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Kim Clement: "God's Language -- How Does He Speak to Me?"

by Kim Clement
Feb 6, 2008


kim clementFind Out for Yourself

One of the most difficult questions for me to answer is, "How do I hear the voice of God?" After 30 years of walking with Him my simple explanation is, "You have to find out for yourself." Every human being has his or her own unique fingerprint and DNA. Taking this into consideration, I believe God has created each of us to respond to Him based on a specific personalized method of communication.

God used a stubborn mule to communicate to Balaam, the prophet, because Balaam himself was stubborn. Moses was halted by the phenomenon of a bush that continued burning, while David simply needed a prophet or an angel to speak to him. God sent Samuel, the prophet, to speak to David on His behalf, and Nathan who came to him later with a divinely inspired riddle. Elisha needed a musician to hear God and prophesy, while Elijah needed to be alone with the elements surrounding him--whirlwinds, earthquakes, fire, rain, etc. Some people enjoy the simplicity of a human voice speaking to them on behalf of God, while others enjoy the supernatural signs directing them personally. Others prefer the less confrontational vision or dream, and if you're anything like me, you may prefer animated impressions.

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God is speaking all the time, but some people encounter a sound barrier. Let's speak about the problem of linguistics--language and it's structure, and specifically morphology. Morphology is the study of the FORMS of things in particular. When God called Aaron and Miriam aside and rebuked them after they mentally demoted Moses due to their critical opinion of him marrying an Ethiopian woman, He based His rebuke on a few simple issues. He was more concerned about Moses' history as a meek and humble servant and the fact that he had remained faithful in ALL God's House. This seemed to be very precious to God and shows us that this aspect of hearing Him is very important--faithfulness. Moses had no selfish intentions, and in fact tried to get out of the calling to go and face Pharaoh, demanding the release of 3.5 million Jews. Aaron and Miriam conducted their own conference and decided that they had also heard God and felt to be on the same level of perception as Moses. This assumption came because he had married an Ethiopian woman and they felt this was wrong and that his actions made their claim credible.

I want you to understand what God says about Moses' ability to hear from Heaven. The fact is, Moses did NOT hear God as others did. God communicated to others in the form of visions, dreams and dark speech (riddle), but not so with Moses. The Bible says that God spoke to Moses face to face. According to Numbers 12:8, Moses recognized "the FORM of the Lord." The word "form" in the Greek is "Morphe." In looking at this, it became clear to me that in order to "hear" God, you first have to "see" God, or maybe a better word is to "perceive" God. This is such an exciting, adventurous thing! Instead of the act of "hearing" God being a difficult, teeth-pulling event, God has made it SIMPLE.

We have complicated it because we have been controlled by presupposition that is inaccurate and misrepresenting God. Presupposition is "a thing assumed beforehand, to presume the workings and the outcome at the beginning." Literally, the word "presuppose" comes from "place under before." Our enemy attempts to "place us under" the supposed outcome in our minds before we have the chance to prove otherwise. God removes our presupposition with "revealed knowledge," which is a prophetic word or some glimpse of the future, and this is where most people stumble. Remember, when knowledge is necessary to be revealed, it will be discovered.

God speaks about those things that are relevant to a given generation. Would it have served God's purpose 200 years ago to lecture His people about radioactive decay, geological strata and DNA? As challenges arise, so solutions are provided. When we are confronted with problems of any kind, our need to hear from God increases, but the mind and imagination seem to grip our perception by our dominating presupposed mindset. We must be aware of this so that we can "combat" the instinctive will to presuppose by "speaking and believing" the future and destiny in our lives.

Renewing Our Minds

So in order to hear God, are we supposed to have a degree in Morphology? Your mind and your heart can easily, yes easily, hear God but first, you have to be freed from this deceitful, defeatist mindset that plagues the majority. In Romans 12:2, Paul speaks of something called the "renewal of your mind." To "renew" means that you are to destroy your set of presupposed ideas and reestablish your relationship with progress. Progressive revelation is how man was built to operate and the suggestive interruptions of defeatism constantly hinder our progress. So when you presuppose the outcome of any given situation in your life without giving yourself the chance to change that notion, you have stopped progressing and the process of decay has begun. Spiritual decomposition is rampant on the earth because men are so afraid to confront issues and prove any suggestion of failure to be wrong.

David proved Goliath wrong by facing what Israel thought was going to be a terrible defeat and watch how he does it; he speaks words that are contrary to the presupposed notion that a giant will destroy a freckle-faced teenager with a few stones. David speaks as if he has attained a knowledge that has been proven in his life. He was in fact prophesying to the giant. This knowledge was revealed to David at the right moment and rather than debating with the Generals of Israel, he RAN to Goliath displaying an unusual confidence. Getting back to Moses, the Bible says that Moses recognized the "form" of the Lord. This is very important to notice because we all have our presupposed ideas of what God looks like. I suggest you get rid of those ideas immediately!

God could come to you in the form of Mickey Mouse or speak to you through a billboard or WHATEVER He chooses. We often have situations in our lives that begin to dominate our perception and at this point, prayer becomes the force that drives us to hear God's voice. We usually seek for an answer and then wait to hear from God. However, if He chooses to use an object or a sign to speak to us, how do we know that it's related to our issue and that it is in fact God speaking to us? How can we be sure to recognize His form? God said Moses was the greatest prophet at that time simply because he recognized the "form" of Lord. What does this mean?

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Recognizing the "Form" in which God Speaks

Is the OBJECT (form) related to the SUBJECT (your problem)? Let's look at what this word means so that we can better understand how God enjoys communicating with us. FORM: The external shape, appearance, or configuration of an object, in contradistinction to the matter of which it is composed; in metaphysics, the active, determining principle of a thing as distinguished from matter, the potential principle. The concept of form is also indispensable to the practice and criticism of several disciplines other than philosophy. In literature for example, the term may refer to the schema, structure, or genre that a writer chooses for the presentation of his subject--e.g., a novel, short story, maxim, haiku, sonnet, etc. It may also refer to the internal structure of the work, and to a great extent, a work's critical success depends on the degree to which the artist is able to integrate the content and internal structure within the framework of its external form.

Let's say your subject matter is about being enlightened regarding taking a new job with another company and you are seeking an answer from God. The first thing most of us expect is a clear concise voice saying, "GO" or "NO." Oh, how I would love it to be so easy, and I'll never understand the reason for God's manner in revealing Himself, but it is exciting because it's like a puzzle being put together. As you know, when you put a puzzle together, you are often able to match the pieces quickly once you recognize the FORM. "Oh look, there's a foot and there's the sky, etc." Now you want to hear about a new job, so what would you look for? The internal structure within the framework of the external form. What does that mean?

Well, you wake up the next morning and you go to your favorite coffee place before going to work and while you're there drinking your triple grande, minding your own business, people around you are talking and chatting and suddenly one of the ladies says, "I've lost my diamond, it must have fallen out somewhere." They all begin frantically searching and suddenly you spot the glistening little diamond, and you stretch and pick it up. You hand it back to the lady and she thanks you for finding it. As you sit down to finish your cup, waiting to hear from God about whether you should be moving from your present company to accept a position with a JEWELRY STORE, you suddenly discover you've just been given a piece of the puzzle. A complete stranger just lost her diamond and you found it!

What could God be saying considering your present position (is) in the "Lost and Found" department of Macy's? Oh dear, maybe God is saying you should stay in your current place of employment. How frustrating! Possibly, but it's also an adventure. Now keep going and don't make a rash decision. God's not in a hurry, obviously, so why are you? Look for the next piece of the puzzle-- believe me, He will appear in some form or another and even though it may not seem that the object is related to your subject, until you see the entire puzzle complete, you won't know.

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Two days later, you're driving along in your car and you decide to turn on the radio, and guess what song is playing? "Diamonds are a girl's best friend!" The name of the company you are contemplating joining is "A Girl's Best Friend--Diamonds." You definitely have another piece of the puzzle now, a huge piece. Are you getting the picture? I hope so, because you are going to have so much fun recognizing God, and you will grow closer to Him as you realize how close He really is to you.

God enjoys communicating and interacting in our lives, and when you begin to take actions based on His direction, you'll find that your life will become an endless adventure, limited only to your creativity and obedience to His voice.

On November 18, 2007 in Houston, Texas, the Spirit of God showed me a great "Door" that He has opened which will result in some of the most unusual undertakings in the Kingdom. He said, "It will affect science, it will affect medical science, it will affect your economy, it will affect your politics. For in 2008, there will be a complete turnaround. That which you could not obtain, you will obtain! That which you could not perform, you shall perform...!" This is God's promise and I want you to receive it for yourself and your family. Let me encourage you today to believe His word and don't let anything steal His promise from you. Don't let your presupposition, self-prejudice, fear, or any enemy dictate your course to you any longer. This is your time to receive the promise and prosper!

With love and anticipation,

Kim Clement
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