proclamation, every prognosis, I'm gonna turn it upside down!" The Spirit of God said, "Even as you clap your hands there will be an applause for what I shall do. Some said, 'We're at the worst place we've ever been.' That's the best place to be, because I'm gonna turn it upside down."

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"Hear the prophets and how they make declaration from the caves of antiquity. Ancient demonic forces that wish to revisit generations are held by the throat and held in captivity by the praises of the saints and the prayers of those who know their God and will do exploits in His name like Daniel," says the Lord.

The Spirit of God says, "Hear the prophets as they make declaration of the great perversions to turn things around." For God says, "America, they speak to you from the borders saying poverty, 'We have won; we have not won the war, but we have brought poverty upon them, recession saying, "The dollar is going to hell."'" God said, "I have a different plan, would I forget your history? Did I forget the history of Moses when an accusation came and said he has done wrong?" Therefore, we are also the voice of God. "I chose this Nation to be a voice to generations throughout the earth. Have I changed My mind because of the economy? NO!" God said, "Watch Me now--how I change things, for your acceleration has come to an end. Now you've reached the point of no return and you are ascending to the highest place that you've even gone."

The Spirit of God says, "Would Jacob have enchantment against him? Would Israel have divination come against him?" For God said, "There will be no divination; there will be no enchanting," for the Spirit of God said, "What has been made as a declaration has no signature. Every prognosis that's come against you, it doesn't have a signature. Because the signature of God is all that you need for something to happen to take away the grief."

God says, "I will sign on the dotted line. For you see I am the One who is the Title Holder. If there is something that I'd like to give to you, all you need is My signature. I want to give you some land; all you need is My signature. If you need a miracle, all you need is My signature." If you need property, all you need is God's signature. If you need a miracle all you need is God's signature. "This year America, all you need is My signature! You've got My signature." He said, "I'm giving the title to you; I have the power to sign it over to whoever I like!" He owns the cattle on a thousand hills; the silver and the gold is His! All you need is His signature. The earth is the Lords! I saw God's signature!

"Sometimes it's necessary for you to go aside--act like a child, think like a child 'cause it pleases Me. Sometimes it's so necessary to go aside and act like a child, think like a child. What the enemy tried to take from you this past year, I will give back, but I will double and multiply it to your children and your grandchildren," says the Spirit of God.

I pronounce from the Spirit of God that a new dimension of energy, passion, vigor has been released upon you, this house, the people of God who receive it. "New energy," and God says, "because of the restoration of the energy and vitality and vigor upon My Body, so I will release very soon the new source of energy--the new sources of energy to this Nation. It will only truly come about when My people enter into a new realm of energy that is coming from the oil of the Lord. The oil of the Lord shall bring the flame and your flame shall not go out. Your candle shall not go out. This energy that I bring to America shall cause the candle or the flame to burn continuously and never come to an end," says the Lord!

The Spirit of God says, "Kim, tell them what I did for the Apostle Paul when he was working in Ephesus. When he was in Ephesus he taught in the synagogues for three months and then they threw him out. Then he went to the School of Tyranus and taught for two years. He labored. And then something very unusual happened. Suddenly by the hand of Paul, unusual miracles and unusual manifestations began to take place."

And God said, "This is the year of the handkerchief. I want you to tell the people what a handkerchief represents: pain. A handkerchief takes the tears of a human being, a handkerchief blows the nose, clears the sinuses when you are sick. There is nothing pleasant in a handkerchief. It started as a piece of silk for royal families and look what it's been converted to." And He said, "It's to wipe the brow from labor, from hard work, from pain. People sometimes have to spit into it; if there is blood they use this." He said, "I want you to tell them that I'm gonna do unusual miracles, and for every bit of pain that they suffered and for every heartache they went through, every form of illness or attack or infirmity that they went through, every bit of labor and hard work and challenge that they went through in 2007--I'm gonna do an unusual miracle in 2008 and onwards; so unusual, I will take what they suffered and turn it into an unusual manifestation," says the Lord of Hosts!

February 10, 2008--Pasadena, California

The Spirit of the Lord says "There was a reputation that the Apostles had--no system could govern the Kingdom of God. No power, no stripes, no chains, no poverty, no sickness could hold them back, and when they came in they turned systems upside down. This month of February, watch Me as I laugh from My throne and switch things around. What seems right side up will be upside down. What seems to be going one way will turn around and go another way. Why? Because I designated before time began that--certain times there would be refreshing; certain times there would be restoration. These are times of refreshing. These are times of restoration," says the Spirit of God.

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"If this be the case, then why would I be partial to this generation? Why would some others benefit and not you?" God said, "You shall surely benefit, for the promise of God is 'yes and amen.' Do not look to Democrat, do not look to Republican now, for this race is a joke." God said, "You watch Me as I intricately move and work things out for the people of America. For I have not forgotten your forefathers and their designs and their dreams. Those same designs and their same dreams will not be obliterated, but they will be replaced, not by evil, but by greater dreams," says the Spirit of God. "Would My people understand that they have said, 'Recession.' Ha! Can I turn this around? Would you allow Me to say that the prognosticators of this day have no power and have no supply? They have no mending power, they have no thread, they have no needle, they cannot patch up," says the Lord. "I'm giving you new new new new new new new new new! Everything new!"

God says, "I'm not going to take something that's been repaired and put it together for you. Do not say, 'God has spoken before and it has not happened.' It has, but this month of February is the beginning of the times of refreshing and the times of restoration."

"Do not look to the East," says the Spirit of the Living God, "because what's going to happen is that people are going to say, 'How did this change and turn around so quickly and so substantially?'" God said, "Whatever your business is doing now," God said, "listen, in the times of refreshing, I will take five times the amount that was stolen in some way or another and give it back to you. Would you have the audacity to believe Me?" says the Spirit of God. "Would you have the audacity to say, 'God, whatever you say, I say so as well.' For what God says and what you say--no universal power, no heavenly force will stop it from happening," says the Lord of Hosts.

It's time for restoration! It's time for restoration! It's time for amputation. God said, "On the battlefields, I said to my chiefs and my warriors, 'Leave none of them breathing, amputate, remove their feet and their toes and their right thumbs so they have no power to grip; they have no power to walk on your territory.'" This day, by the Holy Spirit, I speak these words that I hear bellowing out there, that whoever has had a grip on you, and walked on your territory--amputation!"

God told the governors and God told the great kings of yesterday, "When you see your enemy--you don't spare him. You remove his power to take a grip." And let me tell you something, I'm not just talking about the devil now; I'm talking about the powers of the forces that have tried to lie to you and to take away your Godly imagination. You see, the enemy has tried to starve your Godly imagination by giving you lofty imaginations and God said, "I'm going to give you back your Godly imagination for the time of starvation has come to an end," says the Lord.

There are people in this building--you have children that have been born with defects, because the enemy is so afraid of this generation and what they are going to do. Twins that are supposed to be born--removed before they have their chance to fight; before they had the chance. God said, "This is a time of restoration, this is a time of refreshing, and this is a time where miraculous things are about to happen. If you remove the power of the supernatural; if you remove the power of the miraculous from My Church, you have moved God out of the way. But not so, because there's a people--there are a people that have said, 'Oh no, we are going to have greater than our forefathers; we are going to have divine interventions.'"

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We need an amputation and the Church's restoration. I declare the power of Your word to take away every lack, every lie, every prognosis, bank balances changing, supernatural interventions--why are the warriors so quiet? God said, "Let Me hear you if you believe that I can change it for you!"

Throughout this building right now and whoever hears my voice, God started right from scratch; right from the beginning, for the prophetic word that's being announced now must be taken by somebody. Is there a house that will receive the promise that has not yet manifested in the Nation? Is there a house in this place that will say, "Yes, I receive the promise long before it's in the Nation." Because God says, "Before it hits the Nation, I need a people that will take the promise and allow it to take affect in their house." Everybody that says, "My house is Your house," wave your hands and take the promise right now.

Jesus we thank you for taking us from nobody and making us somebody in your sight.

Kim Clement
Prophetic Image Expressions

Kim Clement's Itinerary:

February 22-24, 2008
Trinity Music City
36 Music Village Blvd. Hendersonville, TN
Contact: 615-822-8333

March 2, 2008
Mott Auditorium (7pm)
1539 East Howard St.
Pasadena, CA

March 7-8, 2008
Family Faith Church
2407 Sam Houston Ave. Huntsville, TX
Contact: 936-291-9458

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